Band Banners & Backdrops

We produce thousands of custom band banners and band backdrops for stage every year, making us one of Europe’s leading suppliers to bands, stage performers and theatrical production teams.

High quality printed backdrops

Our band banners and backdrop printing services use the finest materials and modern print methods. We print in stunning vibrant full colour using dye-sublimation technology. Our backdrops are hard-wearing, made-to-last and easy to transport and easy to set up.

Finished to your specification with hems, eyelets and pole pockets, we produce backdrops up to any size and at any quantity.

Band Backdrop Solutions

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Band Banners & Backdrops

For Band Banners and Stage Backdrops look no further! We offer band backdrop printing using the finest materials and the best print quality at the lowest prices in the UK. We produce small banners for local pub bands right up to enormous backdrops for touring stars used in theatres and stadiums. Our band banner and backdrop printing services use high definition full-colour, dye sublimation print machines. Our clients are consistently delighted with our products, as are their audiences!

The UK’s Leading Manufacturer of Band Banners, Scrims and Stage Backdrops

We supply fantastic band banners, custom printed backdrops and stage scrims at very competitive prices. We are the UK’s leading manufacturer of high-quality stage and band backdrops. Banner World has produced banners and backdrops for the stage, musical, sports and television industries for many years, becoming the market leaders in the supply of stage, theatrical, pantomime and band backdrops. We have manufactured backdrops and banners for mainstream bands, TV Shows, theatres, sporting and political events.

Band Backdrop Printing at Any Size

We manufacture our band backdrops and stage scrims to any size. Banner World offers a range of finishing options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you perform in a small local venue or a huge stage theatre, we can provide you with the best personalised backdrops or scrims for your needs.

Massive Range of Band Backdrop Fabric

We produce our stage backdrops and band banners to the highest quality possible. We print onto a wide range of flame retardant and fire-rated materials. Our most popular material is knitted polyester, printed using dye-sublimation technology.

Benefits of our Custom Printed Backdrops

  • Available with pole pockets, hem and eyelets or a mixture of both. We offer more specific finishing upon request. Hems, eyelets and sleeve pockets included in the price.
  • Lightweight and easily foldable into a small package.
  • Our recommended 210gsm polyester is a highly durable material, robust construction and light in weight. Example – 5m x 5m backdrop weighs in at only 5.25kg.
  • All fabrics are flame retardant and comply with all EU/UK Fire regulations. Fire certificates are available via download on each product page.
  • We provide high-quality finishing to your requirements. All hems have a stitched finish, and we use specialised plastic eyelets which don’t corrode and rust so won’t damage your backdrop.
  • We produce our backdrops in vibrant colour with Dye Sublimation or UV printing methods.
  • Prints won’t fade or scratch over time. Colours attach to the material on a molecular level and become part of the fabric.
  • Fully water-resistant.
  • Can be washed at low temperatures. You can machine wash your printed backdrop at low temperatures. If you have a large printed backdrop which will not fit in a washing machine can we wiped down with a damp cloth. You can iron our printed backdrops on low heat using a standard iron.

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Alternatives »

We can also make even cheaper band banners and scrims from standard PVC or Mesh banner material. Although these do save on initial cost, larger cheap band banners and backdrops are more difficult to pack without creasing, take up more storage room and will not look as good for as long.

Check here for more band backdrop fabric options.

Need a Backdrop Banner Stand? Check out our new product here.

Buying Guide »

Band Banners are a hugely popular product at Banner World. Having now produced Band Backdrops for over 8 years and with a couple of our managers being involved in local bands, we have a fair bit of experience to draw on.

We print and manufacture band and stage banners and backdrops to any size and to any finishing specification. We also have a range of materials and band backdrop fabrics available.

By far the best material for a normal Band Banner is Polyester 210gsm. Whilst cheaper PVC Banner material is heavy and difficult to pack, store and transport, Polyester 210gsm is lightweight and can be packed and folded very small – crease and ruck free. Moreover, the dye-sublimation print technology used on fabrics produces fabulous rich and vibrant colours. Fabric is also much easier to add custom effects like glitter or rhinestones to.

Read more – Guide to Buying Band Banners

Lighting »

As standard our banners and backdrops are non-reflective, making them ideal under stage lighting conditions. Band photographers love them!

Our standard Band Backdrop fabric is 210gsm Polyester. This is ideal when used against a wall or black backcloth. Any strong light behind this type of banner will show through.

Blackback Pro fabric has a black resin backing which will block out any light from behind. Specify this fabric if you may be using the banner outdoors or when lighting behind the banner needs to be blocked out.

Design Guide for Band Backdrop Printing »

The most effective band backdrops are simple! Less is more! A simple design with just your band name or logo on a dark background is ideal.

This will let you audience know exactly who you are!

Most often, the backdrop will be fitted at the back of the stage, so ensure that the name or logo is visible whilst the band are playing. Having the name or logo in the top half of the backdrop is therefore vital.

If your band name or logo is easily visible and readable, you won’t need to worry about adding a phone number, web address or social media details.

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Frequently Asked Questions »

What is a band backdrop?
A Band Backdrop is used by bands, musicians and performers when on stage. The Backdrop will normally have an image or the band logo printed onto it.
Why should you use band backdrops for stage?
A Band Backdrop or Banner will enhance the image of the band or performer and look amazing on photographs and videos. members of the audience will know who you are and are more likely to remember you.
What type of material is a band backdrop?
We use a 210gsm Polyester Fabric. This prints superbly, hangs beautifully and is lightweight. Fabric such as this packs away small and resists creases.
What is the ideal band backdrop size?
This depends on the venues you will be performing at. We can make Backdrops from as small as 2m x 1m up to any size required.
How Should a Band Backdrop be finished?
A Band Backdrop can be finished to almost any specification. The most common method is to have eyelets at the top and a sleeve at the bottom through which you can slide a pole or chain to provide tension.

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