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Banner World are experts in Scaffold Banners and Scaffolding Signs, with years of experience. Our Banners, Building Wraps and Signs are heavy duty, built-to-last, and fit-for-purpose.

Scaffolding Advertising Banners can be made to any size to suit your requirements, from small 1m x 1m banners right up to huge building wraps.

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Scaffold Banner Production

Banner World produces a wide range of high-quality Scaffold Banners, Scaffolding Wraps and Scaffolding Signs. Our Banners, Building Wraps and Signs are heavy-duty, built-to-last, and fit-for-purpose – without the extra cost. They are perfect for brand scaffolding and a fantastic solution to hide an unsightly view.

Scaffold Advertising Banners can be made to any size to suit your requirements, from small 1m x 1m scaffolding banners right up to massive building wraps.

We use only the best quality materials. Our standard scaffold banner material is flame-retardant rip-stop PVC banner, and we make our wind reducing banners from windproof mesh banner material. We finish our Scaffolding Banners with heavy-duty hems, metal eyelets and sturdy welded pockets as standard. Our high production and finishing specifications are crucial to the lifespan of a scaffold banner; we have seen many scaffolding advertising banners from other suppliers fade within weeks or rip themselves from fixings in high winds.

Low Priced Scaffolding Advertising Banners

We base our meagre prices on the high volume of Scaffold Banners and Scaffolding Signs we produce every week. We have a very efficient production and manufacture, which means we provide some of the lowest cost scaffold banners in the UK.

You can place an order for just one Scaffold Banner or Sign, or hundreds.

We keep artwork on file for many scaffolding firms across the UK and Europe, who place regular orders with us when additional projects begin.

Scaffold Banner Material Specification

Our Standard PVC Scaffold Banners are made from our tried and tested 500gsm Rip-Stop PVC which can be printed single-sided in full colour. The extra strength in this material reduces the stress caused by weather conditions up on scaffolding. Heavy-duty scaffold banner material gives extra durability. Your scaffold banners will last longer and look better for longer than cheaper materials used by other suppliers.

We make our Premium Scaffolding Banners from our almost indestructible 650gsm Blockout PVC which can be printed on both sides and used for double-sided banners. This super-strong banner material has an extra block liner in the middle of the banner, making sure that no light can pass through.

We recommend Larger Scaffolding Banners to use our Mesh PVC materials. Tiny holes in this material allow wind to pass through and reduce wind-load on scaffolding structures. Standard Mesh has a 70/30 print surface to hole ratio, while our AirMesh PVC has a more open weave to allow even more air to pass through.

Mesh also has the advantage of letting light through into the building behind.

All our scaffold banner materials are flame retardant, waterproof and weather resistant. We print using fade-proof inks to ensure your banners remain vibrant and visible even in exposed locations.

Please contact us if you have any special requirements for your scaffold banners such as odd shapes or specific finishing instructions, we’re always glad to advise and help.

Scaffold Banner Finishing

We finish our Typical Scaffold Banners with any combination of welded/stitched hems, secure metal eyelets and pole pockets – included in the price.

We can advise on the best finishing options for your scaffold banners, based on their dimensions and location.

Larger scaffold banners benefit from ‘omega tunnels’ or ‘dragon tail flaps’, which are we attach to the reverse of the banner. These allow the banner to fix onto vertical scaffold poles at regular spacings.

Scaffolding Banner Installation

Smaller Scaffold Banners can be specified with sleeve pockets top and bottom through which you can slide scaffold poles. Adjusting the gap between the poles allows you to tension the banner and prevent it from flapping around and being damaged.

Larger scaffold banners are best finished with hems and eyelets, allowing you to fix them to an oversized scaffold frame using bungee cord or shock cord. Shock cord should be threaded through the holes in short sections and tied off. Avoid using cable ties or standard rope as these do not offer any ‘give’ during wind gusts.

Scaffolding Banners Artwork Guidelines

Please ensure your artwork is print-ready and conforms with our requirements here. Our staff will always check your artwork files and contact you immediately with any queries before printing.

Please ask if you require assistance with setting up your artwork.

Scaffold Banner Design Tips

Get your banner size right

You can design your banner at actual size or to scale, depending on the software you use. Ensure that your final print file will scale up in proportion to the size of banner you have ordered.

Allow for Eyelets and Pole Pockets in your design

Ensure that no critical information is within 100mm of the edge of your banner design, this allows room for eyelets, hems and other finishing options. Background images and graphics are excellent, be wary of text, numbers and logos.

Standard scaffolding pole diameter is 55mm; you will need a 150mm flat pocket. In your artwork, you should allow for a 190mm ‘safe area’, clear of any critical information.

Set your artwork to CMYK

Set your artwork to CMYK, as this matches the print process. If your artwork is in RGB mode, the colours may not come out as expected.

Colour Matching

Colour matching to Pantone references is possible, but may take longer and will incur an extra charge. Files including Pantone® colours will be converted to CMYK unless you specify a colour match in your order. Colour matching is never 100% guaranteed, but we will try and gain the nearest match.

Design Principles

Scaffolding Banners are first and foremost an advertising and information medium. The information displayed should be clear to read – so consider how far away your target audience will be. If your banner is being viewed from a distance, then the contrast should be high, and typefaces need to be legible. If you try to cram too much information onto a banner then the text may end up too small to read!

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Banner Materials »

Premium PVC Banner 500gsm

Our standard PVC banner material is our heavy duty 500gsm Premium banner. This is a rip-stop PVC and exceptionally strong. Ideal for single-sided smaller scaffolding banners.

Mesh PVC Banner 330gsm

Larger Scaffold Banners need to be printed on Mesh material or fabric to reduce wind-loading on the structure. Finished with heavy duty hems and eyelets or pole pockets.

Blockout PVC Banner 650gsm

Designed for double-sided Scaffold banners this material features a black liner which prevents the opposite side showing through. Exceptionally strong, finished with pole pockets and/or eyelets.

AirMesh Flag 115gsm

Suitable for larger areas, AirMesh Flag is a very lightweight but strong polyester fabric with mesh holes to reduce wind loading.

Banner Fitting »

Smaller Scaffold Banners can be easily fitted by sliding scaffold poles through pockets top and bottom, or by bungee or shock cord to eyelets.

Larger Banners and Building Wraps need to be carefully fitted, usually by constructing a frame from scaffolding then using bungee or shock cord through eyelets to secure. This tensions the banner and allows some give if the wind gusts.

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FAQ's »

Will my Scaffolding Banners last?

Thanks to our quality material and ink specification, along with our superb quality of finishing – your scaffold banners will last longer than those from other suppliers, provided they are installed correctly.

What if I don’t have artwork?

Email us at and one of our designers will contact you for a design brief.

Can I upload multiple images for a quantity of banners?

Yes, you can use as many different images as you like, one for each separate banner if required.

Can you colour match to our specific branding guidelines?

Yes we can, please contact us for details.

Can you provide samples of your materials?

Yes we can, go to our Print Samples Ordering page.


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