Fence Banners

Fence Banners of all shapes and sizes to fit almost any type of fencing such as Heras Fencing, Pedestrian Barriers and Crowd Barriers.

Custom Fence Banners allow you to turn plain perimeter and security fencing into a branding and promotional opportunity. Use them to present logos, company information or simply promote an event.

Our Fabric, Mesh and PVC Banners can be ordered to any custom size or bought for specific fence types where sizes are standard.

Fence Wraps are long lengths of printed banner supplied to any size, complete with eyelets for ease of installation.


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Fence banners are a fantastic way to showcase your brand, advertise your business, or provide important eye-catching promotional information at various locations such as construction sites, events, and sporting venues. They offer several benefits, like affordability, strength, and versatility.

We supply Fence Banners of all shapes and sizes to fit almost any type of fencing such as Heras Fencing, Pedestrian Barriers and Crowd Barriers.

Custom Fence Banners allow you to turn plain perimeter and security fencing into a branding and promotional marketing opportunity. Use them to present logos, company information or promote an event.

Our Fabric, Mesh and PVC Banners can be ordered to any custom size or bought for specific fence types where sizes are standard.

Fence Wraps are long lengths of printed banner supplied to any size, complete with eyelets for ease of installation.

Fence Banners: Enhancing Construction Sites with Affordable, Durable Signage

Fence banners are essential for construction sites, providing an affordable and durable way to advertise, inform, and visually enhance the surroundings. Not only do they offer an effective means of communication for businesses and contractors, but they also add an aesthetic appeal to fences and fence panels. With various materials, sizes, and finishing options including free grommets available, we can cater to the diverse needs of customers looking for a versatile yet practical eye-catching solution for their fence signage marketing requirements.

We offer an online design service that allows customers to fully customise their fencing banners, from the material and colour to the text, images, and fonts. Our banners are specially designed to withstand wind loading and display high-quality artwork that has a lasting impact. Our team takes pride in providing a wide range of options, ensuring each product caters to your specific requirements, whether promoting an event, a construction project, or enhancing your brand.

Our range includes PVC banners, polyester airmesh, and heras fence banners. These materials balance durability and airflow, ensuring longevity in various weather conditions while maintaining visual appeal. With a fast turnaround, our fence banners help businesses and contractors achieve their advertising goals promptly and effectively. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, our exceptional customer service and expertise ensure that you receive high-quality fence signage that meets your needs.

Materials Used

We offer a range of materials.

  • PVC mesh – Lowest cost with standard airflow properties
  • Polyester mesh – fabric mesh, easily foldable for storing, allows good air-flow. Foldable for easy storage and washable.
  • Heavy duty fabric mesh – Strong and durable polyester fabric with average airflow. Foldable for easy storage and washable.
  • PVC air mesh – Our specialist high-rated airflow product for high winds and adverse conditions.

This variety of materials allows you to choose an appropriate material based on your desired durability, wind loading, and budget.

Durability and Strength

When choosing a fence banner, it’s essential to consider durability and strength to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for an extended period. Materials like vinyl and polyester airmesh provide excellent durability against the elements, including wind, rain, and sun. With proper care and maintenance, these materials can last for years, making them a cost-effective option for your advertising and signage needs.

Moreover, high-quality fence banners often include additional features like nickel-plated grommets, which prevent tarnishing, reinforced hems for added strength, and edge finishing that extends the banner’s lifespan.

Types of Fence Banners

There are several types of fence banners to suit various needs and preferences. Examples include construction site fence banners, which are designed to withstand the rigours of a construction environment and promote your contractor’s business. Fencing banners for events are tailor-made for concerts, festivals, and other public gatherings. And fencing signage for sports venues is perfect for showcasing team logos, advertising sponsors, or providing important information to spectators.

The availability of online-design services allows you to create custom fence banners in various colours, using text, images, and logos to create an impactful and engaging display. Additionally, fence banners can be ordered in various sizes, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your desired location and application.

Fence banners offer a versatile, affordable, durable signage solution for various applications. By selecting the appropriate material, prioritising durability and strength, and exploring available types, you can create an effective advertising tool that maximises your brand’s exposure while withstanding the test of time.

Benefits of Fence Banners

Fence banners offer numerous advantages for various applications, such as construction sites, events, and advertising. In this section, we will explore the benefits of fence banners, focusing on their affordability and options, impact on advertising, and wind loading and airflow.

Affordability and Options

Fence banners are an affordable, versatile, and durable advertising solution. With various materials and options available, businesses and contractors can choose the perfect fence signage for their needs and budget. Online-design services allow the creation of custom banners with various colours, fonts, images, and logos. The PVC mesh banner and polyester airmesh options are durable and cost-effective for large-scale advertisements.

Impact on Advertising

Fence banners play a significant role in creating a strong visual impact and promoting brand visibility. With high-quality print, fence panels can showcase artwork, product details, and contact information, effortlessly drawing attention to your business or event. Fencing signage can cover large areas, allowing businesses to reach a broader audience. Fence banners are an ideal advertising tool for a variety of industries.

Wind Loading and Airflow

One of the main challenges faced with outdoor advertising is dealing with wind. Fence banners are designed to cope with this challenge, using a mesh material that allows airflow to pass through while maintaining the banner’s integrity and visual impact. Heras fence banners, available in 4 material types, are tear-resistant and withstand harsh weather conditions. This resilience ensures your advertising efforts are not easily compromised and remain highly effective outdoors.

Ease of Installation

Installation of fence banners is simple with the use of inexpensive cable ties. Standard eyelets and grommets ensure that installation is a quick process.

Fence Banners

Fence banners are the perfect solution for promoting your business, event, or construction site. With various materials, options, and customisation features, fence banners can provide an affordable, durable, and visually appealing advertising solution. Ideal for construction sites, events, and businesses, fencing signage offers benefits such as increased visibility, strength, and brand recognition.

Design and Customisation

Online-Design Service

Our online-design service makes it easy for customers to create the perfect fence banner to suit their needs. With simple tools and a user-friendly interface, you can choose from various colours, fonts, and design elements to create a unique and impactful advertising solution.

Colours and Fonts

We print your fence banners in full colour, allowing you to match your business or event’s branding guidelines. Additionally, we can print any design you supply, meaning you can use images, fonts and gradients to display your text clearly, and visually appealingly.

Logos and Images

Incorporate logos and images into your fence banners to increase brand recognition and create a consistent visual theme across your advertising materials. Our team can help you to select the perfect placement and size for your logos and images, ensuring your messaging remains clear and prominent.

Text Placement

Text placement is an essential aspect of effective fence banner design. Our online designer service lets customers choose the most strategic placement for their text, ensuring it remains prominent and legible.

In conclusion, fence banners offer businesses, construction sites, and event organisers a versatile, affordable, and visually appealing advertising solution. With various customisation features, durability, and wind-loading capabilities, fence banners provide the perfect signage option for various needs and environments.

Branded Fence Banners

Fence banners provide a versatile and cost-effective advertising, brand exposure, and communication solution in various environments. With a wide range of materials, options, and customisation, our online-design service ensures you get the perfect fence banner for your needs. Our durability-focused product ensures sufficient wind loading to withstand challenging conditions while maintaining an affordable, cheap price point. Fence signage, often called fencing signage or fence banners, offers numerous benefits for contractors, businesses, and event organisers.

Application Environments

Construction Sites

At construction sites, fencing banners serve multiple purposes: they enhance safety, communicate important information, and provide a professional appearance. Our fence banners are designed for durability, with materials such as PVC banners and polyester airmesh to withstand harsh conditions. With a wide range of colour options, our team can create bespoke designs featuring logos, text, and images that suit your contractor brand. Our quality fencing banners ensure your construction site is well-represented through fencing signage, with edge treatments and hems for added strength and finish.

Fence Banners for Events

Fence banners play a significant role at events, offering customers dynamic advertising and directional information. Our variety of fence panels, with their custom designs and fonts, allows for high-impact advertising that captures attention. With considerations for wind loading and airflow, our banners are designed to minimise disturbance at your event while maintaining a polished appearance. Our range of fence covers and panels cater to the UK market, ensuring that our prompt and reliable service effectively manages your event logistics.

Our fence banners provide a functional solution and an opportunity for creativity. Whether you need heras fence banners or an alternative fence banner product, our team’s expertise ensures that your design has the right visual appeal and durability. We are confident in our ability to deliver quality fence banners that meet our customers’ unique needs and expectations in both construction site and event contexts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Can I have my Fence banner?

Any size you like! Simply enter your desired height and width on any of our banner products to get an instant price. We supply standard sized banners for Heras Fence Panels and Pedestrian Barriers.

How Do I Attach Banners To  A Fence?

Our Fence Banners are finished with strong hems and eyelets spaced approximately every 500mm. The easiest way to attach a banner to a fence is by using cable ties.

What Is The Best Material For a Fence Banner?

Our recommendation is to use our Polyester Mesh Fabric. It is light in weight and contains mesh holes to allow wind to pass through. Print quality is excellent thanks to our dye-sublimation print process.

Can You Design It For Me?

Yes, we can! You can also use our Free Online Design Tool on any product to design your own banner using logos, shapes, colours and photos.

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