Exhibition Stands

Portable exhibition stands in a variety of sizes including counters, back walls, pop-ups and more. Most use our exceptional dye-sublimation printed fabrics for stunning looks.

Portable displays need to be easy to transport, set up, and dismantle and we have the solutions with our range of media backdrops and fabric display stands.

Full colour printed with your branding, these displays are sturdy, long-lasting and flame retardant for use in any indoor or outdoor venue.

Exhibition Stand Solutions

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Exhibition & Backdrop Stands

Exhibition Stands for Engaging Displays

Exhibition stands are crucial in showcasing your brand and products at various trade shows and conventions. These attention-grabbing displays are designed to create a lasting impression on potential customers and help you stand out in a competitive market. With various options available, choosing the right exhibition stand is essential for businesses looking to make a powerful impact and attract more leads.

We offer an extensive range of exhibition stands to cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. From fabric displays to modular designs, our stands provide an ideal solution for creating an enticing space that effectively promotes your brand, products, and services. Our products are crafted using high-quality materials custom printed to any colours and designs to match your branding requirements. Furthermore, our exhibition stands are easy to assemble, dismantle, and transport, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your team.

Our products include the Backdrop Stand Standard, Backdrop Stand Maxi, Anti-Crease Backdrop Stand Standard, Fabric Backdrop Stand, Fabric Display Wall, and Jumbo Fabric Backdrop Stand. These versatile and innovative stands offer effective solutions for product demonstrations, lead capture, and highlighting your brand at exhibitions, trade show displays, and other events. With user-friendly features such as easy storage, customisable frames, and high-quality print options, we are confident that our exhibition stands will meet your business needs and leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

Why choose an exhibition stand?

Exhibition stands are a must-have for companies looking to make an impact at events and trade shows. Pop up stands, pop-up fabric stands, and pop up displays are all popular types of exhibition stands that can help to organise and showcase a company’s products and services. With the right display stand, kiosks, giveaways, flags, roller banners, and interactive elements, attendees can easily find and engage with a company’s booth. By incorporating logos, print materials, and other branding elements, a company can create a cohesive and memorable journey for attendees.

Exhibition booths and exhibit stands are also useful for providing information about a company’s products and services. By setting up a dedicated area for attendees to learn more, companies and organisations alike can ensure that their message is heard loud and clear. With a modern and attractive display, companies can stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors to their booth. Pinterest is a great resource for finding ideas and inspiration for different types of exhibition stands and show booths, and can help companies to create a unique and memorable experience for attendees.

In addition to showcasing products and services, exhibition stands can also be used to promote clothing, food, beauty products, and other items. By setting up a store or display area, companies can give attendees a chance to try out products and make purchases on site. This can be especially effective for food and beverage companies, who can offer samples and tastings to entice attendees.

Of course, budget is always a consideration when planning an exhibition stand. However, there are many cost-effective options available, such as pop up stands and roller banners, that can still make a big impact. Many exhibition stands also come with a carry bag or case, making them easy to transport and set up at different locations.

Overall, exhibition stands are a valuable tool for companies looking to make a splash at events and trade shows. By incorporating interactive elements, providing information, and showcasing products, companies can attract more attendees and create a memorable experience for all.

Exhibition Stands Overview

Fabric Displays

Our fabric displays offer a lightweight, portable, and visually impressive solution for your exhibition needs. The Backdrop Stand Standard is a versatile, easy-to-use display perfect for promotions and product demonstrations. The Fabric Display Wall expands on the standard design, offering a larger canvas for stunning graphics and impactful messaging.

Exhibition Display

We provide various exhibition display solutions to suit businesses of all sizes and needs. Our Anti-Crease Backdrop Stand Standard ensures a smooth, professional display that withstands the rigours of trade shows. For a more imposing presence, the Backdrop Stand Maxi offers the maximum visual impact while still being simple to assemble and dismantle.

Exhibition Stands

Whether you’re an exhibitor at a small convention or a multinational corporation at a large trade show, our exhibition stands provide the perfect solution for showcasing your brand. The Fabric Backdrop Stand is popular, combining eye-catching artwork with lightweight frames for easy transport and storage. The Jumbo Fabric Backdrop Stand offers unparalleled size and impact for a truly impressive display, making it the ultimate choice for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

At Banner World, we print to any colour, design, or material to suit your brand’s aesthetics. Our products adapt to different spaces, offer storage solutions in the form of cases, and are perfect for everything from product demonstrations to lead capture and swag distribution.

We pride ourselves on offering innovative, creative solutions for your business’s exhibition needs, from furniture to modular display options. Our knowledgeable, neutral, and clear approach ensures our customers find the ideal solution for their retail, sales, and service requirements. So whether it’s a local meeting or an international trade show, our exhibition stands, and displays will help your business make a strong impact, attract customers, and create lasting connections.

Exhibition stand products

Backdrop Stand Standard

Our Backdrop Stand Standard is a reliable and versatile solution for your exhibition stand needs. Our 2.4m x 2.4m stand is easy-to-assemble and is perfect for displaying fabric displays at trade shows and conventions. It features a sturdy frame that supports various designs and colours, ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd. Choose our Backdrop Stand Standard for a professional and cost-effective exhibition display solution. Easy to erect and dismantle

Backdrop Stand Maxi

Our Backdrop Stand Maxi is a larger version of our backdrop stand at 3m wide x 2.4m height. It’s a larger canvas for exhibitors requiring greater impact at conventions and trade show displays. With its durable frame, this stand accommodates large-scale fabric displays and banners, providing an eye-catching backdrop for product demonstrations and lead capture. Easy to erect and dismantle and Ideal for businesses with extensive exhibition needs, the Backdrop Stand Maxi ensures your brand is showcased in style. Expand your exhibition stand with maximum impact using the maxi backdrop stand. Perfect for conventions and larger product demonstrations, this stand features an extended frame for an enhanced exhibition experience. As part of our offerings of trade show displays, the maxi backdrop stand guarantees a stunning brand showcase and seamless print integration with any supplied artwork.

Anti-Crease Backdrop Stand Standard

For those looking for a wrinkle-free solution, our Anti-Crease Backdrop Stand Standard is designed to keep fabric displays smooth and presentable throughout the event. Simple to take up and down, the innovative material used in this product eliminates unsightly creases, enabling your artwork to maintain a professional appearance despite transport and storage. Enhance your brand’s impact with this sleek, crease-free exhibition stand. Ensure a flawless fabric display with our anti-crease standard backdrop stand. Exhibitors recognise the value of an immaculate exhibition stand, and with this option, you can guarantee a wrinkle-free appearance at trade shows. Optimised for various materials and industries, this stand is a stunning exhibition stand without any creases or distractions.

Fabric Backdrop Stand

Our Fabric Backdrop Stand provides an elegant, lightweight solution for displaying fabric exhibition stands. The easy-to-assemble, collapsible frame offers convenience and portability, ideal for businesses with frequent meeting and convention schedules. We custom print your supplied designs so you can include gradients, colours, and logos, including photos and effects. The stand easily showcases your brand and offerings, making it an essential part of any exhibitor’s toolkit.

Fabric Display Wall

Create a fully-customizable exhibition display with our fabric display wall. Our tensioned fabric display walls are available in wide widths ranging from 1m to 6m wide. We offer our fabric wall in a straight and curved stand. The curved stand adds a 3D touch and looks very effective.

This fabric wall provides a versatile and eye-catching solution for exhibitors needing a high-quality trade show display and offers a larger surface area for artwork. The fabric display wall can be effortlessly integrated into existing booths or setups and is suitable for various events and venues.

Maximise your exhibition space with our Fabric Display Wall, a versatile and innovative solution that allows you to make a bold statement at trade shows and conventions.

The modular design accommodates various dimensions, allowing you to customise its appearance according to your needs. With a wide range of fabric display options, the Fabric Display Wall provides an impactful platform to engage with customers and showcase your brand.

This product uses a stretch fabric which tensions the graphic across its frame. Enhance the visual appeal of your exhibition stands with a fabric backdrop stand. Featuring a lightweight frame that’s easy to transport and assemble, this stand showcases soft fabric prints in stunning colours, perfectly suited for businesses with diverse needs.

Whether for a retail space, sales event or a trade show display, this fabric backdrop stand offers maximum impact with minimal setup time.

They can be a little tricky to erect, and you’ll x2 people to install the fabric due to the material needing tensioning, but they give the wow factor when standing in pride of place!

Jumbo Fabric Backdrop Stand

When size matters, our Jumbo Fabric Backdrop Stand is the ultimate solution for large-scale exhibition displays. At nearly 7.5m wide, the jumbo fabric backdrop stand looks very impressive. The substantial frame supports massive fabric banners and designs, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowd at conventions and trade shows. Created for easy assembly and disassembly, the Jumbo Fabric Backdrop Stand provides unparalleled impact for exhibitors seeking to make a lasting impression on potential customers. As one of our most extensive exhibition stands, this option is perfect for product demonstrations and team meetings at trade show events. Its impressive size makes a lasting impact on potential customers, while the artwork remains vibrant and sharp on the high-quality fabric material.

Fire rated exhibition back drop stands

We ensure that the fabric used is fire rated and conforms to EU and UK regulations. Fire retardant fabrics burn slowly and self-extinguish, limiting the spread of fire and creating a safer environment for buildings and events. We offer only fire rated fabrics for our backdrop stands making them a safe and reliable option for events. By using fire-rated fabrics that conform to EU and UK regulations, you can ensure that your fabric backdrop stands are not only visually appealing but also safe and compliant.

Trade Show Displays

Attract new customers and showcase your brand’s impact with our diverse collection of trade show displays. We understand the importance of innovative options for businesses and their needs, so we offer a wide range of modular and creative solutions for various industries and customers.

Banner Stands

Choose from our selection of roller banner stands to gracefully display your products and services while saving space and money. Whether a single exhibition stand or multiple stands, our banner solutions cater to any size or type of event, providing a sleek and convenient option for exhibitors and businesses.

Product Demonstrations

Bring your organisation’s product and services to life with our practical solutions for product demonstrations. From portable furniture to customizable displays, we’ll assist you in creating a compelling presentation that encourages lead capture and generates sales. Maximize your chances of having a successful product demonstration at any trade show or event worldwide.

Boost Your Brand’s Presence

Lead Capture

Attract potential customers and enhance lead capture with our diverse range of exhibition stands. Our stands are designed to draw attention to your brand and provide the perfect stage for product demonstrations, presentations, and more.

Swag and Freebies

A well-designed exhibition stand offers the perfect opportunity to distribute swag, giveaways and freebies as incentives for visitors. Incorporating freebies into your event gets across your message and brand as your team to access and distribute promotional items.

Incentive and Order Taking

Capture sales and orders at trade shows and events with our exhibition stands that cater to various business needs. Whether it’s meeting rooms for closing deals or portable displays for showcasing products, we have you covered. Utilise our stands to create an engaging, impactful, and innovative atmosphere that will leave a lasting memory for your customers.

Exhibition Stand Functionality

Modular Systems

We understand the importance of flexible exhibition stand options for businesses with ever-changing needs. Our modular systems offer various configurations and can be easily rearranged or expanded for a different look or function. These versatile stands are perfect for accommodating varying event sizes, venues, or sales objectives – making it simple to grow and adapt your exhibition strategy over time.

Innovative and Creative Design

Our exhibition stands showcase a range of creative and innovative designs tailored to suit your business’s unique branding and messaging requirements. We use high-quality materials to bring your brand to life while ensuring a professional and polished appearance. By offering visually striking and functional exhibition stands, we help your business stand out from the competition and connect with potential customers meaningfully.

Choose the Right Stand

Business Needs

When selecting an exhibition stand, it’s crucial to consider your business’s needs. Consider your organisation’s target audience, the impact you’d like to have, and your overall goals for participating in the event. Our range of fabric displays, exhibition, and banner stands can help you achieve those objectives.

Retail, Sales, and Services Options

Depending on the type of event you’re attending – whether it’s a retail show, sales conference, or service-focused convention – you’ll need to ensure your exhibition stand offers the right opportunities for customer engagement, meeting, and brand exposure. Our various exhibition stands provide different options suited for various industries and businesses.

Knowing your specific needs and event objectives will help guide your decision on the best exhibition stand option. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect solution for showcasing your business at any trade show or event.

Meeting Rooms and Portable Displays

Portable displays offer the flexibility and modularity many businesses require for their exhibition stands. Meeting rooms equipped with these convenient setups allow our team to cater to various participant needs while maximising the opportunities for impactful communication and interaction. Portable displays provide ample room for staff, services, and product demonstrations, ensuring that your company can effectively reach a worldwide audience across different venues and trade show formats.

Connecting with Customers

Building connections with customers is essential in any industry. Our exhibition displays and booth designs create a welcoming atmosphere encouraging potential clients to engage with your team and discover your products or services. With various options available for assembly and customisation, we can create an environment tailored to meet your business’s and its customers’ needs, ultimately driving sales and fostering long-lasting relationships.

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