Band Banners & Backdrops

We produce thousands of custom band banners and band backdrops for stage every year, making us one of Europe’s leading suppliers to bands, stage performers and theatrical production teams.

High quality printed backdrops

Our band banners and backdrop printing services use the finest materials and modern print methods. We print in stunning vibrant full colour using dye-sublimation technology. Our backdrops are hard-wearing, made-to-last and easy to transport and easy to set up.

Finished to your specification with hems, eyelets and pole pockets, we produce backdrops up to any size and at any quantity.

Band Backdrop Solutions

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Band Banners & Backdrops

For Band Banners and Stage Backdrops look no further! We offer band backdrop printing using the finest materials and the best print quality at the lowest prices in the UK. We produce small banners for local pub bands right up to enormous backdrops for touring stars used in theatres and stadiums.

Our band banner and backdrop printing services use high definition full-colour, dye sublimation print machines. Our clients are consistently delighted with our products, as are their audiences!

In today’s music industry, a band’s image and branding are crucial for success and recognition. One of the most effective ways to establish a strong presence on stage and at various events is through the use of band banners and backdrops. These visually stunning pieces enhance the look of a band’s stage setup and create a memorable experience for the audience.

Custom band backdrops and band banners offer versatile solutions for bands looking to create a unique visual identity for their live performances. From designing online with an array of backdrop ideas to choosing from various materials such as display polyester, bands can now tailor their stage visuals to represent their music perfectly. These backdrops and banners come in a wide range of sizes and can be custom-fitted to accommodate different stage settings, be it at small clubs and pubs or massive festivals and concert venues.

These custom band backdrops and stage scrims create a strong visual impact and provide an excellent opportunity for bands to showcase their art and branding on social media platforms like YouTube. By continually offering fresh and attention-grabbing visuals, bands can maintain their prominence in the music scene, regardless of the ever-changing trends and preferences in the industry.

The UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Band Banners, Scrims and Stage Backdrops

We supply fantastic band banners, custom printed backdrops and stage scrims at very competitive prices. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-quality stage and band backdrops. Banner World has produced banners and backdrops for the stage, musical, sports and television industries for many years, becoming the market leaders in the supply of stage, theatrical, pantomime and band backdrops. We have manufactured backdrops and banners for mainstream bands, TV Shows, theatres, sporting and political events.

Band Backdrop Printing at Any Size

We manufacture our band backdrops and stage scrims to any size. Banner World offers a range of finishing options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you perform in a small local venue or a huge stage theatre, we can provide you with the best personalised backdrops or scrims for your needs.

Massive Range of Band Backdrop Fabric
We produce our stage backdrops and band banners to the highest quality possible. We print onto a wide range of flame retardant and fire-rated materials. Our most popular material is knitted polyester, printed using dye-sublimation technology.

Benefits of our Custom Printed Backdrops

  • Available with pole pockets, hem and eyelets or a mixture of both. We offer more specific finishing upon request. Hems, eyelets and sleeve pockets included in the price.
  • Lightweight and easily foldable into a small package.
  • Our recommended 210gsm polyester is a highly durable material, robust construction and light in weight. Example – 5m x 5m backdrop weighs in at only 5.25kg.
  • All fabrics are flame retardant and comply with all EU/UK Fire regulations. Fire certificates are available via download on each product page.
  • We provide high-quality finishing to your requirements. All hems have a stitched finish, and we use specialised plastic eyelets which don’t corrode and rust so won’t damage your backdrop.
  • We produce our backdrops in vibrant colour with Dye Sublimation or UV printing methods.
  • Prints won’t fade or scratch over time. Colours attach to the material on a molecular level and become part of the fabric.
  • Fully water-resistant.
  • Can be washed at low temperatures. You can machine wash your printed backdrop at low temperatures. If you have a large printed backdrop which will not fit in a washing machine can we wiped down with a damp cloth. You can iron our printed backdrops on low heat using a standard iron.

Band Banners and Backdrops

Band Banner Types

Band banners and backdrops are essential for any band or artist looking to make a lasting impression on their audience. Band banners have various names, including custom band backdrops, band stage scrims, and vinyl banners, although we don’t recommend using a vinyl banner for a band backdrop. Display polyester is another popular choice for its durability and vibrant colours. These banners can come in all heights and widths and are used in various settings, including concerts, clubs, pubs, and festivals, and we print backdrops to your exact dimensions and specifications.

Custom Band Backdrops

We understand that, as musicians and artists, you want to create a unique experience for your audience. That’s where custom band backdrops and band scrims come in. Whether you’re a rock band, a DJ, or a solo artist, the right backdrop can elevate your performance and showcase your individuality. Our online designer for band backdrops allows you to design band backdrops online, making it easy to create a custom backdrop that reflects your band’s style.

When choosing a custom band backdrop, consider the following factors: venue size, event type, and desired effect. For larger events like festivals, a larger backdrop might be appropriate to fill the stage space and make an impact. For smaller venues like pubs or clubs, a more compact, high-resolution design might be better suited. Regardless of the size and setting, custom backdrops for bands should be eye-catching and memorable, helping you stand out from the crowd.

With our easy online design tools and a wide variety of customization options, you can create a band backdrop that strikes the perfect balance between art and functionality. Once your design is complete, simply upload your files and choose from our range of custom sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your stage.

In addition to custom band backdrops, we also offer band scrims, a term for smaller backdrops, and freestanding banners perfect for filling gaps on stage or flanking a larger backdrop. These scrims can also be used as speaker covers or microphone stands, adding a layer of branding and personalization to your performance.

Investing in band banners and backdrops customized for your band’ll create a professional image and lasting impression that will keep fans talking long after the show ends.

Material and Quality

As a provider of band banners and band backdrops, we understand the importance of quality materials for your custom band backdrop. This section will discuss the materials we use for our backdrops and why we chose them over other options.

Display Polyester

Our most popular material for backdrops is display polyester which we use on our standard premium band backdrop product. We utilise Display Polyester for our backdrops for bands due to its excellent performance and durability. This fabric is lightweight yet strong and resistant to wear, making it perfect for frequent use at events like concerts, festivals, or clubs. Polyester also has a slight stretch, which allows for easy setup and helps eliminate wrinkles for a clean and professional appearance. Besides, Display Polyester is foldable and easy to transport, making it an ideal choice for bands that need to travel between gigs.

Light stop – Blockout band backdrops

Blackback Blockout Fabric is a perfect choice for band backdrops as it prevents light from coming through. This water-repellent fabric has a black backing that blocks light from the rear and prevents light show-through like a blackout curtain. Additionally, the non-reflective finish of this 240gsm flexible fabric makes it an excellent choice for printed blackout backdrops. The dye-sublimation printing process produces deep, vivid, and vibrant colours that look fantastic on stage. Overall, Blackback Blockout Fabric is a great option for band backdrops.

Satin band backdrops

Satin fabric is another great option for band backdrops. Satin is a weave that gives the fabric its smooth and shiny texture, which looks like a silk backdrop. Satin backdrops are ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any stage. The fabric’s shiny surface reflects light beautifully, creating a luxurious and glamorous look that’s perfect for concerts, weddings, and other special events. Satin backdrops are also relatively lightweight, making them easy to transport and set up. They can be customised with dye-sublimation printing, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Overall, satin band backdrops are a great choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication and glamour to their stage setup.

Anti-Crease Band Backdrops

Anti-crease or crease-free band backdrops are a popular choice for those who want to avoid the hassle of ironing or steaming out wrinkles before each use. Made from a stretch polyester material that features a small percentage of lycra-type material in the weave. This combination creates a fabric that is both durable and flexible, making it easy to stretch and hang without causing creases or wrinkles. The lycra-type material also helps the fabric bounce back into shape if it gets stretched or pulled during use, ensuring that the backdrop always looks smooth and wrinkle-free. Anti-crease or crease-free backdrops are available custom printed to your design, making them a versatile and practical choice.

Airmesh Band Backdrops

Air mesh polyester band backdrops are an excellent choice for large outdoor stage events. This material is specially designed to allow air and sound to flow through, making it ideal for use in windy or high-wind areas. The 70/30 weave of air mesh polyester means that 70% of the material is solid, while the remaining 30% comprises small holes that allow air and sound to pass through. This feature makes air mesh polyester band backdrops perfect for use in front of large speaker stacks or other sound-emitting devices on stage, as it won’t block the sound. Air mesh polyester is also a rugged and durable material that won’t rip or tear at the edges, making it ideal for use in outdoor environments. Additionally, it is weather-resistant and can withstand the elements for years, making it a great investment for bands and event planners who need a reliable and long-lasting backdrop solution for their outdoor events.

Vinyl Banners are not the solution for band backdrops

Although vinyl banners are often seen in various settings, we firmly believe they are not the best solution for band backdrops. Vinyl material can be heavy and cumbersome, making it difficult to fold and transport between venues. It may also be prone to creasing and wrinkling during transportation or storage, which is unsuitable for a polished and professional stage appearance.

We exclusively print our band backdrops on fabric materials like Display Polyester. By choosing fabric, we ensure that our band backdrops are lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport, offering convenience and superior quality for every artist, DJ, and club where they’re displayed.

Through our online designer for band backdrops, you can create a custom backdrop design that perfectly represents your band or event. From rock bands to club DJs and concert venues, our high-resolution, top-quality fabric backdrops will make your music and performances even more memorable.

Band Stage Presentation

Band Scrims

We understand the importance of high-quality band stage presentations when showcasing our band and elevating our performances. Band banners and custom band backdrops are essential in capturing the audience’s attention and solidifying our brand identity. Our band scrims are made of Display polyester, ensuring a lightweight and durable solution that can be easily transported to various gigs and events.

One primary use of a band scrim is to provide a backdrop for artists during live events such as concerts, clubs, or festivals. We recommend using polyester banners, specifically designed for bands, to withstand various weather conditions for indoor and outdoor performances.

Backdrop Ideas

As a rock band, we need an eye-catching and versatile backdrop to represent our unique sound, style, and energy. We always explore different backdrop ideas before selecting the most suitable design for our stage setup. To create custom band backdrops, we leverage online designer tools for band backdrops, which allow us to experiment with various graphics, sizes, and custom dimensions to achieve the desired effect.

We take into consideration the height and width of the backdrop, ensuring that it complements the venue’s available space. Additionally, it should accentuate the band’s stage setup, including essential elements like speakers, microphones, and lighting. We aim to create a visually engaging experience for our fans while ensuring the selected design reflects the band’s style and personality.

In conclusion, band backdrops and stage scrims are valuable assets in our quest to provide engaging and memorable performances. From festivals to pubs and clubs, these customisable visuals enhance our band’s stage presence and help create a positive, lasting impression on audiences. Using the right materials and investing in well-thought-out designs ensures our band’s image and professionalism are apparent during every performance.

Online Design and Ordering

Design Band Backdrops Online

As a band, you want to create a unique and memorable experience for your audience. One way to achieve this is by investing in band banners and band backdrops that perfectly represent your style. We offer custom band backdrop and band stage scrim services that allow you to design and personalise the perfect backdrop for your band.

In addition to traditional custom band backdrops, we offer various display polyester and vinyl banners. These can be used to showcase your band’s name, logo, or graphics to help enhance your stage presence.

To start designing your band banners and band backdrops, simply select the desired height, width, and resolution for your design. You can choose from any custom sizes to perfectly suit your needs.

Online Designer for Band Backdrops

As an artist, you may appreciate the convenience of creating and ordering your band backdrops online. Our user-friendly online designer for band backdrops lets you easily design and customise your backdrop from your computer or mobile device.

You can use our online designer to create unique backdrop ideas that align with the look and feel of your rock band, concert, club, or DJ setup. The process begins by uploading your art files and choosing from various design elements, such as the position of your speaker, microphone, and band members.

We’re equipped to accommodate bands of all sizes – from rock bands performing at large festivals and concerts to local artists playing at small clubs and pubs. Regardless of your needs, our platform makes it simple to create a stunning band backdrop that’s true to your brand and style.

Once your design is complete, review your creation and finalise your order. We’ll begin production to bring your custom band backdrop to life. We aim to ensure your band’s visuals are always represented at the highest quality for your fans and supporters to admire.

Remember, the visual elements of your band’s performances are crucial to leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, design your band backdrops and stage scrims with us and make your band stand out at your next gig.

Band Banners for Events and Venues


Attract attention and leave a lasting impression with our custom band backdrops for concerts. Our high-quality band banners and band stage scrims enhance your stage presence with a vibrant, professional look. We offer various sizes and materials to suit any concert venue. Our online designer for band backdrops makes it easy to create the perfect visual representation of your rock band to captivate audiences.


Showcase your band’s unique style at music festivals with our stunning backdrops for bands. Whether it’s a rock festival, electronic music event, or a speaker and DJ-led gathering, our custom band backdrops will represent your music and message to the masses. Upload your high-resolution art files, and our team will expertly craft your banner backdrop. With diverse options in height, width, and custom sizes, our backdrops are well-prepared for festivals of all types.

Clubs and Pubs

Elevate your club and pub performances with our vibrant, eye-catching band scrims and backdrop ideas. The right backdrop can engage the audience and bring a unique visual element to your performance. With our easy design band backdrops online process, you can create custom graphics for small and large venues alike. From intimate pub gigs to packed dance clubs, our band banners will effectively promote your band, making your events unforgettable.

Using our industry experience and knowledge of venues and events, we aim to provide you with the best service and products to ensure your band’s success. Keep the spotlight on your music with our diverse band banners and backdrops.

Size and Customization

Height and Width

When it comes to Band banners and Band backdrops, we understand that every band’s requirements vary based on the size of the stage and the venue. Our team is skilled in providing custom band backdrops that look great in small clubs, pubs, or even massive concerts and festivals. For smaller venues, we recommend using band stage scrims around 3m wide x 2.4m tall

Custom Sizes

We pride ourselves on offering highly customizable band banners and backdrops tailored to your band’s needs. Whether you require large-scale backdrops for festivals or compact band scrims for local gigs, we can accommodate your custom-size requirements.

Using our online designer for band backdrops, you can easily design band backdrops online, showcasing your band’s images, art, or logos with high-resolution files. Also, our display polyester guarantee durability and visual appeal, suitable for indoor and outdoor venues.

We cater to various music styles and environments – be it a rock band, DJ, or club music artist. With our expertise in banners and backdrops, we’ll ensure that your sound, microphone, speakers, and every aspect of your performance shine while you rock the stage.

Technical Details

In this section, we will go through the technical aspects of our band banners and backdrops. Ensuring your custom band backdrop meets your desired specifications is crucial for a great visual impact during performances. We will discuss the files and resolution required for the best possible output and the edge finishing options available for our products.

Files and Resolution

At our online designer for band backdrops, we prioritise the quality of print and imagery for your band banners and band backdrops. In order to achieve the best possible results, we recommend that you provide us with high-resolution artwork files. We commonly accept file formats such as JPEG, PNG, and PDF. The recommended minimum resolution is 100 DPI (dots per inch) to ensure crisp and clear images on your custom band backdrops and band stage scrims.

It is important to note that larger custom sizes require even higher-resolution images. In such cases, our team will guide you on the specific requirements to ensure your band’s banner backdrop looks stunning, whether at concerts, festivals, pubs, or clubs.

Edge Finishing

The edge finishing is a crucial aspect of band banners and band scrims. We offer various edge finishing options to cater to the different requirements of our clients. We typically provide hemmed edges and eyelets for easy installation and durability. Regarding Display Polyester material, often used for band stage scrims and backdrops for bands, we offer options such as stitched edges, eyelets, and pole pockets.

These finishing options ensure your custom band backdrop or band scrim is ready for display at venues, events, and gigs. With the right edge finishing, your band’s banner backdrop will look great and last longer, making it a worthwhile investment for your music career.


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Alternatives »

We can also make even cheaper band banners and scrims from standard PVC or Mesh banner material. Although these do save on initial cost, larger cheap band banners and backdrops are more difficult to pack without creasing, take up more storage room and will not look as good for as long.

Check here for more band backdrop fabric options.

Need a Backdrop Banner Stand? Check out our new product here.

Buying Guide »

Band Banners are a hugely popular product at Banner World. Having now produced Band Backdrops for over 8 years and with a couple of our managers being involved in local bands, we have a fair bit of experience to draw on.

We print and manufacture band and stage banners and backdrops to any size and to any finishing specification. We also have a range of materials and band backdrop fabrics available.

By far the best material for a normal Band Banner is Polyester 210gsm. Whilst cheaper PVC Banner material is heavy and difficult to pack, store and transport, Polyester 210gsm is lightweight and can be packed and folded very small – crease and ruck free. Moreover, the dye-sublimation print technology used on fabrics produces fabulous rich and vibrant colours. Fabric is also much easier to add custom effects like glitter or rhinestones to.

Read more – Guide to Buying Band Banners

Lighting »

As standard our banners and backdrops are non-reflective, making them ideal under stage lighting conditions. Band photographers love them!

Our standard Band Backdrop fabric is 210gsm Polyester. This is ideal when used against a wall or black backcloth. Any strong light behind this type of banner will show through.

Blackback Pro fabric has a black resin backing which will block out any light from behind. Specify this fabric if you may be using the banner outdoors or when lighting behind the banner needs to be blocked out.

Design Guide for Band Backdrop Printing »

The most effective band backdrops are simple! Less is more! A simple design with just your band name or logo on a dark background is ideal.

This will let you audience know exactly who you are!

Most often, the backdrop will be fitted at the back of the stage, so ensure that the name or logo is visible whilst the band are playing. Having the name or logo in the top half of the backdrop is therefore vital.

If your band name or logo is easily visible and readable, you won’t need to worry about adding a phone number, web address or social media details.

Reviews »

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Frequently Asked Questions »

What is a band backdrop?
A Band Backdrop is used by bands, musicians and performers when on stage. The Backdrop will normally have an image or the band logo printed onto it.
Why should you use band backdrops for stage?
A Band Backdrop or Banner will enhance the image of the band or performer and look amazing on photographs and videos. members of the audience will know who you are and are more likely to remember you.
What type of material is a band backdrop?
We use a 210gsm Polyester Fabric. This prints superbly, hangs beautifully and is lightweight. Fabric such as this packs away small and resists creases.
What is the ideal band backdrop size?
This depends on the venues you will be performing at. We can make Backdrops from as small as 2m x 1m up to any size required.
How Should a Band Backdrop be finished?
A Band Backdrop can be finished to almost any specification. The most common method is to have eyelets at the top and a sleeve at the bottom through which you can slide a pole or chain to provide tension.

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