Recyclable Eco Banner Products

Eco Banner Printing products are PVC free and 100% recyclable, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional PVC Banners.

Go Green With Recyclable Banners!

Most larger organisations such as government entities, charities, educational establishments, councils and more prominent firms are making a move towards purchasing more environmentally friendly products which can be easily recycled.

Eco Friendly Banner Printing is becoming more and more popular!

Until now, there has not existed a sensible alternative to PVC Banners. Our Eco Friendly Banners are available from eco friendly banner material such as Mesh, 300gsm and 220gsm, conforming to Plastic Recycling Codes 1 and 5. Instead of using harmful and non-recyclable PVC, Eco Banners are made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and PP (Polypropylene).

Stop Sending Your Marketing To Landfill!

Common PVC Banners and PVC Mesh Banners cannot be recycled and invariably end up in landfill sites. PVC plastics do not decompose and can last in the ground for hundreds of years, slowly releasing toxins. Incineration is even worse as PVC releases dangerous toxins into the air.

Eco Banners Print Superbly!

Our Eco-Friendly Banners print superbly at high resolution. Eco Mesh Banner is printed using eco-solvent inks, while Eco Banner 300 and Eco Banner 220 are printed using safe Latex inks.

Flame Retardant

All Eco Banner Printing products are flame retardant to B1 specification.

Plastic Recycling Codes

Plastic Recycling

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Eco Banners Recycled?

The materials used to make our Eco Banners fall under Codes 1 or 5 of the International Plastics Recycling Code. These banners can be quickly and efficiently recycled and reused for other products rather than ending up in landfill sites.

Do Eco Friendly Banners Cost More?

Yes, they do for the time being. As Eco Banners become more popular, we hope that material and production costs will come down.

How Long Will Eco Banner Last?

Our tests have shown that Eco Banners when correctly fitted, will last as long as traditional PVC banners – around 2 years+ if correctly fitted.

Is The Print Quality As Good On Eco Banners?

Print quality is as good as if not better than regular PVC Banners. For our Eco Banner 220 and Eco Banner 300 products, we use Latex print technology. Latex printing is more eco-friendly, has a higher print resolution and a more extensive colour gamut then solvent ink printing.

Can Eco Banners Be Finished In The Same Way?

Yes, they can. You can have Eco Friendly Banners finished with hems and eyelets or pole pockets, just like PVC Banners.