Fabric banner printing uses a unique dye printing technique. Dye-sublimation printing allows digital printing onto a range of fabric banners on to a variety of polyester-based materials. Dye sublimation print techniques enable us to print digitally on polyester-based fabrics. The process can only use polyester-based fabrics, so cotton-based products cannot be printed using this method.

Why is a fabric banner superior to PVC?

Because of its print process fabric printed banners have much higher vibrancy. The dye-sub print method infuses with the polymers in the polyester, meaning the materials will not run. Colours are resistant from fading in normal conditions which is a fantastic advantage for outdoor signage. As a fabric banner is cloth-like in appearance and texture, fabric banners are easily foldable for storage as the polyester fabric is thinner than PVC materials. Fabric banners are much lighter in weight which is a real advantage when storing.

Fabric banner specifications

Most of our fabric banner materials comply with EU and UK fire regulations. Please note that if you are not in the EU or UK that you should check that the fabric meets with the health and safety of your area criteria. All of our fabric materials are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. A range of finishing options is available for our fabric banners. Unlike PVC fabric banners are stitched rather than welded. We have a team of qualified seamstresses who sew every item with state of the art sewing machine.

What size can you print a fabric banner?

We can print fabric banners at any size. The materials do have limitations of roll widths. However, we stitch larger items together to make giant fabric banners. We make banners for sporting events and even for the centre circles of football pitches. Whatever the size of the fabric banner, we have the solution for your desired application.

What fabric banner materials do you offer?

We offer a range of excellent fabric banner materials. We only use high-grade dye sublimation fabrics so you can rest assured that only print with the best fabrics on the market.

Polyester 210

Our most popular fabric. 210 polyester is used widely for most stage and theatre backdrops and drapes.

Polyester 115

Polyester 115 is a lighter weight version of 210 polyesters. Polyester 115 mostly used for feather flags, is a show through material shows a mirror image of the printed side.


Decor has waterproof properties meaning water drips off the material. We use decor material to manufacture single-sided fabric cafe banners and deckchairs.

Black back pro

Black back pro uses a black resin backing. The resin backing gives black back pro stop qualities. If you need a solid fabric banner which won’t show daylight through it, then black back is the material you should choose.

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