Mesh Banner Printing

Mesh Banners are primarily used in outdoor locations where wind may be an issue, such as high up on scaffolding or in any exposed outdoor location. Mesh banners are weather and wind resistant full colour banners which you can install anywhere.

Mesh banner material has tiny holes allowing air to blow through. The air holes reduce the wind loading on structures.

Ideal for large external banners, building wraps, fence banners, scaffold banners, lamp-post banners and cafe barriers.

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Mesh Banner Printing

Outdoor wind resistant mesh banners

Mesh banners are Typically used for large format outdoor advertising. You will see Mesh Banners on buildings, scaffold advertising banners, cafe barriers and printed fence panels. Custom mesh banners allow air to pass through, making them suitable where wind-loading on structures could be an issue.

Mesh banners are a popular solution for outdoor advertising due to their perforations allowing wind to pass through, reducing the sail effect and preventing damage from strong winds. We offer a range of mesh banners to suit different needs, including PVC mesh, air mesh PVC, polyester fabric mesh, and heavy-duty fabric mesh. Our mesh banners have a vibrant surface that is perfect for promotional prints. Our polyester fabric mesh is also lightweight, foldable, and washable, making it a versatile option for various events and settings. Our heavy duty fabric mesh is a durable solution that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

PVC mesh banners printed to any size

We print mesh PVC and fabric on machines up to 5 metres wide and use the best materials. We offer four different types of printed mesh banners. These are:

Mesh PVC – Standard PVC mesh with standard airflow

PVC AirMesh – Extra airflow mesh for extreme wind

Eco-Mesh – PVC free mesh banners – Fully recyclable

Mesh fabric – Lightweight polyester mesh, a fully recyclable material – Machine washable.

Heavy Duty fabric Mesh banners – Heavy duty polyester mesh – Fully recyclable – Machine washable.

We produce smaller windproof banners suitable for fence advertising, scaffolds, and huge building wraps. Building wraps are giant mesh banners which we weld together in sections. Super-strong, our banners are designed and engineered to stand up to the elements when fitted correctly.

Why Choose Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are popular for businesses and companies looking to promote their brand or products. Here are some of the benefits of using mesh banners. Mesh reduces the wind loading on structures. More commonly used for Large Banners. Mesh is the ideal material because of its wind-loading-reducing properties.

Mesh Banners are Durable and Long-Lasting

Mesh banners are made from PVC material, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Mesh Banners are Cost-Effective

Mesh banners are a cost-effective way to promote your business or products. They are an alternative to other outdoor banners, such as vinyl banners.

Mesh Banners are Customisable

Mesh banners can be ordered at any size and printed with any artwork, logo or message. They also come with different options like pole pockets, reinforced hem and eyelets, or just hem and eyelets.

Mesh Banners are Eye-Catching

Mesh banners are designed with small holes, allowing air to pass through. The material’s perforations make them more resistant to wind and more visible to your audience.

Mesh Banners are Easy to Install

Mesh banners are lightweight and easy to install. They can be hung on walls, fences, or even on poles.

What are the benefits of using a mesh banner?

Weather Resistant Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are weatherproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor advertising.

Wind Resistant Banners

The tiny holes in mesh banners allow air to pass through, making them resistant to strong winds that can otherwise tear up regular banners.


Mesh banners are made of durable materials that are resistant to tearing and can last longer than other banners. Air passes through the banner face, putting less strain on the banner and its fixing. Using a mesh banner also puts less load on the structure the banner is attached to.

Which products use mesh banners?

Scaffold banners. It’s common for mesh to be used on large scaffold banners. Large mesh scaffold banners help the wind to pass through, and mesh is the preferred material for high-level signage.

Cafe barrier banners. Mesh Cafe Banners Allowing the wind to pass through. Reduced airflow reduces the risk of your banners blowing over in high winds.

Fence banners. Mesh is always the best option on fences. Solid banners on railings or wire fences will degrade quickly, so mesh banner printing is a fantastic alternative.

Heras fence covers. Heras fence covers are used on construction sites and festivals for branding on temporary fencing. Mesh is preferred as it reduces wind load and makes barriers less likely to be blown over in high winds.

Event Branding. Mesh banners are popular for outdoor event stages as backdrops and speaker covers. As most event branding is outdoors, mesh material is the preferred choice. Mesh is also a perfect material for speaker covers at concerts – Mesh banner fabrics are acoustically transparent and are often used at festivals and concerts as speaker stack mesh scrims.

Tennis court netting. Tennis Court Windbreaks – Used widely around Europe and the UK to provide wind screening and advertise events and sponsorships.

Custom mesh banners

We print in CMYK full colour onto Mesh Banner Materials, so your design can include any colours, effects, text, logos or photographs you require. Waterproof and UV-stable, our Mesh Banners will continue to look great for years outdoors. We print our custom mesh banners using solvent print technology. The solvent print technology means your mesh banners are fade-resistant and printed in super quality, full colour.

Flame retardant mesh banner printing

Our materials are all flame retardant and comply with the latest building regulations. Mesh Fire certificates are available to download on each product page.

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Mesh Banner vs Vinyl Banner »

Mesh Banners, because of the holes in the material, are used wherever wind may be a problem. As they allow wind to pass through they create less force on the fixings and reduce wind-loading on the structure they are fitted to.

Fitting Mesh Banners »

Wall Screws – typically long length screws can be used, with large penny washers over the eyelets to protect the banner. It is vital to achieve the proper tension on banners fitted by this method – too loose and the wind will cause the banner to flap and affect hems and eyelets.

Scaffold Poles – Mesh banners can be finished with scaffold pole pockets, allowing you to slide scaffold poles through.

Bungee Ties – once fixing points have been completed on the wall – typically large eye or hook bolts – bungee clips or ties can be used to attach to the banner eyelets. This method tensions the banner as well as allowing some give when the wind hits, thus protecting hems and eyelets.

Wire Frame & Bungee – a steel wire frame can be run though eye bolts approximately 300mm outside the banner. Once the wire is tensioned, the banner can be fitted to the wire using a zig-zag of bungee cord – this is best done in short sections of 3-5m. This gives the effect of a trampoline on its side, tensions the banner and allows some give for high winds.

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Frequently Asked Questions »

What are the main benefits of using Mesh for banners?

Mesh banner material contains thousands of tiny holes which allow air to pass through. The added airflow puts less strain on the banner and its fixings.

Is a mesh banner waterproof?

Yes, mesh banners are waterproof and are ideal for outdoor use.

What eyelets do you use on mesh banners?

We use galvanised steel eyelets with an 11mm centre hole.

Do mesh banners fade?

Mesh banners are fade-resistant, and colours should last the life of the material. We have known in certain circumstances banners in shaded less exposed areas have lasted 5+ years