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Banner Materials Explained

We produce banners on many different materials to suit different applications. Choose from PVC Vinyl, Mesh or Fabric types. Read more…

PVC Banner Pole Pockets Explained

Pole pockets are predominantly used on pvc banners that require hanging.  Pole pockets can sometimes cause a bit of confusion due to flat pocket size and finished size of printed banners. Read more…


Which Type Of Banner Should I Buy?

PVC Vinyl Banners are our most popular. They are inexpensive and ideal as outdoor banners.
Mesh Banners are used in windy conditions and on fence panels or scaffolding.
Fabric Banners look amazing and are best for indoor use.
Eco Friendly banner materials should be used on environmentally-conscious projects.

Do Mesh Banners look as good as PVC or Fabric Banners?

Mesh Banner material has thousands of tiny holes to allow wind to pass through. Colours will not appear as solid.

What Size Can You Print Banners?

All banners are custom made and can be printed to any size.

Can My Banner Be Double-Sided?

PVC and Fabric Banners can be printed double-sided. Mesh Banners are always single-sided.

How much do banners cost?

You can easily work out the exact cost of any of our banners by using the calculator on each product page. The price you see is the price you pay.

What are PVC Banners?

PVC Banners are inexpensive advertising signs, used to promote events, deals and sales. They can be rolled up and used again and again at different locations. They are weatherproof and fade-proof when printed correctly.

What are banner reinforcements?

All of our banners are made with hems to strengthen them. Eyelets may be added to aid fitting. Heavy-duty reinforcement involves the welding of a tough, flexible strap to each edge.

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