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PVC Mesh Banners 330gsm

Printed full colour mesh banner
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Material Facts

  • Material Facts

    Ideal for outdoor & indoor and use

  • Material Facts

    Large external applications

  • Material Facts

    Colour fast and fade proof long term durability

  • Material Facts

    Lightweight high quality 330gsm material

  • Material Facts

    M1 B1 Flame retardant Certified for the UK & EU

  • Material Facts

    FREE finishing at no extra cost including eyelets, pockets etc


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Premium Mesh Banner

PVC Mesh banners are ideal for outside use in high wind areas as the fine mesh allows wind to pass through. We print and finish Mesh Banners to any size or specification on our 5m wide UV Printing machines.

PVC Mesh banners allow air and some light to pass through, which means less resistance to gusts of wind. These windproof banners are ideal for high building and scaffolding wraps, cafe banners in windy areas and lamp post banners. Billowing, flapping and the risk of your banner ripping are all reduced. We also offer specialist building wraps.

Mesh is also lighter in weight than a traditional frontlit banner. Normal PVC banners are not recommended in winds of 30mph+ as hems and eyelets can be ripped out.


A professional survey of your intended installation site is advisable for any banners over 25 square metres in size. A surveyor will calculate wind-loading on the structure and advise on the fixings necessary.

Larger Mesh Banners such as Building Wraps are normally installed in sections, straight onto scaffolding using Bungee Shock Cord. Your scaffolder should ensure that no pole ends are projecting that they may damage your banner.

Without scaffolding, large mesh banners can also be installed using a wire cable frame and a criss-cross effect of bungee rope. This method allows even more give when the wind hits the mesh banner and ensures a secure and long-lasting installation.


As standard we hem and eyelet our Mesh Banners all round with webbing and metal eyelets. Pockets to slide poles through can be provided at no extra cost, please specify the pole diameter in your order notes.

As an option you can select Heavy Duty Hems and Eyelets, recommended if your mesh banner is over 10 square metres in size.

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Product Information

PVC Mesh Banners onto 330gsm material

Our 330gsm mesh banner is printed using high quality UV print technology. This print process allows us to make high quality durable banners which will stand up to the elements.

PVC Mesh Banner material has holes to allow air to pass through, making it ideal for Cafe Barrier Banners, Lamp Post Banners, Scaffold Banners and Building Wraps.

How can we print a quality product so cost effectively?

Simple. All our print jobs are batch processed which allows us to take advantage of the economies of scale. On a daily basis we are processing large format printing jobs from all over Europe. Your job, even if it is a one-off event mesh banner, will be printed alongside dozens or hundreds of others.

Mesh Banner Finishing

Crucial to the quality and longevity of any banner are the methods used to finish it. Traditionally, banners were always stitched. Whilst we still offer stitching (commonly on fabric materials), we more commonly use high-frequency welding on our Mesh banners. This gives a much stronger, more predictable and more aesthetically pleasing finish than stitching.

Mesh Banner Sizes

We print Mesh Banners on roll widths up to 5 metres wide. Banners larger than 5 metres both horizontally and vertically will be joined with a weld.

Mesh Banner Fitting Methods

  • Wall Screws – typically long length screws can be used, with large penny washers over the eyelets to protect the banner. It is vital to achieve the proper tension on banners fitted by this method – too loose and the wind will cause the banner to flap and affect hems and eyelets.
  • Scaffold Poles – Mesh banners can be finished with scaffold pole pockets, allowing you to slide scaffold poles through.
  • Bungee Ties – once fixing points have been completed on the wall – typically large eye or hook bolts – bungee clips or ties can be used to attach to the banner eyelets. This method tensions the banner as well as allowing some give when the wind hits, thus protecting hems and eyelets.
  • Wire Frame & Bungee – a steel wire frame can be run though eye bolts approximately 300mm outside the banner. Once the wire is tensioned, the banner can be fitted to the wire using a zig-zag of bungee cord – this is best done in short sections of 3-5m. This gives the effect of a trampoline on its side, tensions the banner and allows some give for high winds.

Technical Specifications


Mesh PVC banner material

Material Weight


Fire Rating


Single or Double Sided

Single sided

Print Process

Digital UV print

Print Resolution


Print Spec

Full colour

Artwork Files

EPS, AI, PDF, High Res Jpeg, Tiff

Artwork Spec

Set with no bleed - Make sure that there is a free area all around of at least 50mm for hem and eyelets.

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