Vinyl Banners Printing

Vinyl Banners are a cost-effective solution for brand and event advertising. Priced from just £7.50 per square metre fully finished with hems and eyelets, Custom Printed PVC Banners are ideal for outdoors.

Waterproof and UV-Resistant, when installed correctly our PVC Banners will last for years.

Mesh PVC can be specified for larger banners to reduce wind-loading, as it allows air to pass through.

Vinyl Banner Products

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Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners for advertising, outdoor events, festivals or trade shows supplied to any size. We print on a range of specialist PVC Vinyl materials and products include event, premium, backlit, blackout and mesh PVC-based roll banner products.

Our Super-Wide Format printing machines print at up to 5 metres wide.

Custom Vinyl or PVC banners are cost-effective, robust and long-lasting. Waterproof, weather-resistant and vibrant, you can install our printed banner anywhere indoors or outdoors. When fitted correctly, our banners can last for years.

Mesh PVC is used for more exposed locations as it allows wind to blow through the banner. Mesh reduces the wind-loading on structures such as scaffolding and fencing.

We finish our Banners with hems & eyelets and pole pockets as standard. Additional specialist finishing options are also available such as Keder, velcro, omega pockets and wind slits.

Call us for advice on the most suitable PVC Custom Banner product for your project.

Which is the best vinyl banner for my needs?

Event custom vinyl banners are the most cost-effective banner in our range. Prices as low as £7.50 means that this cheap vinyl banner is the best value UK banner. Event is ideal for short to mid-term outdoor applications.

Our Premium trade vinyl banner is our bestselling banner. Manufactured using a coated banner material this printed vinyl banner offers unparalleled quality and value. We print our premium trade vinyl banner in the same way we do our event banners. The difference is the material that is more durable and more robust. If you require a premium product, then this is the banner you should choose. Most competition is selling this type of banner at upwards of £15 per metre square, so this is the lowest cost for a similar trade priced product.

Mesh vinyl banners allow air to pass through. If you require a banner that needs to withstand extreme outdoor elements, then this is the product to choose. The air holes in the vinyl fabric allow air to pass through and reduce wind loading. Removing wind loading makes this banner more suitable for extreme outdoor weather conditions.

Double-sided vinyl banners use a unique double-sided block out material.

The block out material has a block liner that stops show through. Show through means that nothing will show through from the other side. Our heavy-duty vinyl double sided banners are super strong and durable. If you require a banner of the utmost strength then a vinyl block out banner is the only choice.

Why choose a Vinyl banner?

As an outdoor banner, PVC Vinyl banners are an ideal solution for short to mid-term applications. With advertising more needed than ever, vinyl banners are an excellent and inexpensive choice for creating brand awareness and promotions. As markets are more competitive than ever it’s never been more important than investing in good quality vinyl banners that will portray your message. We produce the UK’s cheapest vinyl banners to the best possible standards.

Premium or Event Banner – Which is best for me?

Instant Pricing, Fast Delivery on Vinyl banner printing

You can obtain instant trade pricing on any of our vinyl banner products by merely entering your banner dimensions and quantities.

Our Ordering Process has been designed to be as fast and as easy as possible for our customers.

Standard delivery is within 5-6 working days, with Express Banners being much quicker to meet tight deadlines.

Vinyl Banners with Eyelets

As standard, all our printed vinyl banners are finished with strong welded hems and metal eyelets. This makes them able to stand up to the elements and very easy to hang using rope, bungee clips or cable ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Vinyl Banners?

Our Event PVC Banners cost from just £7.50 per square metre, so if ordered in bulk, a PVC banner measuring 1m x 2m will cost only £15 each.

Why use Vinyl Banners?

PVC vinyl banners are cheap, which makes them cost-effective for one-off events. They are ideal for outdoors, being fully waterproof and weatherproof. If finished with hems and eyelets or pole pockets, they are straightforward to fit or hang. They can be rolled up and easily transported.

Are there different types of PVC Banners?

Yes, PVC vinyl banner material comes in different strengths and thicknesses. Mesh PVC Banner material is thinner and contains tiny holes to let the wind through, making it more suitable for larger banners fitted high up. Double-sided PVC Banner is thicker so we can print on both sides without any show-through from the opposite side.

How are our PVC banners finished?

We finish our PVC vinyl Banners with a welded or stitched hem and metal eyelets. Welding banners adds strength and makes them easy to fit. Adding pole pockets is also a popular fixing solution.

How long will a PVC Banner last outside?

If made and fitted correctly, a vinyl Banner will last years outside. Some of ours are still looking great ten years on.

What eyelets do use?

We use high quality galvanised steel eyelets that feature a 12mm hole. Eyelets are generally spaced at approximately 500mm intervals unless otherwise stated.

What is the Best Way to Hang Vinyl Banners?

Our recommendation is to use Bungee Cord which is available from most DIY stores. Bungee offers a little ‘give’ for your banner to protect it from ripping during gusts of wind.

Can Vinyl Banners Be Recycled?

Yes, they can. Our Recycling Partners here can help with that.

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