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The unique Stretch Fabric Display Wall features a strong and sturdy aluminium frame with a full-colour double-sided stretch cover. Ideal for exhibitions, stage backdrops, back walls, interview backdrops, press backdrops, room dividers and conferences. Unlike other fabric exhibition stands, you will never see creases or folds in your graphic. The stretch fabric tensions around the solid frame for a stunning appearance. Dye-Sublimation printed in full colour for eye-popping, vibrant graphics. We print from your design! The superb fabric is flame-retardant and water-resistant. Easy to clean, too, with just a simple wipe or in a washing machine at 30 degrees. The Straight Stretch Fabric Backdrop Stand is just one of a variety of fabric display ideas from Banner World. Perfect as a promotional display stand. Also, see our standard Fabric Display Stand.

At Banner World, we take pride in offering high-quality fabric display walls, an innovative and visually stunning solution for your exhibition or event needs. Our fabric display walls have a sleek, seamless appearance and provide a professional look that captures the attention of your target audience. The printed graphic is made for a special stretch display polyester, and these walls are printed using a dye-sublimation method that ensures vibrant colours and sharp graphics to showcase your brand effectively.

Our fabric display walls stand 2.3 meters tall and are available in various sizes to suit your requirements. The straight stands come in six widths: 1m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m. Additionally, our curved stand option is 2.3 meters tall and available in three lengths: 2.5m, 3m, and 4m. Each wall consists of a double-sided fabric that slides over a high-quality aluminium frame, with printed designs on both sides or a single side with an unprinted fabric reverse. The material stretches over the frame, resulting in a crease-free finish.

Setting up our fabric display walls is simple, requiring only two people and approximately 10 minutes of assembly time. Although not designed for quick take-downs, their ease of installation makes them an ideal solution for 1-day trade events or longer engagements. Made for indoor use only, our fabric display walls, also known as fabric exhibition displays and tension fabric banners, are an impressive alternative to traditional display stands and banners. At Banner World, our commitment to offering excellent products and services and our expertise in large format printing and marketing trends ensures results that align with your business goals and events.

Fabric Display Walls

At Banner World, we specialise in producing high-quality fabric display walls perfect for various events and exhibitions. These display walls are an ideal alternative to traditional stand solutions, offering a professional and seamless look. Here, we will discuss the materials and printing process, types of stands, and sizes & configurations of our fabric display walls.

Our fabric pop up displays, media walls, and wall boxes are the perfect solution for creating a stunning backdrop for your next event or trade show. Our dye sublimation printing process ensures that your fabric graphics will be vibrant and eye-catching.

Our aluminium frames are sturdy and easy to assemble, making them the ideal choice for exhibition stands and display backwalls. Whether you need a monolith or a simple fabric display, we have the perfect solution for you.

At Banner World, we understand that our customers are looking for more than just a sales pitch. That’s why we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. We work hard to ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

If you’re looking to generate more leads and sales at your next event, consider investing in a fabric display or backdrop from Banner World. Our products are trusted by companies of all sizes, and we are confident that they will help you stand out from the competition.

Materials and Printing Process

Our fabric display walls are made from 210gsm display polyester, ensuring a durable and visually striking product. We use a dye sublimation printing technique on the fabric, producing vibrant colours and detailed prints that capture the attention of your target audience. With this process, your marketing materials and brand visuals are presented in their best possible light, ultimately helping your business achieve its goals.

Types of Stands

We offer two types of stands for our fabric display walls: straight and curved. Both options feature a strong, sturdy aluminium frame with feet at the bottom, providing excellent stability. The fabric, which can be printed on both sides or single sided with an unprinted reverse, slides over the frame, creating a smooth and crease-free appearance.

Sizes and Configurations

Our straight fabric display walls stand at a height of 2.3m and come in six width options, including 1m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m. The curved stands, on the other hand, are also 2.3m tall and available in three lengths: 2.5m, 3m, and 4m. Assembly of the frames takes two people just around 10 minutes, and while some effort may be required to stretch the fabric across the frame, the end result is a seamless and polished display.

Although these fabric display walls are not designed for rapid setup and teardown, they are an excellent solution for multi-day events and trade shows, offering a visually appealing and professional backdrop for your exhibition booth.

Please note that our fabric display walls are designed for indoor use only. We hope this information helps you understand and select the perfect fabric display wall solution for your next event or exhibition.

Installation and Handling

At Banner World, we prioritise providing our clients with high-quality fabric display walls that are visually appealing and simple to install. In this section, we will discuss assembly time and erection considerations.

Assembly Time

Our fabric display walls are designed for easy installation, and with the help of two people, assembly should take around 10 minutes. If you require a fabric stand which is easier to erect, our 2.4m wide Backdrop Stand or our 3m wide Backdrop Stand Maxi may be better alternatives.

Erection Considerations

While assembling our fabric display walls, a few key points need to be considered:

  • Material Stretching: The polyester material is designed to stretch over the aluminium frame to achieve a seamless, crease-free finish. Therefore, a little force might be required when pulling the fabric across the frame during installation.
  • Internal use Only: Our fabric display walls are intended for indoor events only. Please consider an alternative solution if planning to use them outdoors.
  • Care and Maintenance: Although our fabric walls are not designed for frequent setup and breakdown, they offer a visually striking, seamless appearance perfect for two-day trade events.

In conclusion, our fabric display walls are ideal for enhancing brand presence at trade shows, exhibitions, and other marketing events. With minimal assembly time and simple erection considerations, our clients can focus on connecting with their target audience and achieving business goals.

For Events and Exhibitions

At Banner World, we specialise in fabric display walls for events and exhibitions. Our versatile fabric walls provide an eye-catching and effective solution for promoting your brand, products, or services. In this section, we will discuss the benefits of using fabric display walls for trade shows and other events, as well as for retail and marketing applications.

Benefits for Trade Shows

Fabric display walls are an excellent choice for businesses looking to create a professional and visually appealing presence at trade shows. Some of the advantages of using fabric display walls at trade shows include:

  • High-quality, vibrant prints: Our state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing technology produces bright, crisp, and vivid colours on our 210gsm display polyester material, ensuring your business stands out at any event.
  • Variety of sizes and styles: We offer our fabric display walls in multiple sizes, ranging from 1m to 6m in width for straight stands and 2.5m, 3m, and 4m for curved stands, allowing you to customise your display according to the space available at the event and the needs of your business.
  • Seamless look: The stretchable fabric material results in a crease-free, smooth finish that covers the entire aluminium frame, providing a professional and flawless appearance for your display.
  • Easy assembly: Our fabric display walls take x2 people around 10 minutes to erect, making them a perfect choice for trade show schedules.

For Retail and Marketing

Our fabric display walls are not only ideal for events and exhibitions but also highly effective in retail and marketing situations. Some of the key benefits for these applications include:

  • Versatile usage: Fabric walls can be used in retail settings, corporate events, and other marketing spaces, providing a flexible and efficient solution for various promotional needs.
  • Durable and reusable: The high-quality material of our fabric display walls ensures that they will last for multiple events, trade shows, or marketing campaigns, which means a more cost-effective investment for your business.
  • Double-sided printing option: Our fabric display walls can be printed on both sides or single-sided with an unprinted fabric reverse, allowing you to maximise your marketing messages and branding efforts.
  • Portable and easy to transport: The lightweight aluminium frame and fabric materials make our fabric walls easy to carry and transport. Additionally, they can be stored in a carry bag for added convenience.

In summary, our fabric display walls are a versatile, efficient, and visually appealing solution for promoting your business and brand in various environments. With our extensive range of sizes, styles, and printing options, we can help you create the perfect display for your events and marketing needs.

Additional Features and Services

At Banner World, we understand the importance of providing our clients with a seamless fabric display wall experience. In addition to our high-quality fabric walls for exhibition purposes, we offer several additional services to ensure your entire experience is smooth and efficient.

Carry Bag

When you purchase one of our fabric display walls, we include a durable carry bag to make transportation to and from events easy and convenient. This carry bag is designed to fit the aluminium frame and fabric graphics, ensuring that setup and breakdown are hassle-free.

Replacement Fabric Graphics

Understanding that businesses may require updated or refreshed graphics for different events, we offer replacement fabric graphics for our fabric display walls. Whether you need to change your message, rebrand, or simply want an alternative look for various exhibitions, we provide vibrant and high-quality replacement graphics to suit your needs. These replacement graphics are designed to easily slide over the existing aluminium frames, ensuring a quick and easy update for your display.

Our fabric display walls are an excellent solution for a multitude of events, trade shows, and exhibitions. They offer a seamless, crease-free finish to grab the attention of your target audience. With additional features and services such as carry bags and replacement fabric graphics, we at Banner World strive to make your event experience as smooth and efficient as possible. Trust our knowledgeable team and state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver stunning fabric displays that amplify your brand and message effectively.

Effective Marketing Strategies and Best Practices

At Banner World, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of products and services to help businesses effectively market their brands and increase awareness. One of our popular offerings is our Fabric Display Walls. These are versatile, attention-grabbing, and perfect for trade shows, events, and retail environments.

Fabric displays, wall exhibition, panels, and fabric wall displays can help businesses create a strong presence at trade shows, events, and other marketing opportunities. By using large format, vibrant prints on weather-resistant materials like our 210gsm display polyester fabric, businesses can showcase their products and services in a visually appealing, professional manner. Our fabric walls, fabric arches, and exhibition booth options provide an alternative to traditional PVC banner printing and vinyl banners, giving clients durable, high-quality displays that will effectively capture the attention of their target audience.

We always recommend incorporating your brand’s colours, logos, and messaging into your fabric display to reinforce your brand identity and create a cohesive marketing strategy. Our skilled printers and state-of-the-art technology ensure that your designs will be accurately printed, resulting in vivid and impressive prints that reflect your business’s goals and ideas.

To support our clients in achieving success with their fabric displays, we offer a variety of products like mesh bannersstickerscafe barriers, and murals to complement their exhibitions and increase brand awareness. Our team is constantly updated on industry trends and growth, ensuring we can provide the best advice and strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

When assembling and disassembling our fabric displays, our aluminium frames are designed for ease of use, typically requiring only two people and 10 minutes for setup.

Additionally, we understand that things may not always go as planned, and clients may need replacement fabric graphics or have concerns about their uploaded files. Our team at Banner World is committed to providing exceptional services and support to help our clients overcome any challenges and ensure their marketing strategies remain on track.

In conclusion, fabric displays and other print materials are an effective marketing strategy for businesses looking to increase brand awareness and engage with their target audience. At Banner World, our expertise and commitment to delivering quality products will help our clients achieve the best possible results for their marketing efforts.

Indoor stretch wall displays

The item is designed for indoor use only and is not suitable for outdoors as the item will blow over in light winds.

The Ideal Portable Fabric Display Wall

Awesome for press and interview use, the soft stretch fabric is non-reflective under even the strongest lighting. This stretch fabric backdrop stand is loved by photographers and cameramen!

Assemble in 10 minutes

The fabric fits snugly over the frame, and it will take 2 people 10 minutes to erect this display fully. If you require a display stand that is easier to erect, please take a look at our other backdrop stand. Simply fit the number-coded 30mm diameter aluminium poles together for a 5-minute assembly of the frame. Apart from the included Allen key, no tools are required to secure the feet. Once you have erected the frame working from one corner, you need to stretch the fabric over the frame and use the zip to close the open edge. For this part of the process, you will need x2 people to stretch the fabric over the frame. The fabric is meant to be tight so as to stretch over the frame, making a tight, tensioned fit.

Packing away is just as easy, with everything fitting into the included carry case for easy transport.

This folding banner stand packs away into the included bag for easy transportation and storage.

High-Quality Printing

Our custom printed stretch tension fabric is produced using the dye-sublimation printing method in full colour. In your design, you can include solid areas of colour, text, logos, images and photographs to suit.

Designs are printed at up to 1440dpi (dots per inch) and look amazing whether close-up or from a distance.

Additional Fabric Covers Available

Additional and spare fabric covers are available from us at any time for stretch fabric display stands. Each is double-sided, meaning you can have a different design on each side. Order more covers for different events and occasions.

Curved fabric display stands are also available, ask for details.

Technical Specifications »

Material Specification

210gsm knitted polyester fabric, seamless.

Setup Time

2 people, 10 minutes


High quality aluminium, number coded for assembly

Print Process

1440dpi dye-sublimation, double sided

Fire Rating

Tested after print process to BS5867-2: 2008: Type B



Dimensions when packed in case

125cm x 35cm x 25cm

height when erected

2.3m tall

Available widths of stands

1m, 2.5m, 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m wide


Indoor use only

Fabric Artwork Guidelines »

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed, 50mm safe area

Black Composition

C10 M10 Y10 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:

Artwork Guidelines Download Guidelines (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions »

How easy is it to put up?

This system takes x2 people 10 minutes to erect fully. The tensioned fabric can a little effort to stretch and fit onto the frame. The display quickly packs away into its case and transports easily.

What is included?

We include the frame, fabric double-sided printed graphic and carry bag.

Can I change the graphic?

Yes. Additional graphics can be ordered at any time and are quick to remove and replace.

Fire Certificate Information »

This material type has been tested for flame retardancy to UK and EU regulation standards.

We are unable to produce individual test certificates for each bespoke item.

Download Fire Certificate

Our Guarantee »

Buying banners in confidence

You can buy from Banner World with confidence. Your job will go through several checks before manufacture. Firstly when your job comes in, we check all your uploaded files and cross-reference each file against your order. At this point, if we see that artwork is incorrect or if there is a file missing we will contact you to request new artwork. Most of our banners and fabrics are manufactured at our large print factory in Europe. Our standard turnaround on items is 5-6 working days for delivery. Even though most of our ordering system has been automated, we still carry out several manual checks before processing your order. If at any point we have a question or a problem with your order you will be contacted before manufacturing.

Our processes

Please read the information below on how your order is processed. Each order goes through several checks before printing. Our file checking service is standard procedure on all orders. Checking your files means that you can place your order in confidence, knowing that we will check to make sure your order and corresponding artwork match and are correct. Anything we are not sure that we will contact you before proceeding.

What is Our Initial checking service?

When you place an online order, we will cross-reference your artwork against your order. At this point, we will check that the artwork sizes and file type match the order. We will make sure we have the correct number of artwork files for the job. At this stage, if anything appears to be incorrect, we will place the order on hold and contact you immediately.

How do we process your order?

Once we are happy with your order, we will then process it. We collate all the information for each job, including finishing and material type. The job information is then sent with your artwork to the pre-press department. Pre-press is where we will create and prepare your job for printing.

Our Pre Press and second checking service.

Pre-press refers to the stage before printing. Here your artwork is converted into the correct format for our machines and finishing processes. At this point, if something is spotted which isn’t correct or if there is a problem we will again contact you.

How do we print and track your order through the factory?

Your job is now batched together with other items on the same material. Each item has assigned to it a unique code. The code is used to track the order through our factory. The information is used to check the material, quantity and finishing information on the item. The order then goes through our print presses.

How do we finish your printed items?

Every job we produce is different to the next, whether it be size, material, shape or finishing. Your printed items will be finished as requested on your order. We automate as much of the finishing as possible, cutting down on labour costs and passing on the savings to you. The Prepress data is inputted into parts of our finishing equipment. Your graphics are now finished to your custom requirements. Each printed product is set up differently for each type of finishing process. A banner that has hem and eyelets will be manufactured and produced in a different way to a flag with a pole pocket.

How are your items packed?

We have now manufactured your items. The finishing pieces now move onto the packing department. At the packing stage, we collate your order. Items get checked off against the order using the order code system. The printed goods get wrapped and packed, ready for despatch.

How do you ship my goods?

Now your item has been packed it is ready to be shipped. From placing your order, your goods have taken approx 24-48 hours to get to this stage. We have a logistics team which arrange the shipping through UPS. Our standard delivery (£15 or free over £250) will now take an additional three days to be delivered to an address on UK mainland and most of mainland Europe. Our standard shipping will travel via road and sea to reach the UK. We do offer a faster 1-day shipping method which is our 4-day turnaround service. The fast turnaround service is expensive on low-value bulky orders and is more cost-effective on higher volume jobs. Items to the US and other worldwide destinations will take longer to be delivered. For items going to Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish highlands etc. please add an extra day onto delivery times