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At Banner World we print posters to any custom size onto a wide range of materials suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Several materials are also specifically designed for use in lightboxes. Click here to see our range of poster printing materials.

In the United Kingdom we use 2 different poster size specifications, ISO 216 A series and UK Billboard.

ISO 216 A Series Poster Sizes (UK)

A Series is the most commonly used poster size specification in the UK, with many poster frames and pavement signs being designed to accommodate sizes such as A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.

UK Billboard Poster Sizes

Billboards, or advertising hoardings, are found on roadsides, bus shelters, train stations and on buildings to attract the attention of passing foot and vehicle traffic. Planning permission is usually required for larger new installations.

The ‘Sheet’ specification is also commonly used in the movie and theatre industry.

  • 1 Sheet – 508 x 762mm – 20 x 30 in – also known as ‘Double Crown’
  • 2 Sheet – 762 x 1016mm – 30 x 40 in – also known as ‘Quad’ or ‘Quad Crown’
  • 4 Sheet – 1016 x 1524mm – 40 x 60 in – also known as ‘Double Quad’
  • 6 Sheet – 1200 x 1800mm – 47.24 x 70.87 in
  • 12 Sheet – 3050 x 1520mm – 120 x 60 in
  • 16 Sheet – 2030 x 3050mm – 80 x 120 in
  • 32 Sheet – 4060 x 3050mm – 160 x 120 in
  • 48 Sheet – 6100 x 3050mm – 240 x 120 in
  • 64 Sheet – 8130 x 3050mm – 320 x 120 in
  • 96 Sheet – 12190 x 3050mm – 480 x 120 in

Posters in Frames

Posters to be fitted into frames may need to be trimmed slightly smaller and will have a ‘safe area’ for the poster design to take account of the frame profile. Always check this before placing your order or designing your artwork!

Poster Materials

We offer Poster Printing to any size onto a wide range of papers, plastics and fabrics.

Poster Paper 180gsm

Our most popular poster material. 180gsm semi-gloss paper for internal or short-term external use. UV stable vibrant colour.

Blue Back Poster Paper 120gsm

A wet-strength poster paper that can be pasted up. The blue back helps to hide backgrounds and the white face produces vibrant prints.

PVC Poster Material

Virtually indestructable PVC material ideal for outdoor use and superb inside poster frames. Flexible, so can be rolled up and used time and time again. UV stable inks to prevent fading, fulltwaterproof and flame retardant.

Backlit Posters

Used in illuminated poster frames, backlit poster paper is designed to diffuse light from behind in an even spread.

Eco-Friendly Posters

Our Eco Banner range of materials are ideal for outdoor posters. Being PVC-free they are 100% Recyclable. Ideal for any ecologically sensitive projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size is a 48 Sheet Poster?

The simple answer is 48 sheets, with each sheet measuring 20 inches x 30 inches. Combined together these 48 sheets will measure 240 inches x 120 inches, or 6100mm x 3050mm in metric. The 48 Sheet Poster is also called ‘Billboard Size’. Exact measurements will vary from site to site with frames being made by different contractors.

What Size is a 4 Sheet Poster?

The simple answer is “4 Sheets”, with each sheet measuring 20 inches x 30 inches. A 4 Sheet Poster is also often called a Double Quad. Combined together, these 4 sheets make up a poster measuring 40 inches x 60 inches, or 1016mm x 1524mm in metric.

What Size is a Double Crown Poster?

A Double Crown Poster is also called a 1 Sheet Poster and measures 20 inches x 30 inches, or 508mm x 762mm in metric.

What Size is a Quad Poster?

A Quad Poster, also known as a Quad Crown or 2 Sheet Poster measures 30 inches x 40 inches, or 762mm x 1016mm in metric.

What Size is a 6 Sheet Poster?

A 6 Sheet Poster measures 47.2 inches x 70.9 inches, or 1200mm x 1800mm in metric.

What Size is a 12 Sheet Poster?

A 12 Sheet Poster measures 3050mm x 1520mm, equal to 120 inches x 60 inches.

What Size is an A0 Poster?

An A0 Poster meaures 841mm x 1189mm, and is twice the size of an A1 Poster.

What Size is an A1 Poster?

An A1 Poster meaures 594mm x 841mm. It is twice the size of an A2 Poster and half the size of an A0 Poster.

What Size is an A2 Poster?

An A2 Poster meaures 420mm x 594mm. It is twice the size of an A3 Poster and half the size of an A1 Poster.

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