Our premium banner is a high quality coated product. Our event banner is a lower cost laminated product. In this blog, we explain the differences in the material as well as the pros and cons. Both PVC banners are printed and finished on the same machines. Print quality and finish remain the same for both Full-colour banners.

Both Event banner and Premium banner look very similar in appearance. The way they differ is due to the structure of the banner material itself. Below are the differences between our printed banner materials.

Premium Banners

Our premium PVC banner material is a coated banner product. Coated refers to the manufacturing process, and the PVC banner has higher rip strength and durability as opposed to a cheaper laminated product.

What does coated mean? A coated PVC banner is made up of strands of nylon. The strands create a mesh. Some strands run from left to right, and other strands run top to bottom. On a premium PVC coated banner, the mesh is covered with liquid PVC plastic which embeds itself into the weave of the nylon. Once the liquid PVC has dried, the plastic then bonds itself around the strands. This process gives the material strength and creates a much more substantial banner product. This method is similar to how fibreglass is manufactured. Epoxy resin is applied over a mesh matting material. Once the resin sets, the fibreglass becomes an excellent composite structure. The word Composite refers to 2 or more types of material which are bonded or joined in some way. Combining elements with different strength characteristics to create a ‘Super Structure’ also known as a composite.

Premium Banner is flame retardant to BS5867-2: 2008: Type B.

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Event Banners

Our PVC event banner is a laminated product. Like the premium banner material mentioned above, a similar Nylon mesh is the centre part of the banner. This mesh is then laminated between x2 pieces of PVC material, basically creating a Mesh sandwich. The mesh being the filling and the outer PVC being the bread. The laminated material is then heated and put through pressured rollers. The pressure and heat bonds and welds the content together. Because of this process, the material is weaker than coated and can rip more easily. On Event banner, the PVC resin doesn’t intertwine with the mesh. The PVC material sits on top, creating the sandwich effect. The laminating process does, however, have one main benefit. That benefit being that the cost to manufacture laminated material is less than 50% the cost of a premium coated product.

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Which product should I choose?

If the banner is small or used for a one-off event or short term application, then an event banner would be perfectly suitable. If you are looking for a larger size banner or a mid/long term solution, it’s advisable, please pay the extra and choose a premium PVC banner. If the wind is a problem, then you might be best choosing a premium PVC banner or a mesh banner. Mesh banners contain holes in the printed surface, which lets the wind through. Being a Mesh material, these types of banners make it less likely caught by the wind. Gusts of wind can pass through the printed face.

Premium Banner Benefits

If you require a large banner that is going outside, then a premium banner is the item you would choose.

Our premium banner most probably the most cost-effective in its class on the online market today. Our premium product made from premium grade coated material. Ideal for large or long term applications. Installed correctly, for example on the side or a steel-clad building, we have known these banners last five years and more.

Premium Banner is flame retardant to BS5867-2: 2008: Type B.

Event Banner Benefits

Event banner is the right choice if the cost is an issue. Event banner is ideal for small banners and short term solutions for up to 6 months. That’s not too say that these banners cannot last long. For short term promotions, event banner would be your preferred choice. We have known some banners that are used for two weeks a year at Bonfire night to last for years. These banners are available up to 2.4m wide in any one dimension. If you are doing a one-off exhibition indoors, then Event banner would also be suitable. You cannot fold the event banner, unlike the premium PVC. If you are storing these banners then please roll rather than fold.

Mesh Banners

If the wind is an issue, then please take a look at our mesh banner options. For more information on our mesh banner products, then please have a look at this article.

Mesh banner material overview

Eco-Friendly Banners

Our Eco-Friendly range of Banners are manufactured from a material which is 100% recyclable and PVC-free. These are ideal for any environmentally-conscious projects.

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