Custom Photography Backdrops

Custom Photography Backdrops printed to your design and specification. We Manufacture our printed photography backdrops to any size. Our Dye-Sublimation print process allows us to print full colour to any design. We print our fabric backdrops onto a high-grade range of unique non-reflective flame-retardant fabrics.

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Photography Backdrop Printing

Custom Photography Backdrops

We print custom Photography Backdrops in full colour to your design and specification. Our print technology allows us to print super quality photography backdrops onto a range of non-reflective flame-retardant fabrics. We perform backdrop printing using a unique Dye-sublimation print process. Dye sublimation enables the plain material to be printed in full colour without the issues of fading or colours detaching from the fabric. Fabrics using our printing processes are fade resistant which means colours remain vibrant for years.

Printed photography backdrops at 3m width

Printed on our super-wide format machines allow us to produce photography backdrops at any size up to 3.1m wide in one piece, resulting in seamless panels – perfect for photography backdrops. We make our larger photography backdrops in sections meaning that any photo backdrops bigger than 3.1m in both dimensions will have a stitched seam. A stitched seam joins the material together.

Do you offer a light blockout photography printed backdrop?

Yes, we do. We offer a printed blackout photography backdrop for issues with light. Our Blockout backdrops use a unique light stop material that has a rubberised black backing. The black resin stops any light showing through your printed photography backdrop. Using a light stop material is the only option when bright light behind the backdrop is an issue. Particularly useful when your setup might cover a window or a doorway, our blackout material is the best option to choose.

What is the best material to use for photography backdrops?

Our most popular material for printed photography backdrops is our Polyester 210gsm. It is flame-retardant, machine-washable and printed using dye-sublimation for rich, deep colours.

Finished to your specification

Photography backdrops include free finishing as standard on all our photography backdrop materials. Choose from hems, eyelets and pole pockets.

Anti-Glare photography backdrop fabrics

Our soft fabrics are anti-glare and work beautifully under studio and flash lighting, meaning perfect results every time. Using anti-glare materials means that you will not have reflections when using the intense light and camera flash. We have discovered that some suppliers use PVC banner material for photography backdrops. PVC reflects light so isn’t a suitable material to use in the manufacture of custom photography backdrops. Banner World only uses the highest grade anti-glare polyester knitted material thus giving our customers the best-printed photography backdrops on the market.

Can you ship photography backdrops worldwide?

Yes, we can, we ship our printed backdrops worldwide. Our website calculates shipping to most locations in Europe at the checkout area. However, if you require worldwide shipping then, it is best to contact us. To calculate the shipping cost, we would need to know your photography backdrop type, size, quantity and shipping location. Once we have this information, we will happily quote this for you.

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