Printed Construction Signs

Our construction solutions include mesh Heras fence banners, construction banners, scaffold signs, printed fence covers, health and safety boards, hoarding panels and site boards and custom scaffold banners.
All of our products are custom-made to any size and any specification.
We offer fast production and delivery on all custom items.

Construction Signage Solutions

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Construction Signage

We offer a wide range of construction signage. Construction sites often offer incredible branding and promotion opportunities without the complications of requiring specific planning permission. Carefully designed graphics will enhance the site, providing information to staff and passers-by.

What is a Mesh Heras fence cover?

The word Heras is actually a brand name. They are the market leaders in the production of temporary perimeter fence solutions, producing galvanised steel fence panels for construction sites. We manufacture our mesh fence covers to fit a standard Heras fence panel. A standard Heras fence panel overall dimensions are 3.5m x 2m, including the feet. We manufacture our Heras fence covers at 3.37m x 1.755m. Our custom mesh fence covers are available in three different material types and have the top corners cut at a 45-degree angle to fit snugly inside the fence frame.

Standard Mesh fencing cover

We use standard PVC mesh banner material which is our budget option. Print method on our budget Heras fence covers is UV. 

Air mesh fence cover

We manufacture our air mesh fence covers from PVC. Like the standard mesh above, the air mesh we print these covers on a UV print machine. These Air mesh PVC banner have larger air holes and additional air flow, so they are more suitable in adverse weather conditions.

Fabric Air-mesh Heras fence covers.

Our fabric Heras fence covers are our premium option. We print this lightweight material using a unique Dye sublimation process. You can even wash our premium fence covers on a low tempature. They can also be easily folded and are lightweight, but also very strong. Premium fence covers are easy to transport and are less bulky than PVC based covers.

Scaffold banners

We print our scaffold banners on a range of materials. We offer standard PVC, super-strong double-sided PVC and also mesh. We manufacture our custom scaffold banners to your requirements, meaning we make to any size.

PVC scaffold banners

We produce our standard scaffold banners using heavy duty PVC banner material. Our PVC scaffold banners are available single-sided only. We can provide your banners in a range of finishing with either hem and eyelets around the outer or pole pockets. Our standard welded pole pockets are super durable; however, if you require extra reinforcement, we also offer a welded and over-stitched pocket. Over stitching is when we add a layer of heavy-duty stitching over the welded pocket, giving even extra durability.

Double-sided scaffold banners

Our double-sided scaffold banners are super durable. Printed onto a heavyweight 650gsm double-sided material. The heavy-duty material features additional nylon centre strands of a reinforced weave, which adds extra durability. Including in the price is double-sided printing as standard. 

Mesh scaffold banners

Our mesh scaffold banner or air mesh scaffold banners have tiny holes. These small holes, or mesh as the word describes the product allow air to pass through the face of the banner. Mesh scaffold banners are an ideal solution for use in exposed adverse weather conditions.

What is a building wrap?

A building wrap is a large mesh banner. These huge mesh banners are an ideal solution for the side of scaffolding on a large building. Used also as a protective screen to stop falling debris, a building wrap is a fantastic advertising solution. We print our building wraps in photographic quality and full colour. We can print building wraps at any size, meaning we can cater for any size requirements. All or scaffolding wraps come complete with a reinforced hem around the outer so they are super durable. We also offer dragons tails and omega pockets. ‘Dragons Tails’ are reinforced areas running top to bottom, along the banner with additional eyelets. ‘Omega pockets’ are flaps on the rear of the building wrap that can wrap around scaffold tubes and be tied off. Both these finishing option add extra needed fixing points on substantial projects.

Cost-effective construction signs

The scale of our operation offers enormous cost savings to construction companies. If you have a large project, then please contact us for the best trade prices.

Construction Banners

Custom construction banners can be made to hang almost anywhere on a building site. Unlike some other providers we are not restricted by size. Banners can be made from our PVC, Eco or Mesh materials, printed from your artwork.

High specification construction signage materials

We use only the highest specification materials recommended for the job. Our materials comply with all EU UK fire regulations.

Construction signage design and branding

We adhere to your branding and design requirements, ensuring consistency of production and quality across your sites.


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