Projecting Banners

Our Projecting Banner solutions allow full-colour banners to be attached to walls, posts, and lamp posts. They come complete with all hardware, fixings, and banners.

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Projecting Banners Information

Our Projecting Banner solutions allow full-colour banners to be attached to walls, posts, and lamp posts. They come complete with all hardware, fixings*, and banners.

The banners are full-colour printed on both sides from your artwork. Have the same image both sides or a different image each side for the same price.

Frames feature a unique spring-loaded tensioning system to keep your banners taut yet allow a little bit of ‘give’ in the wind.

Projecting Banners Featuring Wall Mounted and Lamp Post Fixing Systems

In today’s competitive business environment, standing out is crucial to capturing the attention of potential clients. One effective way to achieve this is by utilising projecting banners to showcase your brand and promotions. These eye-catching signs come in various materials with aluminium poles and various PVC banners, offering exceptional durability and vibrant designs that turn heads and leave a lasting impression. PVC projection signs are the perfect solution for any type of advertising. Our system lets you change the banners when you require a new advert or campaign.

Among the popular products in the projecting banner category, we offer the wall-mounted banner fixing system and the lamp post banner fixing system. These systems guarantee a secure and sturdy installation, ensuring that your projecting signs remain in place and efficiently convey your message. In addition, our range of projection banner materials includes aluminium and PVC banners, which are built to withstand various weather conditions and maintain their appearance over time.

We understand the importance of showcasing your logo and brand identity in the best possible way. That’s why we provide our design-online service to create projected signs, protruding signs, and other eye-catching advertising materials that cater to your unique needs. Our service ensures you can customise your design with elements such as stretch tensioners and an extensive selection of fonts, clip art, and stock images for a customised and professional look that promotes your projects effectively.

Wall Mounted System

The Wall Mounted Banner System allows you to display your full-colour banner onto a wall so that it projects out at a right-angle. This is ideal for many shops and businesses and provides an eye-catching display. Projection signs with banners are easy to maintain and its easy to change the banners for a new banner design.

The double-sided banner is securely held at the top and tensioned at the bottom with strong springs. Projecting out, your banner will be visible to pedestrians and traffic travelling in either direction past your business.

Projecting Banners Overview

Projecting banners are an effective way for businesses to make their presence known and attract customers. They come in various types and materials to suit different needs and environments. We offer different projecting banners with features, including Projection banners, Projected Signs, Projecting Signs, and Protruding Signs.

Projection Banner

Projection banners are versatile signs that can display your logo or design in a highly visible manner. Made from durable materials like PVC and aluminium, these banners are designed to last and withstand various weather conditions. Our design-online service allows you to customise your projection banner to match your brand’s identity, ensuring your message reaches its audience effectively.

Projected Signs

Projected signs are mounted on a pole, wall, or lamp post, offering an eye-catching way to display your projects. These signs come in various styles and designs, ensuring an option that suits your business needs. Constructed from materials like aluminium, projected signs offer durability and longevity, making them a reliable choice for any environment.

Projecting Signs

Projecting signs are ideal for businesses that want a sign that stands out from their building or structure. These signs are typically made of durable aluminium materials and can be customised with your logo or design. Our design-online service offers a wide range of possibilities to create a projecting sign that meets your specifications and supports your brand’s identity.

Protruding Signs

Protruding signs extend from a wall, pole, or lamp post, increasing your business’s visibility from different angles. These signs are made from high-quality materials like aluminium and PVC banners, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive display. Our collection of designs, custom options, and design-online service make it easy to create the perfect protruding sign for your business.

We offer wall-mounted and lamp post banner fixing systems among the products under this projecting banner category. These sturdy and durable systems ensure your banners are displayed securely and effectively. Our stretch tensioners add stability to the banners, providing an optimal presentation while showing off your logo, projects, and designs. Choosing the right fixing system for your projecting banners guarantees maximum visibility and impact for your brand.

Materials and Durability

This section will discuss the materials and durability aspects of projecting banners, including wall-mounted and lamp post banner fixing systems.


Aluminium is a widely used material for projecting banners due to its lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance. We often use aluminium for the pole and wall-mounted banner fixing system, as well as the lamp post banner fixing system. This ensures that our products maintain their quality over time, withstanding various weather conditions and providing a solid foundation for the design.

PVC Banners

We use PVC banners for our projecting signs due to their excellent durability, versatility, and visual appeal. PVC is a strong, UV-resistant material, which makes it perfect for outdoor use as it can withstand exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Our PVC banners come in a variety of materials. We can print your designs and logos, ensuring in full colour so that each project is unique and caters to the specific needs of our clients.

Our projection banner products, including protruding signs, wall-mounted, and lamp post banner fixing systems, come with stretch tensioners to ensure the banners remain taut and visually appealing. We also offer a design-online service, allowing our customers to create and customise their banners with ease.

In summary, our products in the projecting banners category, such as projected signs and projecting signs, are designed with high-quality, durable materials like aluminium poles and PVC banners to ensure that they serve their purpose effectively and withstand various environmental conditions. We take pride in providing versatile and visually appealing solutions for our clients, making their projects stand out with the help of our innovative designs and the ease of our design-online service.

Fixing Systems

Wall Mounted Banner Fixing System

Projection banners, also known as projecting signs or protruding signs, are a popular and effective way to display a company’s logo or message. Under the category of projecting banners, we offer a wall-mounted banner fixing system made from high-quality aluminium materials, providing durability and long-lasting performance.

Our wall-mounted banner fixing system is designed for easy installation on various wall types. It consists of a secure pole to hold PVC banners taut, ensuring high visibility of the designs and logo. Additionally, we include stretch tensioners to maintain consistent tension across the face of the banner. Thanks to our design-online service, our customers can effortlessly customise their banners to suit their projects, making them perfect for different businesses and events.

Lamp Post Banner Fixing System

If your project requires a banner to be displayed on lamp posts, our lamp post banner fixing system is the ideal solution. Like our wall-mounted system, this product is also made of durable aluminium materials, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

The lamp post banner fixing system is specifically designed to fit around the diameter of a lamp post, securely holding the PVC banners in place. It comes with adjustable brackets and a strong pole that withstands various weather conditions while maintaining excellent visibility for your designs and logos.

In conclusion, our projecting banners category features two high-quality and durable products – the wall-mounted banner fixing system and the lamp post banner fixing system. With our expertise and user-friendly design service, we are confident in helping you elevate your advertising and promotional efforts.

Design and Customisation

We offer high-quality projecting banners that are perfect for a variety of purposes. Our wall-mounted banner fixing system and lamp post banner fixing system are durable and easy to install. These projecting signs are manufactured from aluminium materials built to last and maintain their appearance in various weather conditions. We understand the importance of branding, so projecting banners can be customised with your logo to create a cohesive visual identity.


Our projected signs and protruding signs are available in a range of sizes and materials, including pole and PVC banners. These versatile products are suitable for a wide array of projects, such as promoting a business, event, or product launch. Additionally, we offer stretch tensioners to ensure that your banners remain taut and wrinkle-free for a professional appearance. From design to installation, we are committed to providing products that meet your needs.

Design-Online Service

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a design-online service where you can upload your own designs or choose from our library of templates. This convenient service allows for customising your projection banner, ensuring you achieve the desired look and feel for your brand or event. Whether you prefer bold text, bullet points, or tables, our design-online service will transform your ideas into eye-catching banners that attract attention and enhance your marketing efforts.

Banner Installation

Projecting banners are an effective advertising tool that helps businesses showcase their brand or message in a prominent way. In our category, we offer a range of products to suit various mounting needs, such as wall-mounted banner fixing systems and lamp post banner fixing systems. These systems are made from durable materials like aluminium and are designed to display high-quality PVC banners with attractive designs and logos.

Stretch Tensioners

One of the key features of our projecting banner systems is stretch tensioners. These tensioners ensure the banners remain taut and visible, regardless of wind or other environmental factors. Our stretch tensioners are built with durability in mind, so they will stay strong and maintain the desired tension on your banners for an extended period.

Poles for tensioners

Our pole systems for projecting banners are made from sturdy materials, such as aluminium, to ensure longevity. The poles are designed to accommodate wall-mounted and lamp post banners, providing dynamic solutions for different mounting situations. We take pride in offering a variety of pole sizes and options to accommodate various projections, banner sizes, and mounting needs.

In addition to our high-quality fixtures and materials, we also provide a design-online service to help bring your ideas to life. Our design professionals can assist you in creating the perfect projected signs, protruding signs, or projecting banners for your business. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring that your projects are executed perfectly.

Steel Supports and Heavy Duty Fixings

The system consists of two steel main support poles which are fixed onto the wall, two tensioner bars, 2 quicklinks, 2 heavy-duty spring tensioners, and 6 Ankerbolt fixings.*

Systems are available in sizes 45cm, 60cm and 90cm.

Supports are supplied as standard in black or white powder coating. The coating is designed to last many years outside in the elements. Let us know if you would like the fittings in a standard RAL colour instead (additional lead times and costs may apply).

*Fixings are supplied for convenience but do not imply suitability. It is the installer’s responsibility to assess suitability dependent on the wall type.

Tough Double-Sided Banner

Banners for this system are printed onto our tough 650gsm Double-Sided PVC Banner material. You can have the same image on each side or a different image on each side.

We recommend that your banner height does not exceed 3 metres, to allow for wind-loading.

Add Lighting Kits

Our 10w LED Lighting Kits will add that finishing touch to your projecting banners. Each lighting kit includes two 10w LED floodlights which will fit to the top or bottom of your projecting banner kit. A single lighting kit should be sufficient for banners up to 1.5metres long, but for longer banners we would suggest 2 lighting kits as both an up & down lighting arrangement.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

Different councils in the UK have different Guidelines on the display of advertisements and banners. Generally, anything below the size of 0.6m is OK. Anything bigger is best checked with the local council first before you purchase a system or install it. If other businesses in your immediate area have similar signage, there is a good chance you will be allowed.

Installation Instructions

We provide a PDF Fitting Guide here.

*Fixings are supplied for convenience but do not imply suitability. It is the installer’s responsibility to assess suitability dependent on the wall type.

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