We want to help small businesses. All orders will be discounted 10% at the checkout

We are here to help small businesses, so until further notice, all orders will be discounted 10% at the checkout.

With the current coronavirus pandemic, we would like to offer all customers 10% discount on ANY orders purchased through our website.  

Helping by implementing a zero profit strategy

Over the past few days, we have been devising a plan which hopes to maintain our production levels and help other businesses through these uncertain times. With the volatility of the markets, companies are struggling to trade because of cash flow reasons. We have decided to cut all of our prices by 10%. As we are a small business, we are also feeling the squeeze as well as everyone else. Because of the strain on the economy, we have decided to run our company for the next few weeks on zero profit because we believe that the situation will be short-lived. We are uncertain if any Banner World staff may contract the virus, steps have been made where we are keeping infection risk at a minimum. If however, a member of the team does become infected, we have made arrangements where employees can work from home where necessary. Any orders placed with us will receive the same quality and service that you expect from BannerWorld®, and at this moment, we see no potential risk of disruption.

Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Kind regards

The BannerWorld® Team

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