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  • Outdoor & indoor and use
  • Colour fast and fade proof
  • Lightweight 235gsm material
  • M1 B1 Flame retardant

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Why choose a PVC air mesh banner?

If wind and bad weather is an issue, then PVC Airmesh is a fantastic solution. Air mesh banners wind banners are a must for exposure to windy and exposed conditions. PVC air mesh banners are very similar to standard PVC mesh banners. The main difference is the size of the airholes. The air holes in the air mesh PVC material are much broader. The wider holes create much more airflow. The airflow reduces wind loading making these banners exceptional in high wind areas

PVC AirMesh Finishing

As standard, we hem and eyelet our Mesh Banners all round with heavy-duty webbing and metal eyelets. We can produce pole pockets at no extra cost, please specify the pole diameter in your order notes. Check our Guide to Pole Pockets on Banners.

PVC AirMesh Installation

A professional survey of your intended installation site is advisable for any banners over 25 square metres in size. A surveyor will calculate wind-loading on the structure and advise on the fixings necessary.

Large AirMesh Banners such as Building Wraps are usually installed in sections, straight onto scaffolding using Bungee Shock Cord. Your scaffolder should ensure that no pole ends are projecting so that they may damage your banner.

Without scaffolding, large mesh banners can also be installed using a wire cable frame and a criss-cross effect of bungee rope. This method allows, even more, give when the wind hits the mesh banner and ensures a secure and long-lasting installation.

Smaller banners for projects such as Heras Fence Banners can be installed easily using cable ties.

Alternatives to PVC AirMesh Banner 235gsm

We offer a range of mesh banner materials. Here are some other options for you to consider.

PVC Mesh Banner 330gsm

PVC mesh 330gsm his is a slightly heavier material with fewer holes and is our most popular mesh PVC material.

AirMesh Flag 115gsm

At only 115gsm, AirMesh Flag is our lightest mesh fabric. As a polyester-based fabric, it is also much more environmentally friendly than PVC products.

Express Mesh Banner

Ideal for smaller mesh banners required very quickly. Printed on our smaller machines and limited in size to 1.25m in one dimension.

Technical Specifications Back to top


AirMesh PVC banner material

Material Weight


Fire Rating


Single or Double Sided

Single sided

Print Process

Digital Eco-Solvent print

Print Resolution


Print Spec

Full colour

Artwork Files

EPS, AI, PDF, High Res Jpeg, Tiff

Artwork Spec

Set with no bleed - Make sure that there is a free area all around of at least 50mm for hem and eyelets.

PVC AirMesh Artwork Guidelines Back to top

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed
Hem and Eyelets - 50mm safe area
Pole pockets - Pocket size + 40mm

Black Composition

C50 M50 Y50 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:
Artwork Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions Back to top

Will you check if my artwork is suitable?

Yes we do check for suitability. We check for quality and sizing issues, but it is up to you to supply artwork correctly as we cannot be held responsible for your mistakes.

Will you send a parcel in plain wrap?

As standard everything is sent plain wrap. We do not brand any of our parcels inside or outside.

Why would I choose an air mesh banner?

Air mesh is a better solution to standard mesh in high wind areas. Air mesh reduces wind loading by 50% as apposed to standard mesh.

What eyelets do you use?

Nickel plated eyelets with 12mm centre holes. Our eyelets will be evenly spaced around the banner every 500mm as standard.

What is a reinforced hem?

A reinforced hem adds additional reinforcement webbing to all edges of the banners to give extra strength and durability.

Can I have a fire certificate?

Yes. Our PVC AirMesh is flame retardant to comply with all EU/UK regulations. We have had our PVC AirMesh Banner tested after printing to BS5867-2:2008:Type B

What is the difference between Air Mesh and Standard Mesh?

Air mesh has larger holes than the standard 330gsm mesh. This allows more wind to pass through.  This is more suited to large banners in exposed areas.

What is the weight of Air Mesh?

Air Mesh PVC is 235gsm (grams per square metre) This means a banner at 10m x 5m is only around 12kg in weight.  This means large banners are easier to handle & install as well as holding up to strong winds.

Will welded joins be visible?

There will be some degree of visibility of welded joins on mesh but for most this isn’t an issue as the banners are large ans designed to be viewed at a relative distance.

Do you have any wind load specification?

235gsm Air Mesh PVC has an air permeability of 6200 l/m2 per second. We do have technical data sheets available to download on request

What is the recommended fixing methods to scaffolding?

There are a few options available depending on the size of your banner. Smaller mesh banners can have pole pockets on them which you can use scaffold tube connected to the main frame of the scaffold. Hem and Eyelets is also a good option which allows you to use cable ties or bungee ties. For larger banners we recommend hem & eyelets with reinforced hem and then fasten to the scaffold using long bungee cord. Many installers weave the cord in zig zag formation through the eyelets and onto the frame of the scaffold. It is important to measure fixing area accurately prior to ordering.