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UV print technology uses specifically manufactured UV curing inks which allow us to print onto a wide range or roll and sheet material.  The ink is made up of small polymers, monomers (light-weight molecules that fuse together to form polymers) and initiators.  Specially designed UV lights follow behind the printhead.  When exposed to UV light the initiators (a catalyst) start a rapid chain reaction which causes polymerisation of the ink which drys and hardens almost instantly.  Because the dots of ink put down by the printhead dry the instant that the UV lights are fired the ink doesn’t get chance to run or spread out. This  gives extremely high quality prints due to the finer detail of printed dots.  UV inks benefit from high fade resistance and are more environmentally friendly as they give off fewer gases during the print process

The advantages of UV print process:

Graphics are fade resistant
High photographic quality due to high resolution
Print onto sheet and roll materials
More durable printed surface with no need for over lamination
Prints are hardened during the print process so are scratch resistant

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