Custom Photography Backdrops

Custom Photography Backdrops printed to your design and specification. We Manufacture our printed photography backdrops to any size. Our Dye-Sublimation print process allows us to print full colour to any design. We print our fabric backdrops onto a high-grade range of unique non-reflective flame-retardant fabrics.

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Photography Backdrop Printing

Custom Photography Backdrops

We print custom Photography Backdrops in full colour to your design and specification. Our print technology allows us to print super quality photography backdrops onto a range of non-reflective flame-retardant fabrics. We perform backdrop printing using a unique Dye-sublimation print process. Dye sublimation enables the plain material to be printed in full colour without the issues of fading or colours detaching from the fabric. Fabrics using our printing processes are fade resistant, which means colours remain vibrant for years.

Custom Photography Backdrop: Elevate Your Photos with Personalised, High-Quality Products

In the world of photography, a custom photography backdrop plays a significant role in enhancing the quality and aesthetics of photos. Backgrounds, props, and sets give photos a unique touch, capturing the essence of the subject while providing professional results. Whether you are a photographer working on commercial shoots, portraits, headshots, or personal projects, having a diverse collection of custom backdrops adds depth and variety to your work.

Personalised backdrops have become notably popular for various events and advertising campaigns, such as proms, weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. They cater to different themes and complement the photographer’s equipment, lighting setup, and vision when capturing images. With a vast array of colours, gradients, and styles, custom photo backdrops can cater to any theme and draw attention to the photos, captivating the interest of clients, family, and friends.

As a photographer, it is essential for us to choose the right backdrop for our projects, whether it be nature, cityscapes, or other personalised and customised themes. Some popular custom photography backdrop products include Bannerworld’s Standard Photography Backdrop, Blockout Photography Backdrop, Press Backdrop, Fabric Display Wall, and Double-Sided Fabric Banner. These backdrops offer a variety of advantages and applications, allowing photographers to build a diverse portfolio and cater to various clients’ needs. So, get your perfect custom photography backdrop today, capture the images that tell captivating stories, and showcase your creativity behind the lens.

Custom Photography Backdrop

We offer a range of custom photography backdrops catering to various styles, themes, and occasions. These high-quality backdrops ensure a professional and stunning outcome for your photography needs, be it commercial or personal.

Our Standard Photography Backdrop is perfect for portraits, headshots, family photos, and friends gatherings. Easy to set up and durable, it can be used for indoor and outdoor shoots. Capture life’s precious moments with our Blockout Photography Backdrop, designed to stop light coming through the fabric. It’s ideal for commercial shoots, stills, and nature settings.

Our Press Backdrop and Backdrop Stand Maxi provide a mobile and sturdy setup for event photographers or media sessions. Enhance the presence of your brand or event with our dynamic Fabric Display Wall and Fabric Backdrop Stand, suitable for large-scale backdrops at expos, conventions, and conferences.

Our Veil Backdrop Printing offers a unique touch to weddings, engagements, or romantic-themed shoots, while the Double-sided Fabric Banner is versatile for events requiring multiple custom backdrops. Personalise your special occasions with custom photo backdrops for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, and proms.

We understand that every photographer seeks a perfect background to portray their subject, be it landscapes, cityscapes, or architecture. Our personalised offerings enable photographers to communicate their vision effectively. Whether you need a backdrop for a photoshoot on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, our custom backdrops draw the attention of both professional photographers and celebrities alike.

Choose from vibrant colours, gradients, and images to create a unique atmosphere for your clients, family, or followers. Celebrate love, culture, and unforgettable moments with our custom photo backdrop options that cater to every need and style.

Creating the Perfect Shot with Custom Photography Backdrops

Photography is an art form that requires a keen eye for detail and creativity. One of the most important aspects of photography is the backdrop. A photography backdrop custom made to your specifications can elevate your photos to the next level. Customized photo backdrops provide a unique and personalized touch to your photography, making your photos stand out from the rest.
Photo backdrops customized to your liking can be used for various occasions, such as birthday backdrops or special events. These backdrops can be designed to match the event’s theme, creating a cohesive and visually stunning experience. Photo studio backdrops are also a popular choice for professional photographers who want to create a specific look or atmosphere in their studio.
When choosing a photography background, it is important to consider the colours and textures that will complement your subject. A customized photo backdrop can be created with various materials, such as vinyl, fabric, or paper. These materials can be printed with a high-quality image or design that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your photo.

A backdrop background is an essential element in photography. A customized photo backdrop can add a unique touch to your photos and make them stand out from the rest. Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting out, investing in a custom photography backdrop is a worthwhile investment that will provide you with stunning results.

Product Highlights

In this category, we offer various custom photography backdrops designed to enhance your photographs and create eye-catching visuals. Our selection includes backgrounds, props, sets, equipment, lights, and more for various types of photography, such as portraits, headshots, commercials, family, friends, life, stills, nature, landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, and architecture.

Standard Photography Backdrop

Our Standard Photography Backdrop is perfect for photographers who need a versatile and high-quality background. We make our standard photographt=y backdrop with high-quality polyester display fabric. These backdrops can be easily personalised for clients, family, or friends while providing professional results.

Blockout Photography Backdrop

The Blockout Photography Backdrop is designed to eliminate unwanted light for more controlled environments. Suitable for commercial, family, or portrait sessions, this backdrop is available in various colours, gradients, and images.

Press Backdrop

Ideal for showcasing high-profile events, our Press Backdrop provides a professional background for news photography, sports photography, and interviews. Customise it with logos or images to grab attention and elevate your images.

Backdrop Stand Maxi

The Backdrop Stand Maxi is a sturdy and adjustable option to display any backdrop. This versatile stand is perfect for images, portraits, or commercial photography and can be used with various materials, such as Block out or display fabric.

Fabric Display Wall

Our Fabric Display Wall creates a stunning background for everything from baby showers and birthday parties to weddings and proms. Designed for easy setup and transport, make your photography stand out with this high-quality, personalised backdrop.

Fabric Backdrop Stand

The Fabric Backdrop Stand offers an easy solution to display your custom fabric backdrops. This portable and durable stand lets you set up a professional-looking background for photoshoots and events quickly, regardless of location.

Veil Backdrop Printing

Our Veil Backdrop Printing provides photographers with a lightweight and see-through background for a unique and elegant touch. Ideal for weddings or romantic photoshoots, this backdrop can also be personalised for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Double-Sided Fabric Banner

Maximise your space and impact with our Double-Sided Fabric Banner. Perfect for advertising, commercial photography, or events, these banners provide two custom images in a single display, ensuring versatility and convenience in any setting.

Whether you need a backdrop for Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, our custom photography backdrops will help you create attention-grabbing content perfect for your followers, clients, and loved ones.

Custom Photography Backdrop

We offer a wide range of custom backdrops to suit your photography needs. Our backdrops are perfect for capturing stunning images, from portraits and commercial photoshoots to events and social media content.

Our products suit various photography genres, including portraits, headshots, commercials, family, friends, life stills, nature, landscapes, cityscapes, buildings, and architecture. Our custom backdrops are designed for photographers who want to create personalised and attention-grabbing images for their clients, family, friends, and followers. Our custom photography backdrop selection offers plenty of options for creating vibrant and unique images, whether for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or a professional photoshoot. Our backdrops are ideal for birthdays, proms, weddings, photo booths, baby showers, and birthday parties. Choose various colours, gradients, and designs to match your style and needs.

Usage Scenarios

Portrait Photography

Our custom backdrops are perfect for portrait photography, providing professional and flattering backgrounds for headshots and images of family and friends. With a wide selection of colours, gradients, and designs, you can create a personalised setting that showcases your subject in the best light.

Commercial Photography

Our custom photo backdrops are ideal for commercial photography, helping your products and services stand out. Whether you need a backdrop for product images, still life, or architectural photography, our high-quality materials and customisable designs will elevate your shots to the next level.

Event Photography

Capture the memories of your special events with our custom photography backdrops. From weddings and proms to baby showers and birthday parties, our backdrops will provide a personalised touch to your event photos and help tell your story with style and elegance.

Social Media Content

Elevate your social media presence with custom photography backdrops tailored to your brand. Stand out from the crowd and create a consistent, professional look across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Our wide selection of designs and customisable options will help you to make a lasting impression on your audience.

In summary, our custom photography backdrops offer versatile and high-quality solutions for photographers and individuals looking to create personalised, eye-catching images. Please browse our selection of products to find the perfect background for your next project.

Vinyl Banners for Backdrops?

We don’t advise using PVC vinyl for a backdrop. The material is heavy and not foldable, so even though it can be used, it isn’t designed for backdrops. Instead, we recommend using a fabric.

Why Choose Fabric for Backdrops

Fabric backdrops offer a lightweight and foldable alternative to vinyl, making them perfect for various photography settings. They’re available in vivid colours, gradients, and high-quality images, creating a stunning background for your photo shoots. Our fabric backdrops cater to photographers’ diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that every client, family, and follower will love the results.
Introducing our wide range of custom photography backdrops to enhance your photography work, whether you’re a professional or simply looking to add depth and aesthetics to personal photos.

We offer the perfect backdrop solution, from Standard Photography Backdrops to Blockout Photography Backdrops that eliminate unwanted light. Our Press Backdrops create stunning backdrops for media events, while our Backdrop Stand Maxi and Fabric Display Wall offer easy setup and versatility. Our Fabric Backdrop, Stand and Veil Backdrop Printing provide a unique and elegant touch to your photoshoots. At the same time, our Double-Sided Fabric Banners allow for seamless printing on both sides to maximise the creative potential.

Customisation Options

We understand the importance of capturing unique and personal moments with our photography backdrops. That’s why we offer various customisation options to suit your needs. Choose from various materials such as vinyl, fabric, or blockout material, ensuring your images stand out while providing the ideal background for your subjects. Our custom backdrops are printed in full colour, so we can print custom colours, gradients, and designs, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your photoshoots.

Our custom photography backdrops are designed with Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook in mind for those looking to showcase their work on social media. Capture your followers’ attention with striking, personalised backdrops that accentuate the subject and elevate their overall experience.
When celebrating special life events, we have you covered with dedicated backdrops for birthdays, weddings, proms, baby showers, and more. These tailored backdrops provide your photos with an unforgettable, personalised touch, making them cherished memories for years. Our backdrop banners and photo booth options create a fun and interactive way to capture group photos and candid moments during your event.

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to impress clients or enhance your photography skills, our custom photography backdrops provide the perfect solution to create stunning images that convey the emotions and stories behind each moment captured.

Printed photography backdrops at 3m width

Printed on our super-wide format machines allow us to produce photography backdrops at any size up to 3.1m wide in one piece, resulting in seamless panels – perfect for photography backdrops. We make our larger photography backdrops in sections meaning that any photo backdrops bigger than 3.1m in both dimensions will have a stitched seam. A stitched seam joins the material together.

Do you offer a light blockout photography printed backdrop?

Yes, we do. We offer a printed blackout photography backdrop for issues with light. Our Blockout backdrops use a unique light stop material that has a rubberised black backing. The black resin stops any light showing through your printed photography backdrop. Using a light stop material is the only option when bright light behind the backdrop is an issue. Particularly useful when your setup might cover a window or a doorway, our blackout material is the best option to choose.

What is the best material to use for photography backdrops?

Our most popular material for printed photography backdrops is our Polyester 210gsm. It is flame-retardant, machine-washable and printed using dye-sublimation for rich, deep colours.

Finished to your specification

Photography backdrops include free finishing as standard on all our photography backdrop materials. Choose from hems, eyelets and pole pockets.

Anti-Glare photography backdrop fabrics

Our soft fabrics are anti-glare and work beautifully under studio and flash lighting, meaning perfect results every time. Using anti-glare materials means that you will not have reflections when using the intense light and camera flash. We have discovered that some suppliers use PVC banner material for photography backdrops. PVC reflects light so isn’t a suitable material to use in the manufacture of custom photography backdrops. Banner World only uses the highest grade anti-glare polyester knitted material thus giving our customers the best-printed photography backdrops on the market.

Can you ship photography backdrops worldwide?

Yes, we can, we ship our printed backdrops worldwide. Our website calculates shipping to most locations in Europe at the checkout area. However, if you require worldwide shipping then, it is best to contact us. To calculate the shipping cost, we would need to know your photography backdrop type, size, quantity and shipping location. Once we have this information, we will happily quote this for you.


Our custom photography backdrops cater to all your photography needs, whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook content. With utmost confidence, we offer high-quality, personalised backdrops tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you can capture the attention of your clients or followers with ease. From celebrities to everyday families, we cater to all cultures and backgrounds, providing a memorable experience that your clients and followers will love and cherish. So why wait? Enhance your photography sessions with our exceptional range of custom photography backdrops today!

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