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Large format banners are a superb advertising medium, but have you considered their impact on the environment? Our new range of Eco Banner Printing products are completely PVC free and 100% recyclable. Our standard banners are produced on either various grades of PCV Scrim or on a range of Polyester Fabrics. PVC Scrim and Fabric banners have different benefits and advantages when it comes to recycling or re-use.

PVC Banner Recycling

PVC scrim is the most common material used for advertising banners in the UK. Made from PVC plastics combined with a polyester scrim, this material prints superbly, is cheap, strong and long-lasting. Variants include frontlit, backlit and mesh.

Unfortunately PVC Banners are not particularly recyclable and most end up in landfill, continuing to release dangerous toxins for decades to come. Incinerating them produces harmful fumes into the air.

With banner pvc being made up of a combination of complex polymers, current plastic recycling methods are not compatible. An additional problem arises with metal eyelets, which have to be removed before any recycling efforts can be made.

Fabric Banner Recycling

Polyester fabrics can be recycled and re-used quite easily. Many clothing manufacturers use recycled fabrics in their range, offering this as a selling benefit to their clients.

Banner Re-Use

There are several innovative ways of re-using banners. Anything that prevents them going to landfill is a bonus.


PVC Banners, being completely waterproof, can be used as outdoor covers quite easily.


PVC and Fabric Banners can be made into ideal carrier bags for shopping, or custom sized bags for equipment. Larger Stage Backdrops are being made into fashion bags in the USA


Larger PVC banners make excellent groundsheets and footprints for tents.


Stuffed with newspaper or straw, pvc banners make ideal outdoor cushions.

Table Covers

Use face-down on outdoor tables for a convenient, hygenic wipe-down surface.


Ideal as arts and crafts playmats, especially where paint is involved.


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