Custom Printed Flooring

Ideal for exhibitions, retail spaces, museums, galleries, schools, showrooms and more.

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Printed Flooring Production

Our printed flooring solutions allow you to transform any floor space into incredible marketing and messaging opportunities.

Choose from premium carpet, linoleum or self-adhesive vinyl – all with anti-slip properties.

Why do I need custom printed flooring?

Custom printed carpet or custom lino are amazing promotional flooring products. In an ever more competitive world, a printed carpet or printed lino will set your business in front of your competitors, meaning that your trade stand will attract more footfall and in turn generate more sales. An event carpet or trade show lino creates a remarkable visual impact. Branded flooring has never been so popular with businesses wanting to raise their branding game. Every event or trade show has floor space, so why not use this opportunity to your advantage. We as humans spend more time looking toward the ground than we do the ceiling. Human beings have been designed through evolution to look ahead when walking. Walking on the ground is where your line of vision will travel, which is downwards. It’s amazing how good a trade hall floor looks when an event carpet of printed custom lino you install a printing floor.

Our event carpet and printed lino come printed in full colour. Our full-colour processes enable us to print super, photographic quality artworks onto our printed flooring. As we digitally print our carpet and lino, which means that we can offer a one-off creation with no setup costs.

How is your printed carpet manufactured?

We use a unique fibrous non-woven material. The carpet material consists of a non-slip-rubberised backing liner. The top carpet layer, which is 700gsm and soft to the touch goes through our special printers. The print technique we use when printing custom carpet is Dye-Sublimation. Dye sublimation uses special dyes. The dye infuses with the individual fibres, colouring the fibres molecularly. Colours introduced on a molecular level means that the pigment won’t fade or run as the colour has now become part of the material. Maximum print width in x1 piece is 2.5m. Larger sections would need to have a join. Edge of the event carpet can be taped into position using standard double-sided tape.

How do we make our printed lino?

Our printed lino comes in sections of 2.5m wide x any length. We manufacture our printed lino through a unique process called UV printing. Special inks are laid down onto the lino, and a UV lamp follows the print head, curing the light-sensitive ink. The process means that the printed surface is hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. The printed lino material is 1000gsm, which is 85% polyester and 15%PVC. The lino material has superb lay-flat properties, meaning it shouldn’t curl up on the edges. The printed lino also has fantastic non-slip properties meaning it won’t slip around on the floor. To secure in place, use some double-sided tape to stick down the sides or joins.

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