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Express Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner


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  • Ideal for short-term outdoor & indoor use
  • Colour fast and fade proof long term durability
  • High quality 330gsm material
  • Flame retardant Certified to B1
  • FREE finishing at no extra cost including hems and eyelets
  • Full Colour Printing


  • Total Area (Sq M)


  • 0 - 10 SQ M
    £17.50 / SQ M
  • 10 - 20 SQ M
    £17.25 / SQ M
  • 20+ SQ M
    £17.00 / SQ M

Fast Turnaround Mesh Banners

Need a MESH PVC printed banner FAST for an outdoor event, building wrap advertising or even a construction site or fence? Look no further. Our express mesh banner printing service can provide you with mesh banners that are perfect for any location, especially exposed outdoor spots. That means those worried about their banner’s ability to endure the elements can rest easy – our mesh creations are full of tiny holes that let the wind pass right through, making them the perfect survivors against strong gusts.

Our express mesh banner printing service is flexible too, allowing you to get exactly what you need, minus the fuss. Our products are printed up to 1.25 meters in one dimension – either width or height – with the remaining dimension completely customisable. As long as one dimension is 1.25 meters in length, you’re sorted.


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How Can Advertising On Mesh PVC Banners Help My Business?

What makes our express mesh banner printing service so special? Well, lots really. For starters, the quality of our PVC mesh banner products is second to none. Printed on 330 GSM material (that’s grams per square meter), our banners are both scratch and fade resistant. In short: they’re built to last, regardless of indoor or outdoor use. They’re also B1 fire protected so those hoping to use our PVC mesh banners for a form of advertising, a pedestrian barrier or on a fence or scaffold can do so in the knowledge that they’re hazard free. Want customisation? That’s fine too – it’s your order and you’re in control which means all of our banners can be finished to your exact specifications, complete with bespoke artwork. As if all this wasn’t enough, all of our printed PVC mesh printed banners come with hems and eyelets included within the final price.

How Much Does Express Mesh Banner Printing Cost?

Our low and competitive prices are the cherry on the cake of your banner buying experience. Order today via our simple to use three-step checkout service and you can secure the perfect PVC mesh banner from as little as £17 per square meter. That includes any original artwork, artworks or signage that you may want printed on your banner, free of charge. Plus with our super speedy delivery, it’ll be with you and ready to use within just 2-3 working days with no delivery charge on orders over £250. We’ll even help with fitting and framing options to make the whole process as easy as possible. With our express mesh banner printing service you can wave goodbye to any online hassle and say hello to your brand new mesh PVC printed banner in no time!

Why Use an Express Mesh Banner?

There are plenty of reasons why an express mesh banner is perfect for your business, brand or company. Let’s take a look…

  • Our custom printed mesh banners are smaller in size than the standard mesh banners that we offer but what they lack in size, they make up for in practicality. These smaller mesh PVC banners can be produced quicker whilst retaining their high, durable quality so you get your product quicker, without cutting any corners.
  • They can be used anywhere. Many clients use our products in outdoor or exposed areas as their mesh makeup sees them withstand strong winds and weather conditions with ease.
  • Each express PVC mesh banner is made up of thousands of tiny holes, allowing wind to pass right through and fully reducing the risk of structural wind-loading and external damage.

Our express mesh banners are ideal for the use of safe pedestrian barriers, fences or on scaffolds in building sites or construction areas.

Why express mesh banners are perfect for advertising

Outdoor advertising using traditional PVC banners can be tricky. To start with their opaque material and finish does little to combat high winds, something that can often be encountered with banners used on construction sites, scaffolds or as fences. When strong winds strike, a ‘sail effect’ can occur and potentially cause damage to your PVC banner. If this happens, your message won’t be seen by anybody and that’s bad news. Also, using a traditional opaque banner as a window wrap reduces light levels within a building, which again isn’t ideal. Opt to advertise on a semi-transparent express mesh banner like the ones we make and you’ll avoid both of these issues and in turn, spread your message to a wide selection of potential new customers.

Mesh Banners – Heavyweight and Durable

Above all else you want your purchase to last and with our mesh PVC printed banners you won’t be disappointed. All of our products are printed on 335gsm material that relies on a high quality solvent technology to bring your bespoke creation to life. What does this mean? It means our banners can be created quickly and to an incredibly high standard. In fact, our express mesh banners are so durable, they can endure pretty much anything the elements can throw at them.

Express Mesh Banner Specifications

Need more details? We’re happy to help. Here’s a few basics points worth considering before placing your order with us…

  • PVC mesh banners are printed on a tough 330GSM (grams per square meter) material
  • Each banner comes with a B1 Fire Rated certificate for guaranteed safety
  • Our banners are extra durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Wave goodbye to scratches or fading with our expert finishing process
  • All mesh PVC printed banners are produced in full, glorious colour
  • Effortlessly add your own multiple artworks onto your chosen banner
  • Hems and eyelets are included on your banner at no extra cost

Finishing Included

Yep. You read that right. All of our full colour printed express mesh banners can be finished to your exact specifications at absolutely no extra cost. That includes hems and eyelets. Just tell us what you’re after and we’ll take it from there with no hidden fees.


Banner Fitting Methods

Banner Tension Frame

Traditionally used for flexface or illuminated backlit banners, there are now many low-profile banner tension frame systems on the market. Some allow the fast changeover of banners for seasonal promotions. These frames tension the banner like a drumskin, giving a solid sign effect. Check your tension frame specifications prior to ordering your banner – some require just additional material around the banner, some require specific pole pockets, some require a solid rubber edging welded in.

Wall Screws

Typically long length screws can be used, with large penny washers over the eyelets to protect the banner. It is vital to achieve the proper tension on banners fitted by this method – too loose and the wind will cause the banner to flap and affect hems and eyelets.

Bungee Ties

Once fixing points have been completed on the wall – typically large eye or hook bolts – bungee clips or ties can be used to attach to the banner eyelets. This method tensions the banner as well as allowing some ‘give’ when the wind hits, thus protecting hems and eyelets.

Wire Frame & Bungee

A steel wire frame can be run though eye bolts approximately 300mm outside the banner. Once the wire is tensioned, the banner can be fitted using a zig-zag of bungee cord. This gives the effect of a trampoline on its side, tensions the banner and allows some ‘give’ for high winds.

Portable Banner Display Solutions

We stock a variety of portable, easy-to-use, outdoor banner display solutions. These are ideal for outdoor events or special forecourt promotions.

Technical Specifications Back to top


PVC Mesh banner material

Material Weight


Fire Rating


Single or Double Sided

Single sided

Print Process


Print Resolution


Print Spec

Full Colour

Artwork Files

EPS, AI, PDF, High Res Jpeg, Tiff

Artwork Spec

Set with no bleed - Make sure that there is a free area all around of at least 50mm for hem and eyelets.

Maximum Size

1250mm in ONE dimension. ie. Your banner could be 10 metres x 1.25m.

Artwork Guidelines Back to top

DOWNLOAD: artwork-guidelines.pdf

PDF, Jpeg, PSD, eps (CS 6 or earlier) Ai, (CS 6 or earlier)

We only accept files converted to CMYK.

We accept files at
Actual size or
1:2 scale (50% actual size)
1:5 scale (20% actual Size)
1:10 scale (10% actual size)
1:20 scale (5% actual size)

The ideal DPI is 125dpi if possible. At 125dpi this can make very large graphics huge in memory size, so on larger graphics i.e. 5m x 2.5m you can go down as low as 50dpi. As a rule the larger the graphic the greater the viewing distance hence the lower the dpi can be.

Small / medium sized graphics 125 PPI (DPI) Large sized graphics 50-100PPI (DPI)

Please make sure that all text is created to outlines / curves before uploading. Even on PDF files make sure you create outlines before saving.

No Thanks, No bleed is required on your artwork.

Please leave a clear area of 50mm to allow for eyelets. (Please ensure that all text / logos / critical information is more than 50mm from the edge of your artwork) Background colours and images are fine going into the clear areas.

When ordering make sure you select the finished overall size of your banner including the pockets. So if you select a 1m wide x 2m height, then we will manufacture the banner to a total the height of 2m including the pockets.
(clear areas on pole pockets)
Please make sure that you leave a clear area for your pockets. The term ‘clear area’ means no items of text or logos to run into these areas. Background colours or hackgrtoudn images are fine, just no readable text or logos. So if you are ordering a 1m wide x2m height banner with pole pockets top and bottom, then please keep the bottom 150mm free and the top 150mm free from text and logos. This will make the overall visual area 1m wide x 1.7m height.
Double sided banners
We have special software which flips certain parts of your banners so as to create a seamless pocket on the opposite side. When ordering a double sided banner please just follow the above steps, as the file(s) will need to be set up in the same way. If you require a different image on each side of your double sided banner not a problem, just upload x2 files stating that you require a different image on each side.

We can match pantones if required at an additional charge (please contact us before proceeding) as this is costed per job. We cannot guarantee an exact match on colours due to limitations of the CMYK print process but will try to achieve as close as physically possible.

FAQ Back to top

How will I know if my artwork is ok?

If we find any sizing / quality issues we will inform you prior to production. It is your responsibility to upload correct artwork.

Will you send my parcel in plain unmarked packaging?

Yes. No branding will be anywhere on our parcels.

Is it possible to have an express mesh banner larger than 1.25m in more than one dimension?

No this isn’t possible. Our max print width / roll width on Express Mesh banners is 1.25m. For larger mesh banners you would need to choose our standard mesh banner. Turnaround on standard Mesh is 6 working days, sometimes we can ship to you in 4 working days but there is an additional charge. Please contact us if you require a faster shipping on a larger mesh banner.

What spec of eyelets do you use?

We use brass eyelets on Express Banners with a 11mm internal diameter fixing hole. Eyelets are spaced approx 500mm apart unless otherwise stated.

Can I have pole pockets on an express mesh banner?

No, we cannot produce pole pockets on an express mesh product due to the additional finishing times.

Can this product be printed double sided?

No. This product is single sided printed only.

Can you provide me with fire certification?

Yes. Please download the certificate here.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ascent Trampoline Park (verified owner)

    Excellent banner which looks superb outside our premises on the fencing.

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