Dementia is a confusing and debilitating condition. Even in familiar surroundings, sufferers may feel anxious and uncertain. But you can make a person with dementia feel safe, calm and mentally stimulated. You can help your patients by investing in dementia-friendly door wraps. These door wraps aid navigation and reduce patient anxiety in dementia care environments. The choice available can be a little overwhelming. So we’ve put together a handy buyer’s guide to the range of dementia-friendly door wraps available. 

What Are Dementia Friendly Door Wraps?

Door wraps are large vinyl stickers, suitable for application on flat doors.  The dementia wrap covers the whole door preventing wear and tear to entrance ways.  Dementia can affect how people differentiate between colours. It may also affect how an individual perceives 3-D objects. Plain doors in healthcare settings and care homes can confuse some dementia patients. However, bright and colourful dementia-friendly door wraps enhance a patient’s environment and help them get around.

Standard self-adhesive vinyl can be tricky to apply — which can make achieving a smooth, professional finish a challenge. So, at Banner World, we make our door wraps from a high-quality material with specially engineered adhesive. This adhesive reduces creases and air bubbles, making installation a breeze — especially to flat surfaces. You can also wipe the special UV laminate clean.  Take a look at how easy it is to apply a Banner World door wrap in this short video.

What Types of Dementia Friendly Door Wraps Are There?

There is a wide range of door wraps to choose from. It’s important to consider your setting, the needs of individuals in your care and your budget. The team at Banner World has collaborated with some of the largest dementia care homes in the UK to create designs that help reduce anxiety and confusion. 

Traditional Dementia Door Wraps  Traditional Dementia Door Wrap

Our most popular door wrap.  Create a classic look to any healthcare setting with Traditional Dementia Door Wraps. Choose from a range of colours to create a bright, easy-to-navigate corridor for your patients. 






Stained Glass Dementia Door Wraps Stained Glass Dementia Door Wrap

Add colour and a homely feel to your care environment with our easy-to-apply Stained Glass Dementia Door Wraps. These door wraps will brighten dull entryways and provide visual stimulation for patients. The distinctive stained glass effect will help patients and visitors reach their destination.






Old Style Dementia Door Wraps Old Style Dementia Door Wrap

Our Old Style Door Wraps create a familiar and comforting environment. Choose contrasting colours to help patients navigate your healthcare setting. 






Retro Dementia Door Wraps Retro Dementia Door Wrap

Banner World prints its high-quality Retro Dementia Door Wraps onto a high-performance fire-rated self-adhesive vinyl. These wraps are an attractive option and help patients, staff and visitors feel comfortable and relaxed. 







Exit Diversion Door Wraps Bookcase 2 Exit Diversion Door Wrap

Exit doors in care homes or healthcare settings can agitate and confuse patients. These doors are kept locked for patient safety. But many patients believe they can open the door and go home.  If an individual tries to open an exit door without success, they could become distressed.  

An exit diversion door wrap can reduce anxiety and disorientation by disguising the exit. These wraps often have a scene or alternative setting printed on them, such as a bookcase or trees. Such scenes can reduce “sundowning”, the need to go home patients feel towards the end of the afternoon.





Toilet Dementia Door Wrap Toilet Dementia Door Wrap

Adding an image to the entryway of a toilet or bathroom can help patients find their way to the bathroom. Toilet Dementia Door Wraps are easy to apply and may reduce disorientation and anxiety for patients.





Things to Consider When Buying Dementia Friendly Door Wraps

With so much choice, it can be hard to decide on the right product for your setting. It might be helpful to consider:

  • Size — Take careful measurements of the entryway you wish to cover and make sure your chosen wrap will be a good fit.
  • Material — Choose a door wrap made from a durable,  easy to wipe clean material. Vinyl combines both of these properties and is a great choice. 
  • Fire Rating — Ensure the door wrap you choose complies with your healthcare settings fire regulations. A B1 rating means the material will be difficult to ignite. An A2 rating is 98% noncombustible.
  • Printing — Make sure the quality of printing will deliver the results you need. Colours should be vibrant and long-lasting. 
  • Suitability — Will the door wap adhere well to the entryway you wish to cover? You can fit door wraps to doors with a flat surface.
  • Cost — Does the door wrap fall within your budget? How many door wraps do you need? Are there any discounts such as free delivery available?
  • Delivery — Do you need to receive your door wrap quickly? How speedy will your shipment be? 

Improving the appearance of entryways may seem like a small action. However,  it can make a world of difference to dementia patients and their families. Adding a dementia-friendly door wrap is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to reduce anxiety, disorientation and upset.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dementia Door Wraps?

Dementia door wraps are large vinyl stickers, suitable for application on flat doors. Using different designs and colours on individual doors helps to alleviate stress and confusion for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Are Dementia Door Wraps Easy To Fit?

Yes they are. We use a special self-adhesive vinyl which helps to eliminate creases and air bubbles during installation. You can watch our installation video here.

How Much Do Dementia Door Wraps Cost?

Our Dementia Door Wraps cost from £49.00 each plus vat.

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