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What file types will you accept?

You can send images as hi-resolution PDF, Photoshop PSD (flattened) or in EPS format. Please contact us if you have any queries. Full artwork guidelines are available here: Artwork Guidelines

Will you create my artwork?

No, unfortunately not.  We are a trade banner supplier and deal only with customers who have experience in buying print and the creation of print ready artwork.  Our prices are based on your submitted artwork being ready to print. Full artwork guidelines are available here. Artwork Guidelines   If you are unsure on the format we require then please contact a qualified designer to create your artwork – or use a free online design software such as Canva.

How do you want me to submit my print-ready work?

Where you can, please supply your artwork at actual size. If this is not possible please ensure you tell us the scale and/or final print size. Our artwork guidelines are available here: Artwork Guidelines

How do I send my artwork?

Select the ‘Upload Your Artwork’ button, located on the right hand side of each page. You can send files up to 50mb in size. Special encryption technology is used when files are transferred to make this process completely secure.

Can I upload mutliple artworks?

Yes you can.  When ordering banners of the same size but with different artworks, then this is perfectly fine. Just select your size and enter your quantity.  Then upload your files. Please leave a note on your order of the quantity breakdowns. There is an ‘Additional Information’ section to leave notes on your order.

How do you position the eyelets?

We position the eyelets evenly spaced approximately every 500mm.  If you would like less or more eyelets please mention this in the finishing notes when placing the order and we can do this at no extra charge.  If you require eyelets placing in a specfied position, please upload your artwork along with a separate pdf file showing the exact postions so we can use as a template. We will incorporate this template file when printing the eyelet postions.

What is a reinforced hem?

Mesh banners are printing with a standard welded hem free of charge, if this option is selected.  This means we fold over the banner on itself and heat weld giving it added strength.  We also offer a reinforced hem at an additional cost £1.50 per square metre.  The reinforced hem incorporates a standard hem and then we heat weld to the reverse of the hem the additional reinforcement material.  This reinforcement material is a thick nylon coated webbing which is super strong and adds much needed reinforcement to the edges of large mesh banners.

Will you check my artwork for errors?

If your artwork is not suitable for our print processes, we will advise, and if possible amend it to suit. However if we cannot do anything with your file we will contact you immediately.  Whilst we cannot be held responsible for such, if we do spot errors such as mis-spellings, typos or grammar problems during the pre-press process we will always bring this to your attention prior to printing. If errors are found before going to print you can re-upload your artwork here

Can you match to specific colours?

We print in CMYK and our large format printers are finely calibrated to ensure colours match the CMYK colour values provided in your print files. Artworks supplied in RGB will not be rejected but instead, automatically be converted to CMYK.  We cannot guarantee an exact match to a specified Pantone.

Please ensure that your artwork files are set to CMYK. Pantones included in artwork files will be automatically converted to CMYK. Artworks with Pantone references in the file will not be colour matched unless otherwise requested. Please notify us at time of order if any specific colour matching is required. Colour matching is a time consuming process and will be charged at £30+vat per colour.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure colours match the files provided, different materials may produce slightly different colours once printed. This is due to finishes, print methods, textures, temperature and humidity etc.

Please refer to our Terms of Sale section 7 for our policy on colour matching.

Can I order non-standard sizes?

Yes. You can order your printing in almost any shape and size when you make a custom order.

Can I speak to someone about my order?

Of course. You can call us on 01253 897 840. Office hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

What is the best material for a Band Backdrop?

We have a blog post here all about Buying Band Banners & Backdrops.

Are your Banners & Backdrops Fire Rated?

Yes, almost all of our pvc and fabric materials are flame retardant. Rather than simply providing certificates from material suppliers, we submit our standard products after printing to an independent UK laboratory for testing. Individual certificates are available to download from product pages.

What Cafe Barrier System Should I Choose?

Check out our Cafe Banners Buyer’s Guide here.

I’m having trouble uploading my images. Can you help?

Yes. You can talk to us on 01253 897 840. We provide an artwork uploading service at WeTransfer where you can upload very large files over the 50mb limit set on our website.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Banners, Flags, Exhibition Pop-Ups are usually delivered 5-6 working days following order, artwork and payment confirmation.

Vinyl Graphics, Window Graphics and similar products are produced and delivered within 3-4 working days following order, artwork and payment confirmation.

Please ask if you require even faster turnaround times, we will always accommodate your requirements where we can.

Can my order be sent direct to my client?

Yes absolutely!! Rest assured there will be no mention of us on the box, the shipping label or inside the box.  All products are sent out under plain-wrap with absolutely no mention of ourselves.

You say your vinyl printing will stay looking good for between 4 and 7 years (depending on vinyl type). Will my vinyl printing last 4 or 7 years?

That depends on a number of factors. Is it to be used indoors or outdoors? Is your vinyl printing laminated? Is your sign or banner frequently displayed in full sunlight?
A non-laminated vinyl banner, displayed outdoors in full sunlight will not have the same lifespan as a vinyl banner that spends its life indoors.

Is there anything I can do to stop my vinyl printing fading over time?

A sign is not effective if no one can see it. That’s why we use only the finest inks and recommend laminating to give your sign the greatest chance of looking great for longer. We can’t, however, beat nature. In time, sunlight fades everything (just look at the wallpaper behind the picture in your living room). So yes, choosing your signs, posters and banners from us will extend the life of your digital vinyl printing – but exposure to sunlight will affect it in the end.

Do I really need to laminate my digital vinyl printing?

No, you don’t, BUT we’d always advise you laminate your printed posters, vinyl prints and signs. Laminate is a protective coating for your  printing. It makes your signs more durable – better able to withstand the elements (and general knocks and scuffs) – so your printing lasts longer.

What is Foamex?

Foamex is an extremely versatile PVC foam sheet. It’s easy to glue, cut and drill so it’s the perfect base onto which we can place your digital vinyl printing.
It’s durable, and it’s great at making your vinyl print advertising products look far more expensive than they actually are.

What are Correx boards?

Correx panels are made of fluted polypropylene. They’re extremely lightweight but surprisingly strong, making them an ideal surface to carry digital vinyl printing. You’ll see Correx panels all the time – it’s the material used in estate agent signs.

What is Dibond?

Dibond is an aluminium faced board. The polyethylene core makes it far lighter than solid metal making it an ideal printing surface for vinyl graphics.

What kind of printers do you have?

We use a wide range of printing machines, each specialist in it’s nature and designed to print onto specific materials. We use inkjet, solvent, UV, Latex and Dye-Sublimation printers, some of which take materials up to 5 metres in width. Read more…

How do I leave a Review?

You can leave a review on any individual product on the actual product page, just click the ‘Reviews’ tab within Product Information. You can leave a general review about our service by using Google Reviews.

Did we answer your questions? If so, continue shopping. If not, please get in touch.

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