Printed carpet is a custom printed floor covering. Our printed carpet is ideal for short term applications and is alternatively known as trade show carpet or exhibition carpet.

Why choose a printed carpet?

A printed carpet is an ideal printed flooring solution.  A bespoke carpet adds extra brand awareness and advertising space to any trade show or exhibition. Standing out from the competition is very important with any event when you want to create impact and additional brand awareness. When walking, your eyes will naturally follow your path of motion, so having a custom printed flooring solution is a fantastic branding opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having a printed floor might create that added impact to generate extra footfall.

What is the specification of your printed carpet flooring?

Printed carpet is manufactured from a high-grade polyester material with an antislip rubber type, gel 300gsm foam backing. The antislip, gel foam backing is ideal for keeping your carpet in position. The carpet material is 2mm thick and weights 1000gsm, including the gel backing. The carpet material surface is a dense, 100% fabric which is a tight weave fibre material. The printed carpet is soft to the touch, and its flat properties make it the ideal substrate to print on. The printed carpet material is also anti-fray, meaning the edges cut very neatly, which means we can also manufacture into carpet tiles, runners or mats.

Printed carpet benefits

• Non-slip, high-grade Gel foam backing
• Superb lay flat properties
• High-grade print surface
• Non-light reflectivity
• Non-fray material
• Suitable for small mats
• EU fire rated to EN 13501-1 – Cfl-s1

Event carpet print method

We print our printed exhibition carpet on high resolution on large format dye-sublimation printers. The dye sublimation printers provide vivid colours and photographic quality. This high resolution, photographic quality enables us to print any design on your carpet. The Dye Sublimation process uses dyes which infuse with the material on a molecular level. Using the dye Sublimation process means that your printed event carpet won’t run or fade. The material once printed is colourfast meaning that the carpet won’t lose its colour.
For more information on the dye sublimation process, then click here.

Will my printed carpet stay in position?

Printed carpet high antislip properties make the carpet very safe, enabling you to place over a hard floor without the worry of it moving. Fixing into position is easy with the use of standard double-sided tape.

How long will my printed event carpet last?

Our printed event carpet is a short to mid-term solution. The carpet is designed for short to mid-term promotions. However, we do know of instances when customers have used a printed carpet for more than one event. If you would like to request a sample of the material, please email your enquiry with your postal address to [email protected]

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