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Cast vinyl is a high end self adhesive vinyl.  Cast vinyls are mostly used for vehicle wraps or for applications when a high quality finish is required. Cast vinyls are more expensive than calendered films due to the manufacturing process.

Cast vinyl is produced by spraying liquid resin onto a highly polished cast paper backing.  Due to the vinyl not going through the calendaring process the vinyl is super conformable and easily mouldable.  Calendering on the other hand uses rollers to squeeze and heat the vinyl into a perfect sheet. The vinyl resin is sprayed onto the backing sheet.  The vinyl then drys and sets on its own and forms a thin layer.  Cast vinyl when held up to the light is more patchy and inconsistent in thickness than a calendared vinyl as the plastic hasn’t been formed by heat or pressure.  The result is a highly conformable vinyl which will stretch into recesses and curves.  Once applied the vinyl is then superheated which sets the memory of the plastic preventing the film from ‘popping’ out of the recesses.

Cast vinyl can be used for normal flat panel work when a high quality film is required.  Cast vinyls are normally much more glossy than calendared vinyls are are less likely to catch over time as the film is more supple and less brittle

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