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PVC Mesh Banners 330gsm


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  • Ideal for outdoor & indoor and use
  • Large external applications
  • Colour fast and fade proof long term durability
  • Lightweight high quality 330gsm material
  • M1 B1 Flame retardant Certified for the UK & EU
  • FREE finishing at no extra cost including eyelets, pockets etc


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4.9 Stars - Based on 98 User Reviews
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    Craig W
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    Charles Topham
    CT Construction
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    James Fullman
  • My banners are absolutely perfect. Strong, high print quality, deep colors and impeccable finishes. Fantastic price too. Thank you very... read more

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    Paulo Santos
  • Banner World are simply the best. Good Prices, fast delivery times and excellent quality. Nothing is too much trouble for... read more

    Chris Farnworth Avatar
    Chris Farnworth
  • Banners were delivered very quickly, and were of high qaulity material and print. Very competitive price. And brilliant customer service.

    David Coulton Avatar
    David Coulton
  • Good price and good quality. Will use again

    Claudine Young Avatar
    Claudine Young
  • Quality of product cannot be faulted, stunning. Shipping to Northern Ireland was outrageous, hence 4 star review, otherwise it'd be... read more

    Andy McGibbon Avatar
    Andy McGibbon
  • Great Customer service, assisted us with the order process and banner delivered quickly, really happy with the quality of material,... read more

    Darran Guy Avatar
    Darran Guy
  • Very pleased with the banner and with the service. Arrived promptly and exactly to specification.

    Rob Jeffries Avatar
    Rob Jeffries
  • Have used Banner World to cope with over capacity. Easy ordering system, good prices, good quality product. Definitely recommended.

    Allan Wheeler Avatar
    Allan Wheeler
  • Efficient and quality service.

    Fiaz Farooq Avatar
    Fiaz Farooq
  • Brilliant quality and incredibly fast turnaround for the size of banner that I ordered. Customer Service was also very helpful... read more

    Jenna Gold Avatar
    Jenna Gold
  • Great service! Ordered Giant Banner for Millwall Football Club. First dealt with John and then Craig ( Thank you guys!).... read more

    Jimmy Carter Avatar
    Jimmy Carter
  • Great quality - fast turnaround - just what we needed!

    Govardo Avatar
  • Banner World have excelled with consistently high quality over several large format print orders from us.

    John Golding Avatar
    John Golding
    JG Sign Solutions
  • Can't speak highly enough about this company, the quality is alway consistently good, delivery is always timely and on occasion... read more

    Eric Nunn Avatar
    Eric Nunn

Premium Mesh Banner

PVC Mesh Banners are ideal for outside use in high wind areas as the fine mesh allows wind to pass through. Sometimes described as windproof banners. We print and finish Mesh Banners to any size or specification using our super-wide format solvent printing machines.

With thousands of tiny holes in the material, PVC Mesh banner material allow air and some light to pass through, which means less resistance to gusts of wind. Standard mesh still has a 70% print area meaning that your graphics remain vibrant. These windproof banners are ideal for high building and scaffolding wraps, fence banners, cafe banners in windy areas and lamp post banners. Billowing, flapping and the risk of your banner ripping from it’s fixings are all reduced.


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Long Lasting Outdoor Mesh Banners

Tough mesh banners with welded hems, eyelets and/or pole pockets to the highest standards in the industry. Superbly high quality printed using fade-resistant outdoor inks. When correctly fitted they will last years outdoors, in sun, wind and rain.

Strong, yet lets wind through

Mesh vinyl banner material is much lighter in weight than a traditional frontlit pvc banner. Winds of 30mph+ will damage normal pvc banners, hems and eyelets may be ripped out. Remember that a large non-mesh banner acts as a giant sail. Gusts of wind can easily destroy it as well as affect the structure it is fitted to. Larger non-mesh banners are fine as long as they are installed against a solid surface or within a fixed wall-mounted tension-frame system.

Although they cost the same initially as a standard PVC Banner, thanks to a lower wind resistance factor, Mesh Wind Banners last much longer outdoors in typical British weather conditions – making them cheaper in the long run.

Mesh banner material contains thousands of tiny holes to decrease wind resistance.

Why use a Mesh Banner?

  • Lighter and easier to fit
  • Allows wind to pass through
  • Reduces wind loading on fences, cafe barriers and scaffolding
  • Acoustically transparent for use over concert speakers
  • Hardwearing and scuff resistant
  • Ideal as a scaffolding banner
  • Ideal as a Building Wrap
  • Weather resistant, fade resistant

Mesh Banner Specifications

  • M1/B1 Flame Retardant product with certificate available
  • High quality reinforced 330gsm vinyl mesh material
  • Nickel plated eyelets with 12mm diameter hole
  • Strong welded hems and pockets
  • Ideal indoors or outdoors
  • Scratch and fade resistant
  • High resolution full colour print

Any Design, Any Size

Our UV, Latex and Solvent large format printing machines perform mesh banner printing at up to 5 metres in width. Larger mesh banners are welded together in sections allowing us to create windproof banners at any size. Design your artwork any way you like, just submit it to us as print ready artwork – a CMYK PDF for best results. You can include background images, photographs, logos and text. Check our Artwork Guide for full instructions.

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery on mesh banner orders over £250.00 to mainland UK destinations.

Mesh Banner Printing UK

We are one of the UK’s leading producers of printed mesh banners, handling thousands of square metres.

Alternatives to Mesh Banner 330gsm

We offer a full banner printing service onto a range of mesh banner materials. Here are some alternatives for you to consider…

PVC AirMesh Banner

This fabric mesh banner is a lighter material with more holes, resulting in more air flow being able to pass through the material. Typically used for higher, more exposed locations where wind loading will be an issue.

AirMesh Flag 115gsm

At only 115gsm, AirMesh Flag is our lightest mesh fabric. PVC-free. As a polyester-based fabric, it is also much more eco-friendly than PVC products. Acoustically transparent, this mesh fabric banner material is ideal as speaker scrim.

Express Mesh Banner

Ideal for smaller mesh banners required very quickly. Printed on our smaller machines and limited in size to 1.25m in one dimension.

Artwork Quality Checks

Our pre-press experts will quality check your artwork before sending to print. Sizing or image resolution issues will be referred back to you before we proceed.

Fitting Mesh Banners

A professional survey of your intended installation site is advisable for any outdoor banners over 25 square metres in size. A surveyor will calculate wind-loading on the structure and advise on the fixings necessary.

Larger Mesh Banners such as Building Wraps are normally installed in sections, straight onto scaffolding using Bungee Shock Cord. Your scaffolder should ensure that no pole ends are projecting that they may damage your banner.

Without scaffolding, large mesh banners can also be installed using a wire cable frame and a criss-cross effect of bungee rope. This method allows even more give when the wind hits the mesh banner and ensures a secure and long-lasting installation.

Finishing Mesh Banners

As standard we hem and eyelet our Mesh Banners all round with webbing and metal eyelets. Pockets to slide poles through can be provided at no extra cost, please specify the pole diameter in your order notes.

Why choose Hems and Eyelets on a Banner?

Hem and eyelets are the most common finishing method on a mesh banner. We add eyelets every 500mm unless otherwise specified. We can add more eyelets if required. If you require more eyelets please enter this information into the ‘Additional Information’ box when ordering. The best ways to attach a mesh banner using eyelets include zip ties, bungee chord, large penny washers (large washers with a small hole) or tech bolts (self drilling cladding bolts).

As an option you can select Heavy Duty Hems and Eyelets, recommended if your mesh banner is over 20 square metres in size.

Applications that might require a hem and eyelets include:

  • Walls (screw into the brick using wide-head screws and penny washers)
  • Fences / railings, attached using zip ties
  • Scaffolding (Zip ties or bungee cord)
  • Metal cladding (tech bolts and penny washers)

Why do I need Pole Pockets?

We can manufacture your mesh PVC banner with pole pockets if required. A pole pocket allows the banner to slide over a pole or cable to aid fitting. We can manufacture pole pockets to any size you require. As well as a pole pocket we can add additional eyelets if required.

A pole pocket is often required on an internal installation. This is normally where a weighted bar/ dowel or sometimes broom handle or similar can be placed inside the bottom pocket to act as a weight to tension the banner. This creates a more rigid appearance and is less likely to move around.

Applications that might require a pole pocket include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Rigging or stage sets
  • Where a cable or tensioned rope is required
  • Lamp post banner brackets
  • Projecting banner brackets
  • To add tension by adding a weighted dowel or rod to the bottom pocket for hanging internally

Check our Guide to Pole Pockets on Banners.

Reinforced Hems

We can if required supply your mesh banner with a reinforced hem.  This heavy-duty webbing is welded to the outside edge of the banner giving extra strength and durability.  Reinforced hems are usually required on larger banners or Mesh banners that are subject to high wind or very exposed locations.

Design Guide for Mesh Banners

We produce your PVC mesh banners from your print ready artwork. Please call for assistance if you require your banners to be designed or laid up.

Set your dimensions correctly

Please set your artwork to the correct dimensions of your final printed mesh banner.  We do not require any bleed on the artwork for a printed mesh. If necessary, you can set your artwork to scale.

Set the correct CMYK colour settings

Please make sure that you set your colour settings to CMYK.  Our mesh banner printers use a full colour solvent printing process which works using a CMYK Process.  Files that are sent to use using an RGB setup will be changed automatically. Sometimes this can make the colours on your mesh printed banner seem weak & washed out.  We will check for this before printing and contact you if required.

Positioning of eyelets on your Printed Mesh Banners

Please leave clear area of approx 50mm inside the outside of the banner. Background colour / images are fine, just no important text elements, small print or logos as these can be obscured by the eyelets.  Around our mesh banners we will add hem and eyelets unless otherwise stated. It is not advised to have just eyelets (without the hem) as this can cause the material to rip.

We space our eyelets approx every 500mm apart unless otherwise stated.  Eyelets will be evenly spaced, therefore spacing will vary slightly on different sizes of banners.

Pole Pockets on Mesh Banners

We can finish your mesh banners with pole pockets if required.  Make sure when ordering / setting of your artwork that your artwork / finished file size is set to the finished overall size of the banner including the pole pockets.  Standard scaffold tubes require a 150mm flat pocket size to fit comfortably with plenty of space as to not cause to much tension on the pocket seam. Please ensure that you leave a clear area at the top and the bottom of the banners to allow for the pockets. If your banner is 2m height please set to 2m height and then make sure that no text, logos and important info enters the top 150mm or bottom 150mm of the design area.  Solid colour/ background images or patterns are fine just not text or vital information. Check here for more information on pole pockets and how to design for them.

Mesh Banner Design Principles

It is important to consider viewing distances.  Always create your artwork to give the highest possible impact on a mesh banner. Contrasting colours will give your banner much more impact than washed out subtle colours.

Also, think about text sizes.  Text is easier to read from a distance if it is larger.  Use upper and lower fonts. Look at road signs as they are all in upper and lower type rather than all capitals. Subconsciously your eyes will read upper and lower (sentence case).  Font type…. Normally clearer fonts work better than stripy, script or unreadable fonts. Look at most main brands, i.e. McDonalds, IKEA, B&Q, Dominos Pizza – all these companies use very readable fonts and typefaces.

Less is more, cramming every little bit of information onto your mesh banner probably isn’t a good idea.  Remember to use clear areas of space and give your design space to breathe. The best mesh banner designs are always simple and straight to the point.

More Mesh Banner products here.

Technical Specifications Back to top


Mesh PVC banner material

Material Weight


Fire Rating


Single or Double Sided

Single sided

Print Process

Digital UV print

Print Resolution


Print Spec

Full colour

Artwork Files

EPS, AI, PDF, High Res Jpeg, Tiff

Artwork Spec

Set with no bleed - Make sure that there is a free area all around of at least 50mm for hem and eyelets. Check here for more information on pole pockets and how to design for them.

Artwork Guidelines Back to top

DOWNLOAD: artwork-guidelines.pdf

PDF, Jpeg, PSD, eps (CS 6 or earlier) Ai, (CS 6 or earlier)

We only accept files converted to CMYK.

We accept files at
Actual size or
1:2 scale (50% actual size)
1:5 scale (20% actual Size)
1:10 scale (10% actual size)
1:20 scale (5% actual size)

The ideal DPI is 125dpi if possible. At 125dpi this can make very large graphics huge in memory size, so on larger graphics i.e. 5m x 2.5m you can go down as low as 50dpi. As a rule the larger the graphic the greater the viewing distance hence the lower the dpi can be.

Small / medium sized graphics 125 PPI (DPI) Large sized graphics 50-100PPI (DPI)

Please make sure that all text is created to outlines / curves before uploading. Even on PDF files make sure you create outlines before saving.

No Thanks, No bleed is required on your artwork.

Please leave a clear area of 50mm to allow for eyelets. (Please ensure that all text / logos / critical information is more than 50mm from the edge of your artwork) Background colours and images are fine going into the clear areas.

When ordering make sure you select the finished overall size of your banner including the pockets. So if you select a 1m wide x 2m height, then we will manufacture the banner to a total the height of 2m including the pockets.
(clear areas on pole pockets)
Please make sure that you leave a clear area for your pockets. The term ‘clear area’ means no items of text or logos to run into these areas. Background colours or hackgrtoudn images are fine, just no readable text or logos. So if you are ordering a 1m wide x2m height banner with pole pockets top and bottom, then please keep the bottom 150mm free and the top 150mm free from text and logos. This will make the overall visual area 1m wide x 1.7m height.
Double sided banners
We have special software which flips certain parts of your banners so as to create a seamless pocket on the opposite side. When ordering a double sided banner please just follow the above steps, as the file(s) will need to be set up in the same way. If you require a different image on each side of your double sided banner not a problem, just upload x2 files stating that you require a different image on each side.

We can match pantones if required at an additional charge (please contact us before proceeding) as this is costed per job. We cannot guarantee an exact match on colours due to limitations of the CMYK print process but will try to achieve as close as physically possible.

FAQ Back to top

What's the maximum size mesh vinyl banner you can print?

We produce mesh vinyl banners to any size, including ones big enough to wrap around buildings. Our machines print onto 5m wide rolls and sections of mesh are welded together to create bigger banners.

Why should I choose a Mesh Banner?

Mesh material allows wind to pass through it. If your banner is going to be placed in an exposed location, you should use Mesh. This reduces the wind-loading on the structure you install it on.

Do I need reinforced hems?

We can add reinforced hems too your banners if required. You can select this option in the finishing instructions section of the order process. Reinforced hems are a special reinforced webbing welded into the hem which is added to each edge of the banner. This webbing gives the edges added strength for extra durability.

What type of eyelets do you use?

All banners are eyeleted using nickel plated silver eyelets which have a 12mm hole. All banners which specify hem and eyelets are eyeleted every 500mm. Eyelets are evenly spaced across the length and width of the banner so gaps will be as near to 500mm as possible. If you require more eyelets or require them in certain positions, please add this into your order notes.

What are pole pockets?

We can finish your mesh banner with pole pockets if required, We can make the pocket any size you require.

Can this material be printed on both sides?

No. This is a single sided printed only. The reverse side will be white in colour.

I want to order x6 banners but would like you to print x1 of each design. Is this possible?

Yes of course. Upload all your files, then in the additional information box let us know the breakdown of quantities.

How long is delivery?

Standard Mesh Banners will be with you in 5-6 working days from order and approval of artwork.

Can you colour match?

Our print process is CMYK with a high degree of colour-matching. Call us if you need to match to specific RAL or Pantone colours.

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13 reviews for PVC Mesh Banners 330gsm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dennis Byrne (verified owner)

    Delighted with our banners which arrived today. Print quality is wonderful and the hems are really strong.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jane Wright (verified owner)

    We ordered 52 mesh banners to go onto fencing around our event. The team at Banner World advised on the artwork and delivered them all so quickly. We saved a lot of money over our previous supplier and will be ordering again.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Wilding

    Great service and advice, bettered only by the quality of the large mesh banners we received for our client.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig W (verified owner)

    Just received some of the best large mesh banners we have seen. The difference in those from our old provider is huge and the prices are much better. Colours are great and the finishing is spot on.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    GK Kitchens (verified owner)

    Banner World really helped us out after we had been let down by another supplier 2 days before our event. They rushed our banners through and delivered them to Glasgow with hours to spare. A better price too!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denzel Catering (verified owner)

    We needed over 100 banners urgently for our festival. Banner World were superb and delivered on time under pressure at a great price.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denton Construction & Development (verified owner)

    We ordered a custom shaped extremely large mesh banner, delighted with the results.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hitchings Developments (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the advice from Banner World on the material specification and fitting for our huge mesh banner. Pricing and delivery was also spot on. These guys know what they are doing.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    HD Centres (verified owner)

    Superb on the fences outside our car park, really made a differnce.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    CT Construction (verified owner)

    Stunning large building wrap just installed, thanks to the team at Banner World for the superb mesh printing. The fitters were well impressed with the quality.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Millwall Football Club (verified owner)

    Both the client and ourselves are delighted with the result and I want to thank you so much for your patience and input in making this happen. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

  12. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jet Grafix (verified owner)

    Expert advice on our client’s large banner from Banner World, all went smoothly. Will use again.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hastings Drainage (verified owner)

    Great service from the people at Banner World for all our mesh fence banners.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Saltcote Weddings (verified owner)

    Saltcote Place have been number one on TripAdvisor for 7 years. We demand the best and when we needed a magnificent LARGE set of banners at no notice Banner World were amazing. They recognised our lack of media skills and worked with us to deliver an amazing Wedding Anniversary. Many thanks to Banner World you are an amazing team with an excellent product.

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