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Met Police Barrier Covers – London Police Barriers Branding – Crowd Control Barrier Covers

London Police barriers are preferred by the London Metropolitan Police and are being put out across the UK market. These are an increasingly popular product that is frequently utilised during events with huge crowds. Double-sided printing is standard on all of our covers, which are completed with a reinforced hem and metal eyelets. We can manufacture to your unique barrier sizes, however our typical barrier coverings are built to the following specifications:

  • 1490mm in length
  • 920mm in height
  • B1 flame retardant 115GSM airmesh fabric
  • Full-color, double-sided printing

Finishing touches include a reinforced hem, metal eyelets, and rounded top corners with holes for connecting the barriers.
Optional Extras: We can customise your barrier coverings to meet your individual needs, such as velcro edges or a velcro strip across the bottom.

About Met Barriers

Also called the Police Pedestrian Barrier, Met Barrier and the Met Police Barrier, this barrier was originally commissioned by the London Metropolitan Police.

This is an innovative lightweight crowd control barrier that is used to ensure the safety of spectators. Because of the depth of its 705mm angled base, it is less likely to tumble over than many comparable items and can be quickly setup and uninstalled.

Each barrier is 1065mm in height, 705mm in depth, and 1526mm in width, and weighs 26kg.

Police Pedestrian Barriers join securely using an easy-to-use interlocking mechanism. They are quick and simple to assemble and disassemble.

They may be stacked and stored in groups of 30 per stillage, making them conveniently manoeuvrable with a forklift truck.

Benefits of Met Police Barriers

Police Pedestrian Barriers are very useful for regulating crowd flow and severe crowd surges.

They may also be used to construct high security, sterile zones, and tough-to-breach barrier lines in specialised designs such as a box line.

The barriers are constructed of a welded, galvanised tubular steel frame and an anti-climb mesh infill panel made of steel. The base’s distinct footprint is intended to keep the barriers from slipping.

Purchase or hire

Met Police Barriers are available for purchase or rental.

Finished Printed Met Barrier Jacket 1490mm x 920mm

  • Designed to fit 2.3m wide x 0.9m high crowd control fence barriers
  • Double-Sided – printed full colour both sides
  • Lightweight polyester mesh fabric
  • Super durable with extra airflow for exposed conditions
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Ready to install
  • Perfect for brand promotions
  • Cover unsightly areas from view
  • Simple yet effective advertising

Met Police Barrier Covers Specification

  • 115gsm lightweight polyester air mesh fabric
  • Flame retardant with downloadable fire certificate
  • Fade-proof and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to slip over the barrier and secure with cable ties

Printed From Your Artwork

Premium Barrier Jackets are full-colour printed to order from your artwork. Create artwork with your own software, or use our fully-featured Online Design Tool. As our printing is a full-colour process, you can include photographs, logos and any other graphic elements in your design.

Free Design Online

Use Banner World’s free online design tool to create unlimited styles and designs. Combine colours, images, clip-art, logos, photos and text to create your masterpiece.

Re-usable and Transportable crowd control barrier jackets

Fully re-usable, these fence jackets can be easily removed and used again and again to promote your event or brand.

Easy to pack and transport, each cover weighs in at less than 1kg. The fabric folds up easily. 45cm x 45cm x 5cm size once Folded.

Barrier Jackets used on Events Across Europe

Event organisers and construction site managers around the UK and Europe use our Printed Crowd Control Barrier Jackets. We manufacture these Jackets to order and any bespoke size or finishing requirements.

As an alternative to individual fence covers, we can supply this material as a continuous length or in 10m, 20m sections. Air Mesh Heras banner fabric is ideal when you need to wrap an entire run of fencing in one hit.

Alternatives to Premium Air Mesh Fabric

We offer a range of mesh banner materials for use on Crowd Control Barriers.

PVC Mesh 330gsm

Our standard building and fencing printed PVC mesh banner, the least-cost option.

PVC AirMesh Banner

Air Mesh PVCis a lighter PVC material with more holes, resulting in more air being able to pass through the material. Typically used for more exposed locations where wind loading will be an issue.


Technical Specifications »


Finished Barrier cover designed to fit a standard Met Crowd Control Barrier


1440dpi full colour dye-sublimation for vibrant results


115gsm AirMesh Polyester for wind loading performance

Crowd Control Barrier Cover Artwork Guidelines »

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed, 50mm safe area

Black Composition

C50 M50 Y50 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:

Artwork Guidelines Download Guidelines (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions »

Do you charge extra if there are several artworks?

No there are no hidden charges for multiple artworks.

Is there a template available for me do design my artwork on?

Yes we have a PDF template available to download.

Are Met Police barrier jackets single or double sided?

Premium Crowd Control Barrier Jackets are double-sided.

How do I fit Met Barrier Jackets?

These are finished to size with eyelets to secure the Jacket at the bottom. Simply attach them to the Barrier using cable ties.

Do these fit standard Met Barriers?

Yes they are specially designed for standard Met barriers which are 1526mm wide x 1065mm high.  The covers fit around the frame for a nice neat fit.

Is the mesh cover material flame retardant?

Yes. Our AirMesh is flame retardant to comply with all EU/UK regulations. We have had our AirMesh tested after printing to BS5867-2:2008:Type B

Can these be machine washed?

Yes because they are fabric they can be machine washed on a low heat.

Can I have a different design on each side

Yes you can have a different artwork on each side.  If you require a different design on each side then please incorporate this in the artwork.  You can download our template at the top of the page.

Fire Certificate Information »

This material type has been tested for flame retardancy to UK and EU regulation standards.

We are unable to produce individual test certificates for each bespoke item.

Download Fire Certificate

Our Guarantee »

Buying banners in confidence

You can buy from Banner World with confidence. Your job will go through several checks before manufacture. Firstly when your job comes in, we check all your uploaded files and cross-reference each file against your order. At this point, if we see that artwork is incorrect or if there is a file missing we will contact you to request new artwork. Most of our banners and fabrics are manufactured at our large print factory in Europe. Our standard turnaround on items is 5-6 working days for delivery. Even though most of our ordering system has been automated, we still carry out several manual checks before processing your order. If at any point we have a question or a problem with your order you will be contacted before manufacturing.

Our processes

Please read the information below on how your order is processed. Each order goes through several checks before printing. Our file checking service is standard procedure on all orders. Checking your files means that you can place your order in confidence, knowing that we will check to make sure your order and corresponding artwork match and are correct. Anything we are not sure that we will contact you before proceeding.

What is Our Initial checking service?

When you place an online order, we will cross-reference your artwork against your order. At this point, we will check that the artwork sizes and file type match the order. We will make sure we have the correct number of artwork files for the job. At this stage, if anything appears to be incorrect, we will place the order on hold and contact you immediately.

How do we process your order?

Once we are happy with your order, we will then process it. We collate all the information for each job, including finishing and material type. The job information is then sent with your artwork to the pre-press department. Pre-press is where we will create and prepare your job for printing.

Our Pre Press and second checking service.

Pre-press refers to the stage before printing. Here your artwork is converted into the correct format for our machines and finishing processes. At this point, if something is spotted which isn’t correct or if there is a problem we will again contact you.

How do we print and track your order through the factory?

Your job is now batched together with other items on the same material. Each item has assigned to it a unique code. The code is used to track the order through our factory. The information is used to check the material, quantity and finishing information on the item. The order then goes through our print presses.

How do we finish your printed items?

Every job we produce is different to the next, whether it be size, material, shape or finishing. Your printed items will be finished as requested on your order. We automate as much of the finishing as possible, cutting down on labour costs and passing on the savings to you. The Prepress data is inputted into parts of our finishing equipment. Your graphics are now finished to your custom requirements. Each printed product is set up differently for each type of finishing process. A banner that has hem and eyelets will be manufactured and produced in a different way to a flag with a pole pocket.

How are your items packed?

We have now manufactured your items. The finishing pieces now move onto the packing department. At the packing stage, we collate your order. Items get checked off against the order using the order code system. The printed goods get wrapped and packed, ready for despatch.

How do you ship my goods?

Now your item has been packed it is ready to be shipped. From placing your order, your goods have taken approx 24-48 hours to get to this stage. We have a logistics team which arrange the shipping through UPS. Our standard delivery (£15 or free over £250) will now take an additional three days to be delivered to an address on UK mainland and most of mainland Europe. Our standard shipping will travel via road and sea to reach the UK. We do offer a faster 1-day shipping method which is our 4-day turnaround service. The fast turnaround service is expensive on low-value bulky orders and is more cost-effective on higher volume jobs. Items to the US and other worldwide destinations will take longer to be delivered. For items going to Ireland, the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Scottish highlands etc. please add an extra day onto delivery times