Dementia Friendly Wall Murals

Our specially designed dementia wall murals will not only transform dull surroundings but stimulate reminiscence and reduce anxiety amongst sufferers of dementia and Alzheimers.

Choose from our carefully selected designs or come up with your own, maybe a design to reflect the locality?

Dementia Wall Mural Designs

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Custom Wall Mural Production

Specially designed Dementia friendly wall murals

Our specially designed Dementia-friendly wall murals create an enhanced atmosphere in Care Home and Hospital Department environments.

Stimulating graphics

Our murals will aid reminiscence and ease wayfinding for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Each mural is customisable for size, and you can even change shop names to suit.

Why should you consider a Dementia wall covering?

Dementia murals make dull areas and corridors a bright and enjoyable place. Our dementia murals create a warmer environment for Dementia suffers. Dementia wall designs feature life-like scenes and engage reminiscence in patients, giving them a feeling of comfort. We manufacture each custom wall mural to your custom sizing requirements. If you don’t see a suitable design on our website, then please get in touch. We are always looking for new ideas to add to our ever-growing portfolio of designs. If you need one of our wall designs customising with a new shop name or maybe a different shop colour we are always happy to accommodate when we can and where possible.

How big can you print a dementia wall covering?

We can manufacture wall coverings to any size. We produce 1000’s of metres of wallpaper every month. If you have a custom wallpaper enquiry, then please feel free to get in touch. If you require a printed wallpaper for a full corridor, we can also produce this for you. We would need to know the length and height of the area for us to quote.

Do you need a custom Wallpaper Image?

If you are struggling with inspiration with images, an excellent place to start would be looking through Shutterstock or Istock. These are the leading stock photography and illustration websites. Type into the search bar what you are looking for and make a note of the image code. You can email the image to us, and we can check whether your chosen picture is suitable. We can also acquire your selected image if this is easier for you.

Easy to install

Printed onto a high-quality 295gsm wallpaper, these are easily installed by any decorator onto any smooth wall surface. We would always recommend using a qualified decorator to obtain the best finish possible.

Compliant with fire regulations

The printed wallpaper material meets UK and Eu fire standards. Our material is fire-rated to B1 specification and printed using eco-friendly fade-resistant inks. Cleaning is simple, wipe any marks away with a damp cloth.

Transform dull surroundings

For a long wall or corridor, combine our designs together to create a street scene if possible.

Please ask if you have a specific mural design request not shown below as we can print any artwork available.

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We can provide any design of your choice as a mural for Dementia Care Homes. Several clients have ordered images of local scenery and landmarks, which we have been delighted to provide.

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