Before submitting artwork, please make sure you have read our artwork guidelines below.

Do we check your artwork before printing?

Yes, we will check your artwork before printing. If we see an obvious problem, we will contact you. 

When we receive an order, we review all print files to make sure that they correspond. If we see any issues with your artwork, or we are missing a file, we will notify you before proceeding to print. Your order will be placed on hold until we have a response.

What file checks do we make?

We check all files for the following criteria: Quality, File format, Sizing, Clear areas for pockets and hems.

If we spot anything obvious not mentioned above, we will contact you for clarification. Please ensure when ordering that your contact details are correct. Not being responsive with replies to our requests could potentially delay your order. Our checks are a manual process to minimise print issues, but it is up to you to supply artwork correctly as per these guidelines. We cannot be held responsible for issues which are out of control from incorrect submission of artwork.

What happens if my files are incorrect?

If we spot a problem, we will contact you. If your artwork requires a slight change to make it print correctly, we will adjust this and proceed to print. All file checking is a manual process undertaken by our prepress operatives. We do try and spot errors; however, we cannot accept responsibility for any incorrect printing due to spelling mistakes, setup or artwork error which is out of our control.

Buy in confidence.

For full information on our checks and how to buy in confidence, then please read the following about our Our processes and pre print file checking.

Do you offer a design service?

No, we don’t. We are trade price banner printers, and we base our prices on the requirement that artwork files must be ‘Print Ready’. We print banners at a much lower cost than our competition.

Does this mean you only deal with trade? 

No. We are more than happy to work with the general public. As long as you can supply artwork as per these guides, we are more than happy to print your items. If you are unsure about creating artwork or have no understanding of setting artworks, then please seek the assistance of a Graphic Designer. If you don’t have that is ready to print, then please do not place the order. If you would like to speak to us, then please call us on 01253 897 840 or email

File Formats

We only accept files in the following: pdf, ai, eps, jpeg, psd, tif.  Please provide tif & psd files in a flattened format. We do not work with or accept Microsoft Word files or Powerpoint.

Type & Text

Convert all text to outlines/curves, even on pdf files.

Colour Settings

Ensure files are set to CMYK. We convert RGB files automatically. Changing to CMYK from RGB can cause unexpected results. You will not be notified of a change from RGB to CMYK.

Do not include spot colours.

Colour Matching

Please be aware that Print machines, handheld devices and desktop printers will interpret and show colours differently. We cannot be held responsible for colours printing incorrectly due to errors in incorrectly supplied print files.

We print on a wide range of different machines and cannot guarantee a perfect match from one print method to another. Due to print tolerances and the nature of our business, we cannot guarantee an exact match to something that you see on a computer screen. Most creams, greys and CMYK printed golds can print differently to how they look on screen.

If you are unsure regarding the colours, then please ask or quote us a Pantone reference.

Can you match Pantones®?

Yes, we can, but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.

You must notify us of any Pantones® that require printing. There is an extra charge for printing Pantones®. If no Pantone® request is made your files will be printed to the nearest CMYK value. For more information regarding this subject, please read about our colour matching service.

Pantone colour matching is an additional charge of £30+vat per colour. Due to the nature and limitations of the CMYK printing system, we cannot guarantee an exact match.

For large print runs it is advisable to order a minimum order sample of the colour before ordering, but doing this will delay the order for another 5-6 working days.

Artwork Templates

For specific items, artwork templates are available on the product pages. These templates are only for items with specified size or shape. The following items have a print template:

Feather flags

Deckchairs & directors chairs

Heras Fence banners

Cafe Barrier banners

Fabric backdrop stands


On the above items, your artwork will need setting to the artwork template. Make sure a separate layer assigned for the artwork. Save the file as a layered pdf, ai or eps file. Please embed images and create outlines on the type before saving.

Size & Scale

The orientation of the print file must match the orientation on the order. We accept files at actual size or scale:

1:2 scale (50% actual size)

1:5 scale (20% actual Size)

1:10 scale (10% actual size)

1:20 scale (5% actual size)


Do not use Overprints.

File Names

Make print file names much be as short and descriptive.

Colour Profiles

Print files MUST NOT contain ICC colour profiles

Use of Black CMYK values

Correct Black Settings gives the print a deeper colour as sometimes using just black the image can look grainy and ‘washed out’. If you have files with large amounts of black in the file, use the following guidelines.

Printed banners

Vinyl printing, Window stickers C50 / M50 / Y 50/ K100.

Fabric and deckchairs, including backdrops

Black settings should be C10 / M10 / Y10 / K100.


Embed all images.

Resolution (DPI)

Please make sure that you save your file to the DPI Guidelines below. In case of scaled files, i.e., if you have scaled your file at 1:10 (10%) scale then the DPI must be x10 times higher to compensate)

Vinyl, Static cling, Posters, Small stickers, Window decals

Up to A4 Size 300dpi

Over A3 Size 150dpi

Banners, Backdrops, Foamex, Dibond, Correx, Wallpaper, Contravision

Up to 5m sq 125dpi

5m – 50m sq 50-100dpi

50m+ sq 30-50dpi

For more information, please read our about dpi

Pole Pockets

When placing an order, please make sure you select the overall finished size. Your overall banner size will include the pockets. So if you select a 1m wide x 2m height, then we will manufacture the banner to a total the height of 2m including the pockets. For more information on pole pockets then you can read our pole pocket guide

Please make sure that you leave a clear area for your pockets. The term ‘clear area’ means no items of text or logos. So if you have 150mm flat pockets top and bottom, please don’t let any text or logos to run into these areas. Please note that on a 1500mm flat pocket you will also need to leave an additional 25mm extra for the weld (so 175mm in total. Background colours or images are ok, just no readable text or logos.

Double-sided banners

We have special software which flips certain parts of your banners, thus creating a seamless pocket on the opposite side. When ordering a double-sided banner please just follow the above steps above and refer to our pole pocket guideIf you require a different image on each side of your double-sided banner not a problem, just upload x2 files stating that you need a different image on each side.

Bleed & Crop Marks

Banners, Fabrics and Backdrops

Set your artwork without bleed or crop marks. Banners should have a clear area of 4cm around the perimeter for the eyelets. So please leave important text and logos 5cm away from the edge.

Decals, Vinyl Prints, Rigid Boards

Please supply all files with 5mm bleed all round. Please don’t save the data with crop marks.

Cut to shape

Vinyl / static cling cutting information

Needs an item cutting to a shape?

We require a 5mm bleed plus a contour cut supplied in a separate layer. The cut line should be a contrasting stroke colour to the artwork and named in an individual layer ‘CutContour.’

Banner cutting information

When showing eyelet positions and wind slits or cutter lines on banners. Please supply the artwork file and a separate cutter file. Please ensure that both files are set to the same artboard size and are set to the same scale. Please supply a separate ai, eps, or pdf file with the cutter or eyelets marks.

Please make sure your files are set correctly

Banner World can not be held responsible for any spelling errors/typos / incorrect telephone numbers, or improper setup of files. If we believe that a file is incorrect before production, we will contact you and request a new file. We may refuse to accept files not suitably prepared for print. Any additional operations aimed at correcting files to the above guidelines and all changes made by Banner World upon the request of the customer shall be treated as another service and may incur an extra surcharge.