Dementia Friendly Signage

We have specially designed our Dementia Friendly Signage range of products for Dementia and Alzheimers Care Environments.
These innovative dementia sign solutions help to not only brighten up walls, corridors and rooms but help to reduce disorientation and anxiety amongst sufferers.
We design, manufacture and supply dementia door wraps, Dementia-friendly wallpaper, murals and directional dementia friendly signage for Care Homes and Hospitals worldwide.

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Dementia Friendly Signage

Dementia Friendly Signage, Wall Murals, Wallpaper and Door Wraps. We have designed specifically our dementia-friendly door wraps and dementia wall murals. Our designs enhance a Care Home and Hospital Department for people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our products help to make life with Dementia easier, presenting a more comfortable environment for patients, helping them to find their way around more effectively and with less stress.

Dementia friendly signage solutions for daily living

Creating a dementia-friendly environment is crucial to supporting individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, as it improves their independence, reduces agitation, and helps them easily navigate their surroundings. Dementia-friendly signage is a key aspect of such environments, providing essential information and wayfinding assistance in a clear and easily understandable manner. We manufacture dementia-friendly signage products specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of those living with dementia.

Our dementia-friendly door wraps are customisable with various images and background options. They help orientate dementia patients by clearly identifying rooms such as the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, and dining room. Similarly, dementia-friendly wall murals can be tailored to display family memories and engaging activities, providing a comforting and familiar environment for individuals with dementia. Exit diversion door wraps are another valuable product in our selection, designed to camouflage exits and reduce wandering incidents by adjusting the appearance of doors to blend with their surroundings.

In addition, we offer dementia-friendly signs for various areas, such as the toilet sign, bathroom sign, and lift sign. These wayfinding signage options are designed with contrast, clear font sizes, and tactile elements, addressing the visual impairments and cognitive challenges of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. By incorporating these dementia-friendly signage solutions, we can create a supportive and safe environment that caters to the specific needs of those living with this condition.

Dementia Wall Murals

Alzheimer's Society Our visually appealing Dementia friendly signage, Dementia wall murals and Dementia-friendly wallpapers trigger reminiscence as well as help to brighten up dull or bland environments. Custom dementia signs create extra positivity from patients, staff and visitors.
Much research has gone into the benefits of dementia friendly murals and wallcoverings by the Alzheimer’s Society and others in the UK. All of our products are in line with the latest recommendations in this field of study.
While we offer several stock designs of murals, we can supply any custom design. We encourage Care Homes to consider something relevant to the local area.

What are Dementia Door Wraps?

Our Dementia Door Wraps magically transform dull corridors into a colourful street with differently coloured traditional-look painted wooden doors. Having different coloured dementia doors help to make it easier and less potentially stressful for patients to recognise and find their room. As well of our range of patients rooms door wraps, we also produce a variety of diversion dementia door wraps. Our diversion wraps will deter patients from trying to open doors like fire escapes. Our diversion wrapped doors disguise these exits, so we design these as a telephone box or alcove or similar.

Dementia Signage is Highly Rated by Care Home Inspectors

Some of the best feedback on our Dementia Friendly Signage work has come from Care Home Inspection teams. Care Homes we have supplied have been reporting the positive comments from inspectors on the difference that carefully planned dementia signage, door wraps and murals can have.

Types of Dementia Friendly Signage

In our selection of dementia-friendly products, we offer a range of signage designed specifically to support individuals living with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or memory impairments. Our products include:

  • Dementia Friendly Door Wraps – These door wraps are designed to help dementia patients identify rooms and facilitate independence. They can be customised for the specific room they would be used in, such as toilets, offices, or kitchen areas.
  • Dementia Friendly Wall Murals – Our dementia-friendly wall murals provide background images relevant to the room or activity taking place within it. These murals aim to stimulate memory and create a welcoming atmosphere. Examples of areas where these murals can be used include dining rooms, family lounges, and activity rooms.
  • Dementia Signage – In this category, we offer a wide selection of dementia-friendly signs, including toilet signs, bathroom signs, and wayfinding signage. These signs are designed with larger text and clear imagery to ensure ease of readability for dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Exit Diversion Door Wraps – These door wraps are designed to decrease the risk of wandering and confusion experienced by dementia patients. They create the illusion of familiar surroundings while effectively hiding exit points.

Our dementia-friendly signage options cater to various needs, from room identification to safety and wayfinding. We create products that enhance the environment for individuals experiencing memory impairments and foster a sense of comfort and familiarity. Our selection is tailored to provide optimal support for both dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, helping them navigate their surroundings with ease and maintain their independence.

Door Wraps

Dementia Friendly Door Wraps

Dementia friendly door wraps are large vinyl stickers specifically designed for flat doors. We create vibrant and visually appealing door wraps that help dementia and Alzheimer’s patients navigate their surroundings with less anxiety. Our selection of door wraps includes toilet and bathroom signs, memory care lounge signs, and wayfinding signage for dining rooms, kitchens, and offices. We also offer customisable options with names, images, and background choices to fit the unique needs of each environment.

These door wraps not only cater to the visual impairments of dementia but also provide a touch-friendly surface for individuals to maintain their independence. Using high-quality materials and attention to detail, our dementia friendly door signs serve as an effective tool in promoting a sense of familiarity and safety for those living with dementia. We manufacture our door wraps with an anti-glare matt laminate which protects the door wrap and makes them last. In addition to longevity, laminating means you can wipe down our door wraps with detergents and cleaning products without damaging the product.

Exit Diversion Door Wraps

In addition to our dementia friendly door wraps, we also offer exit diversion door wraps specifically designed to minimise confusion and prevent wandering in dementia care environments. By camouflaging exit doors with visually appealing images and blending them with the surrounding walls, these wraps can help reduce anxiety and create a more comfortable space for patients and their family members.

Our exit diversion door wraps can be tailored to the specific interests and backgrounds of the individuals living in the care environment. This personalised approach helps foster a sense of connection and support for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.

Overall, our door wraps are essential to creating dementia-friendly spaces, promoting independence and wellbeing for individuals with cognitive impairments.

Dementia Friendly Wall Murals

Dementia friendly wall murals are designed to create a comforting and engaging environment for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. In our product selection, we offer a range of options and images suitable for various settings, such as care homes, hospitals, and memory care facilities.

Our specially designed wall murals aim to aid reminiscence and ease wayfinding for people with dementia. The murals feature stimulating graphics and a selection of themes, such as kitchen, dining room, activities, and lounge areas, to provide a familiar and friendly atmosphere. Using images that evoke memories, we can create a sense of familiarity and connection for individuals dealing with cognitive impairments.

In addition to evoking memories, our dementia friendly wall murals can serve as an effective wayfinding tool. We incorporate dementia friendly signs with clear text and symbols into the design to assist with navigation. For example, adding a toilet sign, bathroom sign, or lift sign ensures that individuals can move about the facility independently.

Furthermore, our wall murals and signage options cater to various symptoms and needs of those living with dementia. From providing named door signs for rooms and offices to using appropriate background colours and images to minimise confusion, we strive to create products that promote individuals’ independence, safety, and wellbeing.

Our commitment to providing high-quality dementia friendly wall murals extends beyond the design aspect. We utilise durable and easy-to-clean materials to ensure longevity and a clean, welcoming environment. By offering various options and customisable solutions, we can create a space that suits the specific requirements of dementia patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and their families.

Dementia Friendly Signage is a crucial aspect of creating a supportive and easily navigable environment for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. The following products fall within this category:

  • Dementia Friendly Door Wraps: These door wraps feature various colours, making it easier for dementia patients to identify rooms and locate essential amenities like the toilet or bathroom.
  • Dementia Friendly Wall Murals: These wall murals provide an engaging and stimulating visual backdrop for dementia patients with various activities, memories, and images of dining rooms or family units.
  • Dementia Signage: These user-friendly signs provide essential wayfinding information for dementia patients, with easily legible text and icons, such as toilet signs, bathroom signs, lift signs, and memory care lounge signs.
  • Exit Diversion Door Wraps: These door wraps help to minimise confusion and potential disorientation by providing a unique appearance for exit doors, promoting independence and reducing unnecessary disruptions.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage plays a critical role in creating dementia-friendly environments. It provides a clear and helpful navigational tool for those experiencing cognitive impairments, offering guidance from one area to another with minimal confusion and stress. Utilising easy-to-read text, clear icons, and consistent design across all signage, dementia patients are empowered to maintain their independence and mobility with ease.

One of the key factors in designing effective wayfinding signage for dementia patients is to ensure that the text is large enough for easy readability. This generally means increasing the text size by 50% in comparison to standard signage. Other crucial elements include:

  • Using high-contrast colours.
  • Incorporating easily recognisable symbols.
  • Designing signs that blend seamlessly with the environment.

In addition to supporting mobility within a facility, dementia-friendly signage also aids in promoting overall mental wellbeing and a sense of familiarity for dementia patients. Incorporating images of nature, local landmarks, or other relatable themes on wall murals and door wraps helps create a comforting and familiar atmosphere, which aids the overall support and treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

In summary, dementia-friendly signage is vital in creating inclusive and accessible environments for individuals with cognitive impairments. Effective wayfinding signage can greatly improve the daily lives of dementia patients, their families, and caregivers by facilitating easier navigation and fostering a supportive and comfortable atmosphere within the facility.

Memory Care Options

Our primary aim is to ensure that spaces cater to the needs of dementia patients, Alzheimer’s patients, and those experiencing memory impairments. We will examine specific areas such as the lounge, kitchen, dining room, and activities area.


The lounge is a crucial space for relaxation and socialising. Dementia-friendly signs can enhance the experience and independence of individuals in lounge spaces. Examples include using clear, recognisable images and backgrounds that foster familiarity. We can add labels with the room’s name and relevant details to assist with wayfinding.


Dementia-friendly signage helps individuals maintain their independence while mitigating potential risks in a kitchen area. We can use relevant images as backgrounds, clearly label kitchen appliances, and provide touch-friendly signs to aid those with impairments. Remember that signage signbox options are essential for creating a more accessible environment.

Dining Room

Dining rooms should be designed to encourage family meals and socialising. This objective can be achieved by utilising dementia-friendly signs and wayfinding signage to guide individuals towards the room. Elements such as clear names, background images, and touch-friendly signs can create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

Activities Area

The activities area is where individuals with dementia can partake in various memory-enhancing activities. It is essential to provide clear and concise signage directing them to the area, offering options and relevant details. Dementia-friendly signs can encourage participation and create a safe, engaging environment for various activities.

By considering these key areas and incorporating the necessary signage, we can create a more accessible and dementia-friendly environment.

Dementia Signage for Specific Rooms

Creating a dementia-friendly environment is essential for supporting individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our dementia-friendly signage products are designed to make navigating and maintaining independence easier for patients. In this section, we will discuss some of the key products in our range, specifically for toilets and bathrooms, lifts, and office spaces.

Toilet and Bathroom Signs

Our dementia-friendly toilet and bathroom signs feature large, easy-to-read text and clear images to aid recognition. The name and images on the signs have contrasting backgrounds for optimal visibility. We offer various options and designs to suit different settings and décor styles. Our toilet signs can be easily applied to a range of surfaces, providing a helpful visual aid for those with cognitive impairments or memory challenges.

Lift Signage

For dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients, navigating lifts can be a daunting task. Our dementia-friendly lift signs are designed with bold text, clear icons, and contrasting backgrounds to improve their wayfinding experience. We provide various options to suit different lift styles and settings. This signage helps reduce confusion and anxiety for individuals struggling with memory care and navigation in communal spaces.

Office Signs

Clear and easy-to-understand signage is crucial in office environments visited by people with dementia. Our dementia-friendly office signs come in various styles, catering to activities and facilities such as lounges, kitchens, and meeting rooms. These signs feature large text contrasting with the background, making it easy for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to read and interpret. By incorporating friendly signs like these, workplaces can become more inclusive and supportive of individuals with cognitive difficulties.

Independence for Patients

Dementia friendly signage is crucial in promoting independence and providing guidance for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients in various environments. Products such as dementia friendly door wraps, wall murals, signs, and exit diversion door wraps are designed to create an easy-to-navigate and comforting environment for these individuals. These signage solutions help to address the challenges faced by dementia patients, including impairments in memory, attention and difficulty with spatial orientation.

We offer a wide selection of dementia-friendly signs that cater to various areas within care facilities or homes, including toilet and bathroom signage, lounge area signs, dining room labels, and wayfinding signage to help individuals locate offices, kitchens, and activity centres. Our signs promote independence and provide a touch of familiarity and comfort for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

In addition to standard signage, we also offer customised options, allowing for personalised nameplates and door wraps that include meaningful images and memories. Customisation helps to create a more supportive environment for patients and their families, fostering stronger connections and emotional wellbeing.

Our dementia friendly signage is designed with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that patient’s specific needs are met. This includes considering factors such as surface materials for easy cleaning and durability, as well as tactile elements that can provide additional support for individuals with sensory impairments.

Ultimately, fostering independence for dementia patients is a critical aspect of their ongoing care and treatment. By offering a wide range of dementia friendly signs and signage solutions, we aim to contribute to the improvement of quality of life and the overall wellbeing of individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other memory-related challenges.

Remember to discuss the specific needs and preferences of your loved one or patient with their healthcare professional before making any changes to their environment, as this will ensure the most effective results and support for their individual journey.

Dementia Friendly Signage

Dementia friendly signage is essential in creating environments that are easy to navigate and promote comfort for individuals experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Our product range includes Dementia Friendly Door Wraps, which are designed to help dementia patients easily identify commonly used rooms like the toilet, bathroom, dining room, or lounge. The door wraps feature images, name details, and background options that create a familiar and friendly atmosphere.

Another great addition to your environment is our Dementia Friendly Wall Murals. These wall murals add a touch of personalisation, depicting family memories, activities, and other relevant scenes to help evoke positive emotions and provide a sense of connection for dementia patients.

Our standard Dementia Signage provides clear wayfinding signage in key areas like the kitchen, lift, or memory care areas, ensuring that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can confidently navigate their surroundings, maximising independence, and reducing stress.

Additionally, our Exit Diversion Door Wraps are designed to help minimise the risk of dementia patients wandering off while still maintaining the appearance of a welcoming and secure space.

Safety Considerations

When designing and implementing dementia-friendly environments, we must consider the safety and wellbeing of dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. One critical aspect is to ensure that our signage offers clear, recognisable symbols with good colour contrast, providing ease of navigation for individuals with visual impairments, cognitive challenges, or changes in brain function.

Another essential consideration is the placement and arrangement of our signage. We must place our signs in easily visible locations, without clutter or distractions, to help individuals with dementia find their way without difficulty. This also includes minimising background noise and other factors that could cause confusion.

As we develop and deploy our dementia-friendly signage products, we support doctors, families, and caregivers in creating comprehensive care plans, including medications, treatments, and activities to enhance the patient’s quality of life. In doing so, we promote both physical and emotional well-being, leading to a better overall experience in navigating various environments for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Dementia Friendly Signage is a category that includes a variety of products designed to assist individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s in navigating their surroundings. Within this category, the following products can be found: Dementia Friendly Door WrapsDementia Friendly Wall MuralsDementia Signage, and Exit Diversion Door Wraps. These products are designed to create an environment that promotes independence, reduces impairments, and supports individuals dealing with dementia.

Key aspects of Dementia Friendly Signage include easily identifiable toilet and bathroom signs, clear name and background images, and proper office and dining room signage. The designs take careful consideration of memory care and incorporate friendly signs, wayfinding signage, and room-specific signage such as kitchen, lounge, and lift signs. These products are designed to address the unique challenges dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients face in daily life.

Personalisation Options

We understand the importance of creating a personalised environment for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our Dementia Friendly Signage products offer several customisation options to meet your specific needs. When selecting your signage, you can choose from a range of images, backgrounds, and details to create a unique and welcoming environment.

In addition to the variety of options in terms of design, you can also choose the appropriate signage for specific rooms and activities. Whether it’s a lounge, dining room, or a space for family memories, our selection of Dementia Friendly Signage can cater to your requirements.

Another important aspect of personalisation is catering to the diverse needs of individuals with dementia. We ensure that our signage is designed to address various levels of cognitive impairment and support different types of memory challenges.

Through these personalisation options, we aim to create a supportive and easy-to-navigate environment for individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, promoting their independence and wellbeing.

Overall, our Dementia Friendly Signage products are designed to cater to a range of needs and preferences, ensuring that the environment is as comfortable and supportive as possible for those dealing with cognitive impairments.

Dementia Friendly Signage is a category of products designed to assist individuals living with dementia in their daily lives by making their environment easier to navigate. The products within this category include dementia-friendly door wraps, wall murals, signs, and exit diversion door wraps. These products aim to create a comfortable and accessible environment, helping dementia patients maintain independence and reducing confusion.

Dementia-friendly door wraps, for example, can display familiar images and names on the background of a door, making it easier for individuals with memory impairments to recognise and locate their bedroom, bathroom, or office. Similarly, dementia-friendly wall murals can create a soothing and visually engaging atmosphere in areas like lounges, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Materials and Durability

We use high-quality materials for our dementia-friendly signage products, ensuring durability and longevity. These signs and wall coverings are made with materials that can withstand daily use, providing a reliable solution for care homes and medical facilities.

Our dementia-friendly door wraps and wall murals are printed on durable surfaces, ensuring that the images and names remain clear and legible over time. Moreover, the materials we use are easy to clean, making it simple to maintain a hygienic environment for dementia patients and their families.

In addition to durability, we focus on creating products with a sensory, tactile component. By incorporating touch-friendly materials, we cater to the needs of individuals with sensory impairments, enhancing their overall experience and interaction with these unique signs and wall coverings.

Using high-quality materials and designs, our dementia-friendly signage products provide a long-lasting, reliable solution for individuals with memory impairments and cognitive challenges. With a wide selection of options and designs, there is surely something to suit every specific need in creating a comfortable and accessible environment for those affected by dementia and their caregivers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Dementia Signage Help Patients?

We design our Dementia Signage with high contrast colours and easy to understand symbols. These signs are easier to understand and less confusing for Dementia Sufferers.

How Can Dementia Murals Help Patients in Care Homes?

Well-Designed dementia murals in Dementia Care Homes have been shown to both positively stimulate and calm patients. Local scenes often work well. They also serve to enhance the environment for patients, staff and visitors.

How Do Dementia Door Wraps Work?

Differently coloured doors on a corridor help people living with Dementia to more easily recognise different rooms. Easier recognition of places or objects eases anxiety and reduces confusion. They also look homely and attractive, enhancing the environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Are Your Dementia Signs Flame Retardant?

Yes, they are. All Door Wraps, Wall Murals and Dementia Signage Products are fully flame retardant with certificates available.

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