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Double-sided scaffold banner material benefits

Ideal for use on double-sided banners or if you need something even stronger than a standard scaffold banner. Super durable material that lasts longer than regular PVC banners. If you require longevity, then double-sided blockout banner is the material to choose. We can also print this material single sided at the same price. Do you need single-sided heavy-duty, printed banners? We can produce these at the same cost. Please specify this in the additional information box when ordering.

What is a Block-Out banner?

We use Our blockout material is used for the production of any double sided banners. Between two layers of white banner, there is a black separator which prevents the graphic from being semi-transparent.
When quality and strength is paramount, this material is super strong and top of the range – ideal for use on single-sided banners too.
This material is also often used for cafe barrier banners, projecting-wall banners and lamp post banners.

Double sided scaffold banners are strong, durable, and can withstand various weather conditions. Block-out banner material is 650gsm thick and has high tear strength resistance. The material is also light-stop, which means no light can show through, ensuring that the design on one side cannot be seen from the other.

Printed from your provided artwork, or we have an online design facility to create artwork for our specialist two-sided banners. Our UV print method ensures that the banners have vibrant and long-lasting colours. We also offer finishing options such as pole pockets, reinforced pockets, and hem and eyelets. Our pole pockets are high-frequency welded, ensuring they are strong and durable. We understand that our clients have different needs, and we strive to provide them with the best possible solutions.

Double Sided Scaffolding Banners

We specialise in printing double sided banners for scaffolding using a UV print method. Our block-out banner material is light stop, which means no light shows through, ensuring that you cannot see the design on the other side. Our banners are made from 650gsm thick and durable rip-stop material, providing high tear strength resistance. We offer a range of finishing options, including pole pockets, reinforced pockets, and hem and eyelets.

We understand the importance of providing excellent customer service and support. That’s why we offer a design online facility, allowing clients to create their own artwork. We also have a dedicated sales team who are available to answer any questions you may have and provide you with expert advice.

At Banner World, we are confident in the quality of our products and services. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience, from the initial inquiry to the final delivery. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your banner printing needs.

Banner Printing Services

At Banner World, we offer high-quality banner printing services for all your advertising needs. Our double-sided scaffold banners are printed using a UV print method, ensuring the print quality is of the highest standard. We offer a range of options for finishing the banners, including pole pockets, hem and eyelets, and reinforced pockets, all of which are high frequency welded to ensure maximum durability.

Our block-out banner material is 650gsm thick, making it both durable and rip-stop, with high tear strength resistance. This means that our banners are perfect for use in even the harshest of environments. The light-stop material ensures that no light shows through, meaning that you cannot see the design on the other side. This makes our double-sided banners perfect for use in areas where both sides of the banner will be visible.

We offer a fast turnaround time on all our banner printing services, with standard turnaround times available as well. Our print factory is equipped with the latest large format printing technology, allowing us to produce banners of any size to meet your specific requirements.

We also offer a design online facility, allowing you to create your own artwork or select from a range of pre-designed templates. Alternatively, you can provide your own artwork, and our team of experts will ensure that your design is printed to the highest standard.

At Banner World, we pride ourselves on our production costs, ensuring that we offer the best value for money without compromising on quality. We use only the highest quality materials and the latest printing technology to ensure that our banners are of the highest standard.

In summary, if you’re looking for high-quality banner printing services, look no further than Banner World. We offer fast turnaround times, a range of finishing options, and the highest print quality, all at an affordable price.

Materials and Techniques

UV Print Method

At Banner World, we use a UV print method to print our double-sided scaffolding banners. This method ensures that the print is of high quality and long-lasting. UV printing is a process that uses ultraviolet light to cure or dry ink as it is printed onto the material. Inks are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This method is ideal for printing on PVC and mesh banners because it produces high-quality, vibrant colours that are resistant to fading.

Blockout Material

Our double-sided scaffolding banners are made with blockout material, also known as light stop material. This material is 650gsm thick and is durable and rip-stop, meaning it has high tear strength resistance. The blockout material ensures that no light shows through, which means that you cannot see the design on the other side. This feature makes our double-sided banners ideal for use in situations where both sides of the banner will be visible.

Our blockout material is also waterproof, flame retardant, and water-resistant. This makes it ideal for use in outdoor environments where it may be exposed to the elements. We offer to finish the banners with pole pockets that are high frequency welded or hem and eyelets. We also offer reinforced pockets that are high frequency welded and then stitched over the top to offer a higher level of strength.

At Banner World, we offer a design online facility, and clients can also provide their own artwork. We take pride in producing high-quality, durable, and long-lasting double-sided scaffolding banners that meet the needs of our clients.

Product Range

At Banner World, we offer a wide range of high-quality products for all your advertising needs. Our products are designed to meet the needs of businesses, events, and individuals who require high-quality advertising banners and displays.

Two Sided Scaffold Banners

Our double-sided scaffold banners are printed using a UV print method on light stop, block-out banner material. This material is 650gsm thick, durable, and rip-stop, meaning it has high tear strength resistance. We offer to finish the banners with pole pockets, which are high frequency welded or hem and eyelets. We also offer reinforced pockets, which are high frequency welded and then stitched over the top to offer a higher level of strength.

Outdoor Displays

We also offer a range of outdoor displays, including lamp post banners, cafe barrier banners, projecting-wall banners, and single-sided banners. Our outdoor displays are designed to withstand the elements and provide a high-quality advertising solution for your business or event.

Finishing Options

At Banner World, we offer a variety of finishing options for our double-sided scaffold banners to ensure maximum strength and durability. Our finishing options include pole pockets, hem and eyelets, and reinforced pockets.

Pole Pockets

Our pole pockets are high frequency welded and provide a simple and effective way to install your banner onto scaffolding. We offer various pocket sizes to suit different pole diameters and can also provide reinforced pockets for added strength. The standard pocket size for scaffold poles is 150mm. 150mm flat pockets give a nice loose fit to wrap around a 2-inch scaffold pole, meaning the pocket has plenty of room and places less tension on the weld.

Hem and Eyelets

Our hem and eyelets finishing option is perfect for those who require a more versatile installation method. Hemming the edges of the banner provides added strength and prevents fraying, while the eyelets allow for easy attachment using cable ties or bungee cords.

Reinforced Pockets

Scaffolding banners can be finished with reinforced pockets which are high frequency welded and then stitched over the top to provide the highest level of strength and durability. This finishing option is ideal for banners that will be exposed to harsh weather conditions or high wind loads.

Our double-sided scaffold banners are printed using a UV print method on light stop, block-out banner material. This material is 650gsm thick and is durable and rip-stop, meaning it has high tear strength resistance. Our banners are finished with either pole pockets, hem and eyelets, or reinforced pockets, depending on your specific requirements.

At Banner World, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality printing services and finishing options to ensure your banners look great and last as long as possible. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.

Technical Specifications »


Matt white 650gsm PVC.
3-ply blockout.
High tear resistance.
Anti-fungicidal treated.


Full colour UV CMYK

Scaffold Banner Artwork Guidelines »

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed, 50mm safe area

Black Composition

C50 M50 Y50 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:

Artwork Guidelines Download Guidelines (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions »

Do you check my artwork?

Yes we check all artwork as standard for quality and size. However we are not responsible for spelling or typing errors on received artworks

Can you colour match to my pantone colours?

Our print process is CMYK with a high degree of colour matching. If you need to match to specific pantone colours, please call us to arrange. This may add 2-3 days to the production process.

Do you charge extra if I need several banners all with different artwork?

No, You can upload different artwork for each banner you order from us – at no extra charge.

Is this product printed double sided as standard?

Yes this is printed double sided as standard.

Can I have a different artwork on each side?

Yes you can. Please upload both artworks and let us know that you would like a different image on each side in the additional information box.

Will I be able to see ghosting from the image on the other side?

No, This material is manufactured with a light block layer in the middle to prevent any show through from the other side.


Can I have a combination of pole pockets and eyelets?

Yes we can add eyelets along the pocket welds for added secure fixing. We can also add hem & eyelets down the sides if you have pockets top and bottom. There is no additional charge for this. Simply put your special instructions in the additional comments box when ordering.

What is your Eyelet specification?

Nickel plated eyelets with 12mm diameter holes spaced approx 500mm apart unless otherwise stated.

What is the recommended fixing methods to scaffolding?

There are a few options available depending on the size of your banner. Smaller banners can have pole pockets on them which you can use scaffold tube connected to the main frame of the scaffold. Hem and Eyelets is also a good option which allows you to use cable ties or bungee ties. For larger banners we recommend hem & eyelets with reinforced hem and then fasten to the scaffold using long bungee cord. Many installers weave the cord in zig zag formation through the eyelets and onto the frame of the scaffold. It is important to measure fixing area accurately prior to ordering.

What's the biggest size banner you can print?

Our machines print on rolls up to 5 metres in width. Larger banners can be welded together in sections – so there is no limit. Huge banners in exposed locations though are better on our Mesh banner material.  i.e A banner at a size of 10m x 5m would be produced in one piece as the smallest dimension is 5m or less.  Where as a banner at 10m x 6m would have one welded join as the smallest dimension is larger than 5m.

How long will my banners last?

This depends on several factors including fixing method, location and usage. Fixed correctly and left in place, your banner could last for years.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is £15 –  or free on orders over £250 to UK mainland.

How quickly can you deliver?

Standard turnaround on is 5-6 working days. Please call us if you require yours sooner.

Is the material flame retardant?

Yes. Our PVC Premium is flame retardant to comply with all EU/UK regulations. The fire certificate can be downloaded here.

Are PVC banners waterproof?

Yes PVC banners are completely waterproof making them the ideal solution for low cost outdoor advertising.

Can they be rolled up when not in use?

Yes providing the banner is not too large, we recommend any banners with the smallest dimension of 2.5m or more are folded when not in use. It is best where possible when rolling banners to roll them around cardboard tube. Make sure if the banners have been used and removed to be used again at a later date that they are dry before rolling.  This will prevent banners getting damp when rolled up.

Our Guarantee »

Buying banners in confidence

You can buy from Banner World with confidence. Your job will go through several checks before manufacture. Firstly when your job comes in, we check all your uploaded files and cross-reference each file against your order. At this point, if we see that artwork is incorrect or if there is a file missing we will contact you to request new artwork. Most of our banners and fabrics are manufactured at our large print factory in Europe. Our standard turnaround on items is 5-6 working days for delivery. Even though most of our ordering system has been automated, we still carry out several manual checks before processing your order. If at any point we have a question or a problem with your order you will be contacted before manufacturing.

Our processes

Please read the information below on how your order is processed. Each order goes through several checks before printing. Our file checking service is standard procedure on all orders. Checking your files means that you can place your order in confidence, knowing that we will check to make sure your order and corresponding artwork match and are correct. Anything we are not sure that we will contact you before proceeding.

What is Our Initial checking service?

When you place an online order, we will cross-reference your artwork against your order. At this point, we will check that the artwork sizes and file type match the order. We will make sure we have the correct number of artwork files for the job. At this stage, if anything appears to be incorrect, we will place the order on hold and contact you immediately.

How do we process your order?

Once we are happy with your order, we will then process it. We collate all the information for each job, including finishing and material type. The job information is then sent with your artwork to the pre-press department. Pre-press is where we will create and prepare your job for printing.

Our Pre Press and second checking service.

Pre-press refers to the stage before printing. Here your artwork is converted into the correct format for our machines and finishing processes. At this point, if something is spotted which isn’t correct or if there is a problem we will again contact you.

How do we print and track your order through the factory?

Your job is now batched together with other items on the same material. Each item has assigned to it a unique code. The code is used to track the order through our factory. The information is used to check the material, quantity and finishing information on the item. The order then goes through our print presses.

How do we finish your printed items?

Every job we produce is different to the next, whether it be size, material, shape or finishing. Your printed items will be finished as requested on your order. We automate as much of the finishing as possible, cutting down on labour costs and passing on the savings to you. The Prepress data is inputted into parts of our finishing equipment. Your graphics are now finished to your custom requirements. Each printed product is set up differently for each type of finishing process. A banner that has hem and eyelets will be manufactured and produced in a different way to a flag with a pole pocket.

How are your items packed?

We have now manufactured your items. The finishing pieces now move onto the packing department. At the packing stage, we collate your order. Items get checked off against the order using the order code system. The printed goods get wrapped and packed, ready for despatch.

How do you ship my goods?

Now your item has been packed it is ready to be shipped. From placing your order, your goods have taken approx 24-48 hours to get to this stage. We have a logistics team which arrange the shipping through UPS. Our standard delivery (£15 or free over £250) will now take an additional three days to be delivered to an address on UK mainland and most of mainland Europe. Our standard shipping will travel via road and sea to reach the UK. We do offer a faster 1-day shipping method which is our 4-day turnaround service. The fast turnaround service is expensive on low-value bulky orders and is more cost-effective on higher volume jobs. Items to the US and other worldwide destinations will take longer to be delivered. For items going to Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish highlands etc. please add an extra day onto delivery times