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We produce banners on many different materials to suit different applications. Choose from PVC, Mesh or Fabric types.

Banner Material Types

Eco Banner Materials

Our Eco Banner materials are PVC-Free and 100% Recyclable. Perfect for ecologically-conscious projects.

Event Banner

Event Banner is the cheapest form of PVC Banner material and is ideal for short to mid term applications.  Also known as ‘scrim banner’ or ‘laminated banner’ it is more for short term event solutions and can tear more easily than a premium banner.  For larger banners we would recommend our 500gsm Premium Banner for extra longevity

Event banner is made up of two materials laminated together, hence the name laminated banner.  The banner is made up of a PVC surface which is laminated both sides to a polyester woven scrim middle.  This scrim mesh is made up of fine polyester weaved material which gives the banner its strength.  The PVC outer is then laminated to the surface using special glues and a heat process.  Most banner material manufactured today is laminated and has lower manufacturing costs as its easier and more cost efficient to produce.

Premium PVC Banner

Premium PVC or ‘coated’ banner material is hardwearing, tear resistant and is used for longer term installations.  Our 500gsm premium banner is a coated banner material.  This means it is hardwearing and will stand up to the elements.

Coated banners are more more robust and much more tear resistant than laminated banners.  Coated banners are made by dipping or spraying the mesh in hot plasticiser.  This then bonds itself around the mesh so it cannot delaminate and start ripping under tension.  On coated banners a small cut or tear will not extend and get larger unlike a tear on a laminated banner.

Mesh PVC Banner

Mesh PVC Banner material has small holes which allow air to pass through, making them ideal for exposed or windy locations. Large scaffold banners, fencing scrims and building wraps are produced on mesh to help reduce structural wind loading.

Double Sided Blockout Banner

On blockout printed banners (double sided banners) a separate black lining layer makes up the middle of the material.  Block out banners are thicker than a standard coated banner due to the extra layer in the middle at 650gsm. Typically used on lamp post banners.

Backlight Banner

For banners which will be lit from behind. Used externally or internally, backlit banners are used in flexface and and other types of tension-framed backlit boxes.

This backlit material is designed so that it diffuses light correctly. Used for illuminated advertisements which capture the attention of passers by in the day and at night. Normal banner material cannot be used as a backlit medium – prints will simply look washed out when lit.

Fabric Banner Materials

Our fabric banners are printed using dye-sublimation technology for vibrant and deep colours.


We supply polyester fabric banners in 210gsm and 115gsm weights. 210gsm is ideal for stage backdrops or hanging banners and 115gsm is ideal for large flags.

Blackback Pro

Blackback Pro has a polyester face and a black resin back, this ensures no light show-through from behind.

AirMesh Flag

AirMesh Flag is a wonderfully light 115gsm fabric mesh which allows air to pass through. Ideal on mesh fence panels, as giant crowd flags, centre circle banners and more. Being acoustically transparent it is also widely used as speaker covers at festivals and concerts.

Finishing Your Banners

We would always recommend hemming your banners to give extra strength on the edges.  Once you add brass or steel eyelets to the outer areas this can add a lot of tension onto the outer of the banner.  Hemming should be carried out to give extra strength and weight to the outer edge of the banner to prevent tearing in wind and bad weather conditions.

Thickness of Banner (GSM Grams per Sq metre)

A thicker banner is not always a stronger banner.  The strength of the banner is due to how its manufactured and from what type of materials it is made from.  We seem to get asked a lot in regards of GSM.  Our premium and event banners are of similar thickness but the premium is much stronger and durable.  For larger long term solutions we would always advise on using our Premium banner material

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