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  • Colourfast and fade-proof inks
  • Eco-Friendly Material
  • Flame Retardant
  • Free Finishing

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  • The banner we received was excellent! The guys at Banner World were very helpful when I was sorting the artwork out (and patient!) The banner is great quality and amazing... read more

    Liz Lyall Avatar
    Liz Lyall
  • After much researching, to find a decent banner for our band, we settled on Banner World. The site was easy to use and flawless, and the cost was very competitive.

    read more

    Andy Monk Avatar
    Andy Monk
  • I ordered a 3 x 2 metre backdrop for our band.
    Super quick turnaround. Excellent quality full colour print. For £150 including delivery we couldn't be happier. Thank...
    read more

    John Hanslip Avatar
    John Hanslip
  • My banners are absolutely perfect. Strong, high print quality, deep colors and impeccable finishes. Fantastic price too. Thank you very much. It's a pleasure work with your company.

    Paulo Santos Avatar
    Paulo Santos
  • Banner World are simply the best. Good Prices, fast delivery times and excellent quality. Nothing is too much trouble for John and his team. Order with confidence, you will not... read more

    Chris Farnworth Avatar
    Chris Farnworth
  • Very pleased with polyester banners ordered on 2 occasions for video backdrops. High quality printing, well packaged, and arrived on time.

    Andy Geldman Avatar
    Andy Geldman

More Information Back to top

Premium Stage Backdrops and Stage Backcloths

We know that you will not find a higher class of product than ours on the market at this price point. Our printed fabric stage backcloths are supplied ready to hang, sewn all round and finished to your requirements.

Several clients have remarked that buying theatrical backdrops and stage backdrops from us are cheaper than renting from other suppliers!

We print from your artwork – this can be your logo or other design, including photographic or illustrated backgrounds. Thousands of high-resolution backdrop themes and ideas are available from image banks such as the Adobe Stock Library for minimal cost. Many of these are perfect for scenery theatre backdrops. We are always happy to advise on your artwork design if needed.

  • Flame retardant fabric
  • Non-reflective
  • Lightweight for hanging, storage and transport
  • Eco-friendly and easily recycled
  • Single or Double-Sided (ask for details)
  • Choice of standard or blackout fabric (ask for more information)
  • Finishing to your specification – eyelets, hems, sleeve pockets etc.
  • Maximum size in both dimensions without a join = 2.6m to 2.9m depending on finishing

Custom Made Printed Theatre Backdrops

Our Stage and Theatre Backdrops are custom-made to your specifications and requirements. Do you have a particular fixing issue? We can help with a range of professional finishing options.

Professional Stage Backdrops Manufacturing

Our class-leading printed stage backdrops, drapes and scrims are manufactured using a dye-sublimation process print process. This print technique makes our stage and theatre backdrops extremely hardwearing and colourfast as the ink fuses into the fabric on a molecular level becoming part of the substrate. The Dye Sublimation print process means your stage banner will not run or fade like many of the cheaper alternatives on the market. This high-quality product is foldable and lightweight for secure storage. Click here to find out more about the print process.

Stage Backdrop Printing at Any Size

Our popular Stage and Theatre Backdrops and Drapes are custom-made to any size to suit your requirements. Whether you are performing in a small hall or big theatre, we have the solution.

Our maximum print width on premium fabrics is 3 metres. Backdrops larger than 2.6m to 2.9m (subject to finishing specification) in both dimensions will have panels seamed together. We do have alternative materials with a width of up to 5 metres.

Made from a sturdy 210gsm knitted polyester fabric and printed in vibrant full colour. These custom backdrops fold and roll up to be used again and again, always looking fantastic.

Stage Backcloths Usage

Ideal for stage backdrops, stage backcloths, stage scrims, stage drapes, theatre displays, custom backdrops, conferences, pantomime backcloths, museum backdrops, exhibition displays, red carpet events, photoshoots and point of sale displays.

Ideal on stage or against a solid surface, our standard stage backdrops will let some light through from behind if there is a stable enough light source. For a total blackout, use our Blockout Fabric.

Finishing Options

We finish the material can be finished to your specification – choose eyelets or pole pockets to suit. Many Stage and Theatre Backdrops will have eyelets at the top for hanging the banner. You can include a Pole pocket at the bottom from which a weight would be slid in (wooden dowel, broom handles or metal pipe).

Washable by hand – wipe clean. Smaller stage backcloths can also be easily machine washed at 30 degrees.

Stage Backdrops Material Specification

Our standard specification for stage backdrops is as follows:

  • 210 gsm polyester fabric
  • 100% PES
  • Non-reflective and anti-glare
  • Flame retardant

Other materials are available, such as Polyester 115gsm, Veil 55gsm, Blockout Polyester 240gsm. Check here for more Fabrics ideal for Stage Backdrops and Stage Backcloths.

Stage Backdrop Prices

We make theatre and stage backdrops to any custom size, but here are some standard size stage banner prices, including finishing.

  • 12m x 8m – £1776.00
  • 12m x 6m – £1332.00
  • 8m x 6m – £888.00
  • 6m x 4m – £444.00
  • 4m x 3m – £239.39
  • 3m x 3m – £188.54
  • 3m x 2m – £125.69
  • 2m x 2m – £83.80

Prices are exclusive of VAT. Free delivery on orders over £250, £12 delivery to mainland UK destinations if under £250.

Customer Service

Call us for pre-sales advice or for any help you may need during the order process. Our team are all fully experienced in the specification, design, manufacture and installation of stage backdrops.

Flame Retardancy Certificate

Our Fire Certificate for stage backcloth material is unique in the industry in that we have our fabrics tested for flame retardancy after printing. Many venue safety officers will now not accept a generic fire safety certificate if it is just for the base fabric.

Design Guide for Stage Backdrops

Set your dimensions correctly

Please set your artwork to the correct proportions of your final printed stage backcloths. We do not require any bleed on the artwork for a printed backdrop. If necessary, you can set your artwork to scale.

Set the correct CMYK colour settings

Please make sure that you set your colour settings to CMYK. Our backdrop printers use a full-colour dye-sublimation printing process which works using cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks. Files that are sent to us using an RGB setup will be changed automatically. Sometimes this can make the colours on your printed backdrop seem weak & washed out. We will check for this before printing and contact you if required.

Position of eyelets on your printed stage backdrops

Please leave a clear area of approx 50mm inside the edge of the banner. Background colour and images are fine, the eyelets can obscure just no important text elements, small print or logos as these. We will add hems and eyelets unless otherwise stated. It is not advisable to have just eye holes (without the hem) as this can cause the material to rip.

We space our eyelets approx every 500mm apart unless otherwise stated. Holes spacing might vary slightly on different sizes of banners.

Pole pockets on stage backdrops

We can finish your backdrops with pole pockets if required. Set to the overall finished size of the backcloth, including the pole pockets. Standard scaffold tubes need a 150mm flat pocket size to fit comfortably with plenty of space as to not cause to much tension on the pocket seam. Solid colour/ background images or patterns are fine, just not text or vital information. Check here for more information on pole pockets and how to design for them.

Stage backdrop design principles

For stage backdrop design, it is always important to consider viewing distances. Create your artwork to give the highest possible impact. Contrasting colours will give your backdrop much more clout than washed out subtle colours.

A single scene is usually ideal for a theatre backdrop design.

Consider the size of your text if used. From a distance, larger text is easier to read. Use upper and lower fonts.

Cramming every little bit of information onto your stage backdrop is not a good idea. Less is more. Remember to use areas of space and give your design space to breathe. The best backdrops are always simple and straight to the point.

Technical Specifications Back to top

Material Weight



Knitted Polyester 210gsm

Flame Retardancy

Tested after print process to BS5867-2: 2008: Type B


High quality dye-sublimation printing.

Backdrop Artwork Guidelines Back to top

Accepted File Formats

We only accept files in PDF, AI, EPS, JPEG, PSD or TIF Formats

Bleed & Safe Area

No bleed, 50mm safe area

Black Composition

C10 M10 Y10 K100

Artwork DPI


Full artwork guidelines available here:
Artwork Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions Back to top

How big can you make stage backdrops?

Any size is possible. Our machines print at up to 3.2m wide and larger backdrops are seamed together.

Do you have a fire certificate?

Yes, this can be downloaded from this page. Our backdrop fire certificates are unique in the industry in that we have had them tested after printing at a top UK Laboratory. Many providers simply use a standard material manufacturers certificate, which are often rejected by venue safety officers.

What size should my stage backdrop be?

We can make backdrops to any size! Check with your venues first to see what size of backdrop they can allow.
Clever design can allow you to have a larger backdrop and drape some material on the floor if your venue ceiling is low.

Will my backdrop have a join?

Dependent on the finishing specification, backdrops which are under 2.9m in one dimension will not require a join. Some finishing such as pole pockets top and bottom will require more fabric, so this figure then reduces to 2.6m.

Larger backdrops will have a seam where section pieces of material are stitch-seamed together. Due to the increase in the viewing distance on larger backdrops a join is never very noticeable.