Custom Event Signage

We offer a wide range of custom printed event signage. We print event signage for many of the well known UK music festivals and venues.
We provide flags, banners, signboards and more for festivals, concerts and trade fairs all over Europe and we also ship our goods worldwide.

Event Signage Solutions

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Event Signage Production

Custom Event Signage

We are Event Signage specialists, providing event banners, flags, stage backdrops, fencing graphics, floor graphics and branding to hundreds of events, venues and festivals annually throughout the UK and Europe.

Our massive range of products and print capacity allows you to order everything you need from one supplier – and take advantage of our highly competitive trade rates.

Custom Event Signage and branding

Custom event signage plays a crucial role in effectively communicating your message and capturing the attention of your target audience. Be it a wedding, corporate event, or festival, custom signs emphasise the purpose, theme, and uniqueness of your event. Event signs boost your marketing strategy by increasing visibility and promoting brand recognition. Event signage can offer numerous benefits for various businesses and events. Retail stores, trade show companies, hotels, and professional services can all benefit from event signage. These businesses can utilise event signage for promotional displays, trade shows, sponsor recognition, information dissemination, and wayfinding. Event signage, including feather flags, free standing signs, and reusable banners, can be strategically placed at entrances to welcome guests, provide directional guidance, and showcase logos or branding. By effectively using event signage, businesses can enhance engagement, attract clients, and drive revenue while aligning with their branding goals at tradeshow event’s.

Event Signage Specialists

We are the preferred supplier to many UK music festivals and outdoor events. Bannerworld provides custom printed event signage and branding solutions for all festival and events.

We provide huge flags, stage backdrops, speaker scrims, festival banners and fencing banners. We help to ensure that your branding remains constant across different media and venues.

How Do We Print Custom Printed Fabric Signage?

We print most of our event signs on dye-sublimation printers. Dye sublimation is a print process used for printing fabrics. Dye-sub printing enables us to print onto plain white polyester-based fabrics. The ink, which is a dye, infuses with the fabric molecules creating a coloured printed material with colours which will not run. Dye-sub is the only option when producing short-run, digitally printed fabrics.

How Do You Print Event Banners?

We print event banners using a different print method. For banner printing, we use a UV print process. Special ink sprays onto the banner material and unique curing UV lights bond the ink to the substrate. The UV print process is ideally suited for printed banners because the ink is durable, scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. Event banners are exterior grade so they are ideal for outdoors as we as indoors.

Printed Event Banners

Bannerworld produces event banners for all types of events and festivals. We are experts in the manufacture of printed event banners and signage. Our banners are printed and made to the highest industry standards. We produce the highest possible quality products at the lowest UK prices. Our prices are the lowest for a like-for-like product.

Event Signage And Branding

Custom event signage plays a crucial role in effectively communicating your message and capturing the attention of your target audience.

Various custom signs cater to indoor and outdoor environments and serve specific purposes. High-quality signage can significantly impact your business, drive sales, and create an unforgettable impression on your customers. To help you navigate the world of event signage, we have curated a list of versatile products that cater to diverse needs and ensure the success of your event.

Stage Backdrops & Drapes

These custom-printed backdrops add a professional touch to any stage, creating a visually appealing focal point suited for weddings, conferences, or concerts. Stage backdrops and drapes are essential for creating an impactful and immersive environment at events. With our custom signs, you can design the perfect stage backdrop to captivate your audience and enhance your event’s theme. These versatile products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Event Banners

These custom banners, made from durable materials, can be used indoors or outdoors to showcase your branding, promotions, or event-specific details. Event banners are an excellent way to promote your brand and deliver your message. Our custom event signage service offers various options for creating eye-catching banners that engage customers and can be tailored to your marketing strategy.

Premium PVC Banner Printing

With high-resolution printing on weather-resistant PVC, these banners deliver a lasting, vibrant display to showcase your event’s message. Our premium PVC banner printing service offers high-quality, durable banners that withstand the elements and grab the attention of passersby. With our custom signage options, you can create impactful advertisements that drive business and results.

Standard Heras Fence Banners

Transform the look of your construction site or temporary fencing with these custom-printed banners, designed to fit securely on standard Heras-style fencing. Heras fence banners are an affordable and effective way to promote your brand at outdoor events. These custom signs can be easily attached to fencing, providing excellent visibility and promoting your message to a wider audience. Temporary fencing used around festivals for security and crowd control can be an excellent branding and signage opportunity and provide some privacy. Our Heras fencing banners are full colour printed mesh, available in individual panels or extended runs of up to 50 or more metres. We offer different material options on our Heras fencing banners. If you would like to see the different options, please look at our Heras fence covers blog.

Crowd Surfer Flags

These lightweight, portable flags are perfect for capturing attention at festivals or outdoor events, displaying your brand, message, or event theme for all to see. Crowd surfer flags add excitement and colour to any event. These custom event signage products are perfect for engaging your audience and creating a lively atmosphere. With our selection of designs and custom options, you can create the perfect flag to represent your brand, message, or cause.

Premium Crowd Barrier Jackets

Upgrade the appearance of your crowd control barriers with custom-printed fabric jackets that promote your brand and enhance the overall aesthetic of your event. Premium crowd barrier jackets provide a unique and impactful way to brand your event’s barriers. These custom signage products are designed to fit standard crowd control barriers, ensuring your brand remains visible and prominent throughout your event.

Festival Flags

Brighten up any festival or outdoor gathering with eye-catching, fully custom flags that sway in the breeze, making a memorable impact on your audience. Festival flags are a vibrant and eye-catching way to promote your brand or cause at any event. With our custom sign services, you can create a unique design that captures the essence of your message and resonates with your audience. Whether for a corporate event, wedding, or festival, festival flags are a versatile and engaging element in your marketing strategy.

Custom Event Signs For Different Occasions

We have various products that cater to different occasions, including wedding signage and corporate event signage. Each product is designed to meet the unique needs of such events and provide visibility and impact to the attendees. Our products combine indoor, outdoor, and marketing strategy elements to cater to the needs of various businesses and occasions.

Custom Event Signage To Boosts Sales

Custom event signage can significantly boost your marketing strategies. As marketers, we understand the importance of creating a cohesive and consistent experience for our audience. Custom signs and event signage help us achieve this by reinforcing our brand and making it unforgettable for attendees.

For businesses, incorporating custom event signage into your marketing strategy can yield tangible results by attracting potential customers and promoting a professional image of your company. By tailoring your signs to your target audience, you are more likely to generate interest and enhance the overall impact of your event.

Events such as corporate gatherings can benefit from custom signage to create a personal touch. Custom signs help guests navigate the event location, making it easier to get around while adding a polished, cohesive aesthetic.

Custom event signage is a cost-effective way to communicate your message and promote your brand. Investing in high-quality, visually appealing signs maximises your event’s impact while making a positive impression on attendees.

Do You Ship Event Signage Worldwide?

Yes, we ship all our event banners and signs our items worldwide. If you have any questions about worldwide shipping, please email your requirements. For us to quote would need to know the items required along with the sizes, quantities and delivery address.

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