Dementia Friendly Door Wraps

Dementia door wraps are specially designed to enhance Dementia Care environments. Our vibrant door wraps help to aid navigation and reduce anxiety amongst patients.
Easy to fit and fully compliant with fire regulations, our dementia door wraps are a fantastic addition to any care home. Our dementia-friendly door wraps come in a wide range of colours and designs which enable patients to identify their door with greater ease.


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Dementia Friendly Door Wraps Information

Transform Dull Corridors

Dementia friendly door wraps transform plain corridors into a brighter environment. They have been shown to aid navigation, trigger reminiscence and enhance positivity amongst patients, staff and visitors.

Door Wraps are an integral component in our Dementia Care Home Product offering.

CQC Recommended

Recent Inspections have been marking down Care Homes who do not implement a method to distinguish doors. Our Dementia friendly door wraps for care homes and hospitals are fully approved and will help ensure that your score remains high.

Easy to Fit

Easy to fit thanks to the latest adhesive technology which allows you to install our dementia door coverings without the worry of causing creases or bubbles.

Custom Sizes & Designs

Our Dementia door wraps are made to any size and to any design you choose. Our graphic designers will work with you to create superb custom designs to suit your environment. Any design can be produced in a wide range of colours.

Fully Compliant with Regulations

This revolutionary material is flame-retardant and biocidal, complying with strict health and safety and hygiene regulations.

Cheaper Than Repainting!

You could, of course, repaint your doors, using different colours for each door on a corridor. But, when you consider the time and expense of sanding down, priming, undercoating and glossing – you will find it much more cost-effective to use our Dementia door wraps.

Dementia-Friendly Door Wraps for Improved Accessibility and Care

Dementia can be a devastating disease, affecting not only the person suffering from it but also their family and caregivers. One often overlooked aspect of assisting those with dementia is the power of colour and visual cues in helping them navigate their environment. In particular, door wraps with dementia-friendly colours and designs can greatly improve sufferers’ ability to find their way around and feel more at ease in their surroundings.

Our Door Wraps complement our other products for the Care Environment.

We specialise in creating custom vinyl door wraps specifically designed to assist dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients. Our door decals, printed with high-quality artwork tailored to the person’s preferences, create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes a sense of familiarity and independence. We understand the importance of creating a comforting space for our loved ones while ensuring that the room door aids their accessibility and caregiving needs.

Through extensive research and collaboration with healthcare professionals, we have developed a range of vinyl wraps and front door stickers that are visually appealing and beneficial for those living with dementia. Our dementia-friendly door wraps offer a solution for people looking to add an extra layer of support and care for their family members or patients, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and easing some of the challenges of this condition.

Dementia Friendly Door Wraps: A Solution

As a business providing solutions for dementia sufferers and their caregivers, we have observed the positive impact of dementia friendly door wraps in care homes and healthcare settings. Our vinyl door wraps come in various colours and prints that can cater to various preferences, transforming room doors with eye-catching artwork.

One major benefit of using our dementia wraps is that they are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. The colours, patterns, and graphics are chosen to promote navigation and reduce anxiety for patients with disease-related symptoms. These accessible door decals assist sufferers in differentiating between doors and their surroundings, creating a more comfortable environment for patients and their caregivers.

In addition to providing visual support and wayfinding assistance for patients, our vinyl door wraps offer practical benefits for the rooms they are applied to. These wraps protect the surface of the doors from wear and tear, ensuring that they remain nice and clean. Our door wraps are easy to install and comply with fire regulations, making them a safe addition to any communal or private area.

Furthermore, we consider the individuals’ preferences and the care homes’ needs when designing our dementia friendly door wraps. Our wide range of designs promotes feelings of comfort and friendship among patients while also serving as front door stickers that identify the room as a safe space for those living there.

In summary, our dementia friendly door wraps provide practical and emotional support for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, caregivers, and the care home community. With our customisable options, these vinyl wraps can significantly improve patients’ quality of life while ensuring functionality and ease of use in healthcare settings.

Why Colour Preferences Matter

As a team dedicated to helping people with dementia, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and supportive environment for sufferers. One aspect that plays a significant role in this is the choice of colour used in their surroundings.

Sufferers’ Perception

According to a paper by the University of Bologna, Italy, dementia patients, when given a choice, prefer violet and brown over other colours. This indicates that these colours may have a more positive and calming effect on sufferers of this disease. Additionally, incorporating such colour preferences into our dementia-friendly door wraps can help improve the mood of the person navigating their living space.

Another crucial aspect of colour preferences when caring for dementia patients is creating contrast. Using contrasting colours for our vinyl door wraps can make it easier for Alzheimer’s patients to identify and differentiate between various room doors. Contrast not only improves accessibility but can also reduce the anxiety of being unable to recognise their surroundings.

Understanding how people living with dementia perceive colours also plays a role in their overall treatment, care, and quality of life. Selecting appropriate colours and contrasts for our vinyl door wraps helps make a more accessible and welcoming environment for sufferers and their caregivers.

In conclusion, paying attention to colour preferences and contrast can have significant benefits for dementia patients. It is crucial to create an environment tailored to their needs, and our dementia-friendly door wraps aim to contribute to better living conditions for our loved ones with this disease.

Customisation: Print and Artwork

When creating dementia-friendly door wraps, we understand personalisation’s importance for visual appeal and practicality. Our primary focus is developing a design that caters to the preferences of dementia sufferers and provides a comfortable and familiar environment for them.

In our customisation process, we pay attention to colour choices, as colour significantly influences people’s mood and overall well-being. We choose colours that are visually pleasing and potentially improve the user experience for Alzheimer’s patients.

Our expertise ensures that the artwork meets all necessary specifications and is formatted appropriately for a vinyl door wrap application.

We pride ourselves on using high-quality materials in our dementia-friendly door wraps. Our vinyl wraps are designed to work on any surface, making them versatile and easy to apply on room doors in various settings. As we strive to support the dementia community, we aim to provide products that look nice and play a part in easing the everyday challenges faced by dementia sufferers, caregivers, and their families.

In conclusion, our dementia-friendly door wraps offer a unique combination of customisation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal that can positively impact the lives of dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients alike. Our expertise in print and artwork customisation helps us create door decals that brighten up living spaces and promote comfort, friendship, and accessibility for those who need it most.

Specifications and Application

Surface Compatibility

As a company dedicated to providing the best solutions for people affected by dementia, our dementia friendly door wraps are specifically designed with the needs of sufferers and their caregivers in mind. We understand the importance of colour and design preferences in creating a comfortable and accessible living or business environment for dementia sufferers.

Our dementia friendly door wraps are tailored to fit room doors of various dimensions. Our thorough print and artwork process ensures that our door wraps meet the highest specifications and seamlessly adhere to your chosen surface. Our mission is to research and follow the latest recommendations in the field, as supported by studies from the Alzheimer’s Society and other organisations, to create products that genuinely benefit those affected by this disease.

We are confident that our vinyl door wraps, as well as our door decals and front door stickers, are compatible with a wide range of surfaces. This compatibility makes it easy for caregivers and loved ones to transform their living spaces into warm, inviting, and dementia-friendly environments.

Our door wraps serve the purpose of visual appeal and facilitate easy navigation for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Using our vinyl door wraps, we believe your actions will help foster a sense of community and friendship between patients and their family members, ensuring they feel valued and included in their care.

To conclude, our emphasis on surface compatibility, excellent print quality, and attractive designs make our dementia-friendly door wraps an ideal addition to any home or care facility, improving patients’ quality of life and creating a more supportive atmosphere.

Benefits for Patients and Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Patients

In our efforts to improve the quality of life for people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s patients, we have developed Dementia Friendly Door Wraps. These vinyl door wraps are designed to enhance the visual accessibility of room doors, making it easier for sufferers to navigate their environment. With a wide range of colour options and custom print artwork, we can cater to the preferences of both sufferers and their caregivers.

One key benefit of the dementia friendly door wraps is that they reduce the symptoms and stress of disorientation often faced by individuals living with this disease. By using contrasting colours and eye-catching designs, we can increase the visibility of room doors, guiding patients toward specific areas within the home or care facility.

Community Support

Beyond providing relief and clarity to Alzheimer’s patients, our door wraps support families, caregivers, and the wider community. The ease of application and variety of specifications available for our vinyl door wraps make it simple for businesses and care homes to create a comforting and easily accessible environment.

Moreover, our dementia wrap designs aim to foster friendship and camaraderie among patients and their loved ones, bringing people together through shared experiences. The inclusive nature of our vinyl wraps also serves as a visible reminder of the services, treatments, and valuable community support available to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

In conclusion, our dementia friendly door wraps offer numerous benefits not only for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers but also for the wider community. We are committed to developing products that actively improve day-to-day life for patients, making homes and care facilities more visually accessible and engaging.

How Vinyl Door Wraps Work

As a business, we proudly offer dementia-friendly door wraps designed specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. These vinyl door wraps help transform room doors, making them more accessible and appealing to patients, caregivers, and families in the community.

We create our dementia-friendly door wraps using a variety of colours, prints, and artwork preferences to suit the needs and tastes of people living with dementia. Our vinyl door wraps are visually impressive and designed to be durable and easy to maintain. They adhere smoothly to various surfaces, ensuring a perfect fit for room doors of different materials and specifications.

One of the main benefits of using vinyl door wraps for people with dementia is that they help create familiarity and a sense of belonging for the patients. For example, the inclusion of personalised artwork or favourite colours can evoke pleasant memories, offering comfort and helping to build connections for the patients and their families in their living space.

Additionally, our door wraps can aid caregivers in identifying patients’ rooms and directing dementia sufferers to the appropriate areas, taking the guesswork out of navigating their living space. This added convenience ensures a top-quality care experience for both patients and caregivers.

In conclusion, dementia-friendly door wraps not only serve a functional purpose but can also offer personalised style and warmth to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, reinforcing a sense of belonging and familiarity. We strive to ensure our vinyl door wraps are designed to cater to each client’s unique preferences and requirements, making them a valuable addition to any care facility or living space dedicated to providing support for those suffering from these conditions.

Emphasising Friendship: Front Door Stickers

As a business, we understand the challenges that dementia patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and their caregivers face in their daily lives. One way to support these sufferers and their families is by creating a more accessible and welcoming environment through the use of dementia-friendly door wraps.

We offer a wide variety of dementia wrap designs, from vibrant colours to soothing patterns that cater to the preferences of people with cognitive issues. Our vinyl door wraps, and front door stickers help brighten up the living space for patients and their loved ones and serve as a visual aid to differentiate room doors, making navigation easier.

Crafting these door decals and vinyl wraps with care, we pay attention to the quality of the print and the durability of the surface. Each vinyl door wrap is designed with the specific needs of dementia patients in mind, taking into consideration factors such as colour preferences, contrast levels, and visual cues.

We know that visual cues can ease symptoms associated with memory loss, and that something as simple as a door sticker can have profound effects on the quality of life for those affected by dementia. Every dementia patient is unique, and our services aim to provide custom solutions that cater to individual needs and preferences, whether for a front door, room door, or any other area in the home.

Our dedication to providing dementia-friendly solutions extends beyond door wraps; we also invest in ongoing research to better understand the disease, its causes, and the best ways to offer support to patients and their families. By engaging with the community, doctors, and medical professionals, we constantly strive to improve the lives of all those affected by dementia.

When you choose to decorate your doors with our dementia-friendly vinyl door wraps and decals, you’re not only making a positive impact on the lives of patients and their caregivers, but also embracing friendship and support within the broader community.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

At our business, we prioritise creating dementia friendly door wraps that cater to the needs of both Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We understand the importance of colour and design in helping sufferers easily identify their room doors. Our vinyl door wraps are designed with the preferences of patients in mind, providing them with a more accessible and comfortable living space.

Our vinyl wrapping services offer a variety of benefits, including enhancing the visual appeal of doors and promoting a sense of comfort and friendship among dementia patients and their caregivers. With our vinyl door wraps, patients can experience improved navigation within their living environment, reducing stress and confusion. We offer a wide range of print and artwork options that cater to individual preferences, ensuring that each door wrap is tailored to the needs of the person using it.

We use high-quality materials to create our vinyl door decals, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting. Our vinyl wraps are easy to apply on any door surface, making them suitable for care facilities, hospitals, and private residences alike. Moreover, we provide detailed instructions on the proper application and maintenance of our vinyl wraps to ensure that they remain in optimal condition.

In addition to providing accessible doors vinyl wraps for dementia patients, we also offer support to family members and caregivers by sharing valuable information on the proper care and treatment of individuals living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Our team is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people affected by these conditions, and we believe that our dementia friendly door wraps can play a significant role in enhancing their quality of life and overall well-being.

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We use a revolutionary new material for our Dementia friendly door wraps. Easy to apply and flame retardant, it also contains biocidal elements to comply with hygeine regulations.

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“We have bought over 20 of the door wraps so far and they have been of excellent quality and so easy to put up. The residents love them as it makes them really feel they have their own personal space, especially when they get to choose their own door colors! We will be purchasing more very soon as we will be doing the whole home! Thank you so much.”

Dawson Lodge – 01/10/2019

Frequently Asked Questions »

What Are Dementia Door Wraps?

Door wraps are large vinyl stickers, suitable for application on flat doors. Using different designs and colours on individual doors helps to alleviate stress and confusion for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Are Dementia Door Wraps Easy To Fit?

Yes they are. We use a special self-adhesive vinyl which helps to eliminate creases and air bubbles during installation. You can watch our installation video.

How Much Do Dementia Door Wraps Cost?

Our Dementia door wraps cost from £49.00 each plus vat.