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Blue Back Poster Printing 120gsm

Billboard Poster


  • Ideal for short-term outdoor use
  • Colour fast and fade proof long term durability
  • High quality 120gsm blue back material
  • From A3 size to unlimited in sections
  • Recyclable Paper Product


  • Total Area (Sq M)


  • 0 - 10 SQ M
    £10.75 / SQ M
  • 10 - 20 SQ M
    £9.75 / SQ M
  • 20+ SQ M
    £9.00 / SQ M

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High quality poster printing onto 180gsm semi-gloss blueback material. 1440dpi printing using eco-solvent inks, ideal for internal displays. Can be used for up to 6 months externally in sealed units or pavement poster display units.


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High quality poster printing onto 120gsm blue back poster material. 1440dpi printing using eco-solvent inks, ideal for external short-term displays. Can be applied to any flat surface using wallpaper paste, with the blue backing providing a blockout to any graphics underneath.

Large Format Poster Standard Sizes

 6 Sheet or Superlite
Poster Size Safe Area
More O Ferrall / Adshel 1800mm x 1200mm 1760mm x 1160mm
Decaux 1750mm x 1185mm 1710mm x 1160mm
Viacom 1800mm x 1200mm 1755mm x 1160mm
Primesites 1800mm x 1200mm 1720mm x 1160mm

4 Sheet based

Poster  Description Size Inches Size MM
4 Sheet Poster This size is usually referred to as a 4 sheet poster and is regularly used for outdoor advertising 60″x40″ 1524mm x 1016mm
12 Sheet Poster A poster comprising three 60×40 sections joined. 60″ x 120″ 1524mm x 3048mm
16 Sheet Poster A poster comprising four 60×40 sections joined. 120″ x 80″ 3048mm x 2032mm
32 Sheet Poster A poster comprising eight 60×40 sections joined. 120″ x 160″ 3048mm x 4064mm
48 Sheet Poster A poster comprising twelve 60×40 sections joined. 120″ x 240″ 3048mm x 6096mm
96 Sheet Poster A poster comprising twenty four 60×40 sections joined. 120″ x 480″ 3048mmx 12192mm
Small Format Poster
Quad A regular size used outdoor and indoor and largely in cinema industry 30″ x 40″ 762mm x 1016mm
D. Royal A regular size used mainly by British Rail. 40″ x 25″ 1016mm x 635mm
D. Crown A regular size used mainly by in-store promotions. 30″ x 20″ 762mm x 508mm

Standard Poster Sizes are explained here.

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There are no technical specifications for this item.

Artwork Guidelines Back to top

DOWNLOAD: artwork-guidelines.pdf

PDF, Jpeg, PSD, eps (CS 6 or earlier) Ai, (CS 6 or earlier)

We only accept files converted to CMYK.

We accept files at
Actual size or
1:2 scale (50% actual size)
1:5 scale (20% actual Size)
1:10 scale (10% actual size)
1:20 scale (5% actual size)

The ideal DPI is 125dpi if possible. At 125dpi this can make very large graphics huge in memory size, so on larger graphics i.e. 5m x 2.5m you can go down as low as 50dpi. As a rule the larger the graphic the greater the viewing distance hence the lower the dpi can be.

Small / medium sized graphics 125 PPI (DPI) Large sized graphics 50-100PPI (DPI)

Please make sure that all text is created to outlines / curves before uploading. Even on PDF files make sure you create outlines before saving.

No Thanks, No bleed is required on your artwork.

Please leave a clear area of 50mm to allow for eyelets. (Please ensure that all text / logos / critical information is more than 50mm from the edge of your artwork) Background colours and images are fine going into the clear areas.

When ordering make sure you select the finished overall size of your banner including the pockets. So if you select a 1m wide x 2m height, then we will manufacture the banner to a total the height of 2m including the pockets.
(clear areas on pole pockets)
Please make sure that you leave a clear area for your pockets. The term ‘clear area’ means no items of text or logos to run into these areas. Background colours or hackgrtoudn images are fine, just no readable text or logos. So if you are ordering a 1m wide x2m height banner with pole pockets top and bottom, then please keep the bottom 150mm free and the top 150mm free from text and logos. This will make the overall visual area 1m wide x 1.7m height.
Double sided banners
We have special software which flips certain parts of your banners so as to create a seamless pocket on the opposite side. When ordering a double sided banner please just follow the above steps, as the file(s) will need to be set up in the same way. If you require a different image on each side of your double sided banner not a problem, just upload x2 files stating that you require a different image on each side.

We can match pantones if required at an additional charge (please contact us before proceeding) as this is costed per job. We cannot guarantee an exact match on colours due to limitations of the CMYK print process but will try to achieve as close as physically possible.

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