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Pole Diameter

What are banner pole pockets?

Pole pockets are sleeves that are welded or stitched into banners. Generally, positioned at the top and bottom of printed banners or backdrops, pole pockets allow insertion of a cable or pole into the pocket. We also manufacture poles on the Left and Right-hand sides of banners. Pockets on the sides are typically used for marches when a banner is needed to be held up with poles on each side. In the case of pockets on the sides, we would generally finish your banners with the tops of the pockets sealed. Sealing the top of the pockets stops the poles from falling out of your banner.  

Pole pockets are an ideal solution for banners that require hanging. Pole pockets are suitable for use on stage and theatre applications, lamp post signs or projecting banner kits. Pole pockets are perfect for use at the bottom of the banner for weighting down your banner or a backdrop. To weight down your printed backdrop, slide a piece of dowel or rod through the pocket. Adding a weighted pole, rope or chain adds tension to the banner, which makes the drape more taught.

Pocket Fitting

What banner size should I order?

The size of the banner should be the overall finished size, including pole pockets. When ordering your printed banner, then please enter the overall size of the banner required, including the pockets.  

Pole pockets can sometimes cause a bit of confusion due to flat pocket size and finished size of printed banners.

Flat pocket refers to the size (height) of the banner pocket when laid flat. i.e.: a 100mm flat pocket will have a circumference of 200mm

How should you supply your artwork?

You should create artwork at the exact size of the banner required, including the pole pockets. The areas where the pole pockets will be should contain no text, logos, or essential information. Background colours or background images, however, are ok to be within the pockets.

Pocket Sizes

What size of pocket do I need on my printed banner?

Your pockets shouldn’t be tight around your pole as this can put stress on the pocket and cause it to split. There needs to be ample space in the pole pocket for it to make a V shape at the bottom so as not to stress the banner material.

To determine the flat pocket size, you’ll need to measure the diameter of your pole. Most standard poles will be a diameter of 40mm, 50mm and 60mm.

The easiest way to work out flat pocket size for a custom pole pocket:

The diameter of pole x 3.14 will give you the circumference of the pole, then divide by 2 to provide flat pocket size and then add extra for a gap in pocket say an additional 50% flat pocket size.

How much clear area should I leave free on my artwork?

• Standard scaffold tube 50mm diameter – 200mm clear area

• 25mm diameter pole – 120mm clear area

• 30mm diameter pole – 130mm clear area

• 40mm diameter pole – 150mm clear area

• 60mm diameter pole – 220mm clear area

• 70mm diameter pole – 250mm clear area

•100mm diameter pole – 290mm clear area

Please remember that pockets areas shouldn’t contain any text, logos or essential information.

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