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Ordering cafe barriers

Ordering cafe barriers the easy way

In this guide we explain the best way of ordering cafe barriers.  Work out the area you require and enable us to advise correctly on items needed.

How to work out your area

Working out the items you require when ordering cafe barriers can be a little confusing. This is because we offer many different configurations.

Send us a sketch.

Are you are unsure about what items you require?  A quick and easy method would be to draw a small sketch with some approximate sizes.  You can then scan and email the drawing along with any other requirements.  We will then put together a quote based on your requirements. Our sales team will itemise all the parts you will require for your cafe barrier system.

We have a wide range of cafe barriers for all outdoor seating solutions.  We offer various configurations of cafe barriers to suit your specific outdoor requirements.  When ordering a cafe barrier system its important that you measure the area you require correctly.  We supply a wide range of options with different finishes and weights.

We can help and advise when ordering a cafe barrier system by advising which items and lengths will suit your outdoor seating area.  Each system we offer varies slightly in length, and rails and banners will come in a range of lengths for each system.

What type of system do I require?

We offer a wide range of cafe barrier options to meet your outdoor seating requirements.  Each system is offered with a variety of banners. The system types are as follows.
Budget.  A low cost option.  Ideal for indoors and sheltered areas outdoors
Select.  A high quality mid range product available in a 10.5kg and 16kg bases.
Style.  An elegant simplistic all black system 12.5kg bases
Premium.  A high end product with heavy weight 18kg bases  (ideal for windy areas)
Ultimate.  A range topping product.  Bases with weights of upto 25kg

Banner types explained.

Offering a wide selection of different printed banners.  We offer different banners for every requirement.

If you need to know how to order repacement cafe banners for your existing system, check here.

Mesh Banners.

Ideal for high wind areas and are digitally printed. Better in windy areas as opposed to standard PVC Banners.  This is because mesh banners are made from a PVC mesh.  This allows air to flow through the banner which creates less air resistance because of the fine air holes

PVC Banners.

PVC are our standard Cafe Barrier option.  Available single sided or double sided printed.  On a single sided banner the reverse will be white this is because the banner material is white until it is printed.  These banners are digitally printed

Single sided banners.  We print onto a 500gsm banner material

Double sided banners. We print onto a heavy weight 650gsm double sided material

Fabric Banners.

Range topping fabric banners.  Manufactured from a marine grade cotton cloth material.  A highly waterproof material.  The graphics can be either heatpressed onto the banner or screensprinted depending on the artwork


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