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A huge range of innovative exhibition and display solutions, all custom made to your requirements.

We create backdrops, branded panels, signboards, exhibition stands, hanging banners, murals and much more.

Exhibition and Display Solutions

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Exhibition and Display Solutions

Exhibition and Display products, printed onto a variety of materials and fabrics in full colour. How often have you seen businesses exhibiting at a show with just a couple of cheap Roller Banners? We have a range of cost-effective solutions to allow you to up the game and provide a fully branded and professional image to your clients.
Exhibition and Displays for Events & Conferences
Exhibition and display spaces are crucial for showcasing an array of items to the public and creating an interactive experience. In these environments, displays serve as an essential focal point to convey information in diverse settings such as events, shops, schools, galleries, and museums. From installation to graphic design, each element has to be meticulously planned to captivate viewers and draw attention to the offerings.

Standout exhibition stands and display stands allow for various types of visual content to be presented effectively. Exhibit and display structures cater to a wide range of audiences, incorporating unique elements such as logos, signage, tables, and modern, contemporary designs. Using shell scheme panels, screens, and frames enables a customized content presentation while ensuring brand visibility and enhancing customer engagement with the exhibit.

Preparing and executing the perfect exhibition display involves a combination of exhibition displays, display boards, and exhibition panels. These elements combine to form a cohesive and inviting space that encourages customers, visitors, and other attendees to explore and engage with the display. Considering the many facets of a contemporary exhibition and display design, achieving the desired effect and reaching the target audience calls for strategic planning and creative ideas that harness the full potential of the exhibition space.
Fundamentals of Exhibition and Display
Exhibition and display are essential in showcasing collections, products, and ideas. With many options available, we’ll break down the fundamentals and key elements to create a successful exhibition and display.
Displays facilitate communication between shop owners, customers, and audiences. Modern and contemporary displays aim to draw the audience in, showcasing products or artwork in a visually appealing manner. Display boards, graphic design, and exhibition panels play an essential role in creating an engaging environment, with schools, museums, and galleries utilizing these tools to present their exhibitions.
Event exhibition and display are crucial for businesses and organizations participating in trade shows, conferences, or public gatherings. The main purpose is to attract attention and create a visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on potential customers. Utilizing shell scheme panels, schools, screens, frames, and ideas to create an exhibition display with a unique and eye-catching design can increase engagement and interest in the offerings.
Exhibition Stands
Exhibition stands, ranging from simple tables to elaborate installations, are important in creating an engaging and professional environment for your exhibit. Stocking your exhibitions display stand with relevant and informative materials can enhance the overall experience for people visiting your event, leading to more meaningful connections and better results for your company or organisation.
Display Stand
Display stands effectively showcase your products or artwork, making them easily accessible and visually appealing to potential customers. Displays can be designed using various materials and styles to fit both the exhibit’s aesthetics and your audience’s needs.
Designing exhibitions and displays
Including your organization’s logo in your exhibition and display can significantly improve brand recognition and create a sense of cohesion throughout your entire exhibit. Incorporating attractive and legible signage with your logo into your display will help visitors identify and remember who you are and what you offer.
Clear and informative signage is essential for guiding and informing visitors of your event. Providing context and direction through signage enhances the overall experience by presenting crucial information clearly and concisely. This can range from event details map layouts to more specific information about the exhibits.

Remember to keep your exhibition and display engaging, well-organized, and visually appealing to showcase your offerings and engage your audience effectively.

Our production and fabrication techniques are second to none, realising hugely cost-effective display projects. We offer, amongst many other products;
Why are exhibitions and displays important?
Exhibitions and displays are crucial to promoting brand awareness at trade shows, conferences, and events. These events provide an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services to a wider audience. A well-designed exhibition and display can attract potential customers and generate new leads.

The team responsible for designing the exhibition and display should consider the company’s brand identity when choosing colours, exhibition furniture, and mixed media. The artwork and drawings displayed should be abstract and visually appealing, while new media devices such as video can be used to showcase the company’s capabilities and services.

For example, data can be displayed on point of sale (POS) devices to demonstrate the company’s sales transactions and capabilities in stores. This type of information can be especially useful for readers and participants interested in the company’s business activities.

The location and layout of the exhibition and display area should be carefully considered to maximise the opportunity for meeting potential customers and conducting business transactions. The staff and teams responsible for managing the exhibition and display should be knowledgeable about the company’s services and products. They should be able to answer any questions that visitors may have.

A blog or case study can also be used to showcase the company’s industry journey and the services it provides. It can be useful for participants interested in learning more about the company’s services and capabilities.

In summary, exhibitions and displays are important in promoting brand awareness at trade shows, conferences, and events. They allow companies to showcase their products and services to a wider audience and generate new leads and opportunities for business transactions. A well-designed exhibition and display should consider the company’s brand identity, location, and layout and should be staffed by knowledgeable employees who can answer any questions visitors may have.
Satin backdrops
We offer excellent satin material. Our satin backdrops have a silk-like finish and look stunning. With light hitting the drape from different angles, our satin material can add some wanted impact to any exhibition stand, creating some simply stunning effects. Our satin backdrops are super shiny, luxurious to the touch and look very impressive.
Band banners
We manufacture our printed band backdrops to any size. Our most popular material is our knitted polyester 210gsm material which is ideal for most solutions. Can be used outdoors and indoors. We also offer a black-backed band backdrop material. The black back material stops all light show through so if you have a venue and are worried about lights shining in from behind, then this material is the best solution for you. Any size, any material or fabric, any design, professionally finished to your specification.
Stage backdrops
Banner World has produced Stage backdrops for some very well know stage and theatre companies around the world. We offer a wide range of stunning materials to suit requirements. Our stage backdrops are printed full colour at a photographic quality on our high-resolution Dye-sublimation printers. We manufacture stage backdrops and theatre backdrops at any size. We can make your production backdrop as large as required. We regularly make super wide backdrops more than 12 metres wide, so size isn’t an issue. Theatre backcloths that are over 3m in either direction will have a stitched seam.
Roller Banners
We produce a range of roller banner systems. We offer rollers banners with the choice of indoor or outdoor use. We have a variety of sizes, single or double-sided. We offer discounts on bulk orders. If you have a large order, then please feel free to get in touch beforehand.
Backdrop stands
We offer a range of backdrop stands. Used for a wide range of purposes our backdrop stands are ideal for use for a stand-alone band backdrop. Exhibitions display your message and get your brand noticed. Our free-standing backdrops are suitable for use as a step and repeat stand and photographic stands where a free-standing printed backdrop is essential.
Shell Scheme Graphics
We manufacture a range of shell scheme exhibition graphics. With a selection of removable shell scheme graphics, self-adhesive exhibition graphics as well as vinyl trade show graphics. Our exhibition trade show signs cover a wide variety of applications, and we have a solution for all trade show events. We print PVC banner covers and graphics, tension framed fabrics, printed backdrops and stands and also solid printed panels.

Talk to us about your exhibition and display requirements, we print onto any material or fabric, at any size and to any finishing specification.

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We offer several different types of roller banner, from our budget range to our premium range. We offer various widths, single or double-sided and models suitable for outdoor use.

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Our Fabric tension frames allow for totally seamless graphic backdrops, ideal for exhibition or photographic use.

Frequently Asked Questions »

What is the best exhibition stand for me?

This depends on the venue you are exhibiting at. Our portable display stands are the most popular and will fit most venues.

What is the cheapest way to brand an exhibition stand?

If you are exhibiting at a venue which provides a shell scheme, our PVC Shell Scheme Graphics represent the best value for money.

Do you design & build big exhibition stands from scratch?

No we do not. We provide exhibition graphics printed from your artwork.