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At Banner World our aim is to provide you with the highest possible quality large format print at the lowest possible prices. With ongoing improvements to our website and internal systems we endeavour to make your experience in ordering from us as easy as possible.

No hidden charges. Our prices really are that low!

What you see is what you pay… and there will be no hidden charges.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for producing high quality products at really low prices. We often receive calls and emails questioning our pricing. “Is that the right price? I seems too cheap!” Please don’t be put off by our low prices. We really can supply and ship sperbly high-quality banners and backdrops at the low cost shown on our website!

Surely there’s is a catch?

No, Absolutely not. We print and ship banners at the prices shown on our website. Just enter your sizes and quantities for an instant online quote. We pride ourselves on quality and workmanship of all our products.

How automated is Banner World?

We don’t just press print and hope for the best. Only when we are happy with your artwork and order will we process your job. If there is an error with your order, we will inform you via email prior to production. Each and every order is throughly checked by our team before production. This part of the process is very important to us. So if there are errors with your artwork we will contact you and place your order on hold.

Please make sure when ordering that your contact details are correct.

When ordering with us please ensure that your contact details are correct. Failure to answer phone calls and emails regarding your order will cause a delay. Our lead times run from when we receive your order with correct instructions and correct artwork. If we have a question about your order or are unsure on something we will contact you asap. Please do not delay in replying, as this can hold up your order. If you have selected an electronic proof our lead times run from when you have approved the artwork.

We only automate processes which be can be automated. We automate most aspects of the manufacturing and ordering process. However there is still some human love and attention that goes into every order we process. Please read the steps below so you can fully understand how your order goes through our systems.

What happens when I place an order?

When placing your order you will be giving us the following information. This information gives us the manufacturing instructions for your order.

  1. Size.
  2. Quantity.
  3. Finishing.
  4. Your print ready artwork.
  5. Any additional information that we need to create your items correctly.
  6. Billing and Delivery details.

How is my order processed?

Once your order has been placed and checked, your confirmation, job details, order number and invoice will be sent to you automatically by email.

Bank Transfer.

If you have selected bank transfer as a payment option you will be sent an invoice via email. We will await payment and only process your order once payment reaches our bank account.

1. Order is downloaded.

We download your artwork and order. We manually check the order and make sure that your uploaded artwork matches the order. We will check that we have the correct amount of artworks for your order and make sure that each artwork is set to the correct size or proportion. Each piece of artwork will be automatically re-named. This gives each piece of artwork it its own unique ID code which corresponds with your order number and item number on the order.

2. Your order is carefully checked.

We check your files to make sure that they meet our specific requirements. At this point if anything has been missed and needs slightly editing we will do this without contacting you. For example: say an image has been sent in RGB and it needs to be converted to CMYK we will edit this so the file is now correct. This saves time and doesn’t hold up your order. If there is something that we’ve noticed which doesn’t look correct then we’ll contact you and place your order on hold. At this point we will await your reply. If there is an artwork that has been uploaded which we cannot edit or which would mean changing the layout of an artwork we will not do this. We will put the order on hold and wait for a new file or further instructions from you.

3. Final Pre Press check and sent to print.

Once we are happy with all the supplied artwork and are happy with the order your job will now be sent to the Pre Press department. Pre Press is where your files will be prepared and sent to our print machines. At this stage, your files will be checked again. If anything at this point is noticed your order will be put on hold and we will contact you.
At pre press your job will be prepared for printing and set up for our various finishing options.
1. Eyelet positions will be automatically added.
2. Pole pockets. We have our own bespoke software which adds bleed / overlap for the pocket. This creates a mirror image of the artwork which is used for the other side of the pocket. The software creates a pocket which matches the front side and this is done automatically. This is why we ask for pockets to be clear of logos and text.
3. A code will be automatically added to each item so it can be tracked through our factory.

4. Finishing.

Once your job has been printed it will now be finished to your specified requirements. Finishing information that was added to your artwork at Pre Press will now be used to cut and finish your banner.

5. Your order is Packed.

Now your items have been manufactured they are now packed ready for dispatch. Each item is checked against your order using a sophisticated barcoding system. This enables us to ensure that all items are packed and that nothing is missing.

6. Shipping.

Your items will be shipped and dispatched to your delivery address.  You will be sent an email with your parcel’s tracking information.

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