Scaffold banners or scaffolding banners are printed banners usually made with pole pocket sleeves. Pockets positioned on the top and bottom ease installation by sliding through poles which attach to the scaffolding. Scaffold banners offer many options, and we print them at any size. Scaffolding banners can also feature hem and eyelets rather than the traditional pole pockets. Hem and eyelets is our advised finishing option on larger banners. We also offer a reinforced hem which is best for very large banners and building wraps. Reinforced hem adds an extra layer of reinforcement material around the outer of the banner increasing hem strength and durability.

Why do I need a scaffold banner?

Scaffold banners are the perfect opportunity to advertise your scaffolding company or building company. Development companies use scaffold banners as an opportunity to promote a new housing or renovation project. Utilising the scaffold with branding is a valuable marketing medium and one that you shouldn’t overlook. Scaffold banners are very cost-effective, reusable and long-lasting.

Which is the best type of scaffolding banner?

Which scaffold banner is best for your needs will depend firstly on your banners viewpoint. Very large scaffolding banners are more suited to mesh material because of its reduced wind loading properties. Larger banners act like sails to the wind, so it’s advised to choose a mesh material to let air flow through the banner face. Smaller scaffolding banners around 2-4 square metres can be manufactured from Single-sided premium PVC or Block out banner. Block out banners can be either single-sided or double-sided depending on your requirements with block out material giving the most strength.

Double-sided scaffold banners

Double sided scaffolding banners are superb for showcasing your logo on both sides. Double-sided scaffold signs printed on light-stop block-out material means that light will not show through the banner. Double-sided scaffold banners are extremely robust, and they are printed onto a super-durable 650gsm banner material which offers high levels of rip resistance.

We can supply Double-sided scaffolding banners with pole pockets or hem and eyelets. Double-sided banners are better for producing smaller banners so no larger than 5m sq. We can print scaffolding banners larger than 5m square, but we advise printing them on to mesh. Large mesh banners are less likely to be damaged by wind and adverse weather.

Heavy-duty scaffold banners

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners are the same as double-sided scaffolding banners. The only difference between the two is Heavy duty scaffolding banners are printed single-sided, so the reverse is plain white.

Mesh Scaffold Banner Printing

Mesh scaffold banners are perfect for large scaffolding banners and custom building wraps. With a mesh printed surface, you reduce the wind pressure on the banner. With a printed face consisting of thousands of tiny holes, mesh scaffolding signs are perfect for banners that need to stand up to adverse weather. Larger banners are more suited to mesh because wind hitting the face can pass through creating less wind loading. Reduced wind loading means banner van to be printed larger without the effects of wind damage, from heavy gusts. For scaffolding banners and large building wraps which require increased airflow, then we advise on using our air mesh banner material. Air mesh gives up to 2.5 times extra wind flow than standard mesh, meaning it is a superb contender in bad weather conditions.

PVC Single-sided scaffolding banners

Our standard PVC scaffolding banners. Very cost-effective PVC scaffold banners ideal for small to medium-sized banners. Strong banner material is available with hem and eyelets or pole pockets. Perfect to buy in bulk because of the low cost, so ideal for leaving on scaffolding projects for long periods and offers fantastic advertisement value at a low cost per item.

What is a Reinforced pole pocket on scaffold banners?

Pole pockets give a scaffold banner the ability to slide through a scaffold tube to attach to the scaffolding. Reinforced scaffold banner pockets are high frequency welded as standard. High-frequency welding is our standard pocket finishing on any banner which requires pole pockets. To create a reinforced pocket firstly, we weld as normal and then overstitch. Over stitching adds an extra layer of security on a pocket preventing it tearing at the edges of the welded seam.

What is a reinforced hem on a scaffolding banner?

A reinforced hem is a standard hem which we than welding an additional strip or reinforcement webbing to the back of the banner. The reinforcement tape is super strong, which creates a hem three times stronger than a traditional hem. On large mesh scaffolding banners, we would always advise that you select the reinforced hem option.

How to make scaffold banners last longer?

Like anything in life, your scaffolding banners will only last if they are looked after. Firstly to prevent your banners from tearing please ensure that your scaffold banners are tightly fitted to your scaffolding. Banners that are fitted loosely will flap and eventually tear. A banner that is fitted correctly shouldn’t flap in the wind. If a banner is flapping it means that it is rubbing on something. The banner could be rubbing on the poles running through the pole pockets which will eventually wear out the sleeves. Or, a loose banner could be flapping against a wall or similar. If you prevent movement, then you will prevent wear on your banner. Clean your banners after use with a damp cloth or similar. Cleaning reduces the build-up of grime and dirt. Fit them lower down the scaffolding so that they are less in the elements but also better viewed by potential clients.

How to design a scaffold banner?

When designing a scaffolding banner, it’s important to keep the design very simple and bold. It’s easy to get carried away adding small accreditation logos and the like, but from an advertisement perspective is this needed? Remember that your scaffold banners will be viewed at a distance. So creating a design that is simple and to the point is essential. The best scaffolding banners feature the company name and the telephone number. Feel free to add a website address as long as its a short one. If the website is long and hard to read, I’d think about removing it to keep the design simple.

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