Shell Scheme Graphics

Great solutions for shell scheme graphics. Transform plain exhibition booth backgrounds into vivid promotional enhancements with our solutions.

Choose from inexpensive roll-up pvc posters, glorious fabrics or easily removable wallpaper.

All our solutions can be re-used over and over again, saving you fortunes in the long run.

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Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell Scheme Graphics Transform Plain Exhibition Stands

Shell scheme graphics transform everyday shell exhibition walls quickly and cheaply. Cost-effective shell schemes transform your exhibition area with minimum outlay.

Our solutions are all reusable and can be removed and re-fitted time and time again for different exhibitions and events.

We manufacture custom shell schemes to your exact specifications and provide printed panels which you can attach using double-sided tape or hook and loop velcro. Our self-adhesive panels use a unique reusable and removable adhesive.

Save on expensive freestanding units

Our printed shell scheme panels are far less costly than costly freestanding displays. Plus, they can be used for other marketing opportunities once the exhibition is over.

Shell Scheme Panel Sizes

Panel sizes vary between exhibitions, but as a rule of thumb, they are 950mm wide by 2340mm high.

When you book your space, your event organiser will provide you with exact specifications on your shell scheme size. Use these to design up your graphic panels.

Design your shell scheme to fit individual panels, or to stretch across an entire wall with your design running through all the panels.

Fitting your shell scheme panels

Our PVC and Blackback shell scheme graphics can be easily installed using either double-sided tape or velcro – without damaging the shell scheme itself. Easy to fit and easy to remove.

Our self-adhesive shell scheme panels are also easy to fit and reposition, as well as remove and re-use.

Which type of panels should I choose?

PVC Shell Scheme Graphics

Pros – Cheap, high-quality print, super durable, easy to clean. Easy to roll up store, and re-use

Cons – PVC panels have a slight sheen to the finish and can slightly reflect lighting.

Fabric Shell Scheme Graphics

Pros – Cost-effective, great looking, lightweight, easy to clean, store and transport. Easy to roll up store and re-use

Cons – None.

Phototex Removable Wallpaper

Pros – High-quality print, easy to clean, fit, and remove.

Cons – Not recommended to re-use due to the material having a sticky back.

Shell Scheme Graphics to Enhance Your Exhibition 

In the competitive world of exhibitions and trade shows, businesses need impressive graphics to make a lasting impact on potential customers. Shell scheme graphics provide the perfect solution to transform any event stand into an eye-catching showcase of your products or services. With a variety of materials and styles available, there’s an option for every business and budget. 

Shell Scheme Panel Size

The most popular size for a graphic panel is 950mm wide x 2340mm high, but be sure to check your stand’s specific measurements before ordering so that you can guarantee an exact fit.

Selecting the Ideal Material

Selecting the ideal material for your shell scheme graphics is crucial, depending on your specific business needs and exhibition goals. We offer our clients various options, sizes, and specifications, ensuring your exhibition stands out and makes a difference.

PVC Shell Scheme Graphics

Our PVC Shell Scheme Graphics is our most popular choice for various types of businesses seeking a durable and long-lasting solution. These graphics are easy to install, and you can choose from velcro strips or double-sided tape and can be removed and reused multiple times. PVC material made with high-quality, large-format print technology offers a great balance between cost and effectiveness. Perfect for exhibition stands and trade shows, our PVC Shell Scheme Graphics will help you create a visually striking and memorable presentation.

Fabric Shell Scheme Graphics

Our Fabric Shell Scheme Graphics are made of special fabric with a matt canvas look. We understand that businesses need efficient and reliable options for their exhibition stands, and our Fabric Shell Scheme Graphics provide just that.

These graphics are designed to cater to clients looking for seamless, visually appealing graphics for their exhibition stands. Our fabric graphics are lightweight and easy to transport, and we print them with high-quality images that will make your exhibition stand pop. Our fabric shell scheme can be rolled and reused again and again.

Phototex Shell Scheme Graphics

Phototex Shell Scheme Graphics are perfect for businesses looking to make a lasting impression at their next event or exhibition stand. These self-adhesive stunning removable, and repositionable graphics are designed to easily fit shell scheme panels, ensuring your team’s exhibition area is visually appealing and professional. 

The high-quality images on Phototex material seamlessly blend for an impressive and memorable large-format display. Our customer-focused team is dedicated to producing outstanding bespoke results for all our clients.

One of the key benefits of using Phototex Shell Scheme Graphics is their easy installation, thanks to their incredible repositionable adhesive. This feature also makes removing and reusing the panels simple, offering a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for ongoing exhibition stands and events.


Our production process focuses on maintaining high-quality standards for all shell scheme graphics. From printing to finishing, our team ensures your chosen material is of the highest quality and suits your exhibition stand requirements while providing the added benefits of an onward display.

Bespoke Options

Understanding that each business has unique needs, we offer bespoke options for different shell scheme graphics allowing us to tailor your exhibition stand to suit your business and industry, providing fully customised graphic solutions. Regardless of the material option, you can expect excellent results and reliable service, ensuring your business significantly impacts any event.

Benefits of Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell scheme graphics are a fantastic way to elevate your exhibition stand and showcase your business at events. This section will discuss the benefits of using shell scheme graphics, focusing on elements such as a reliable team, seamless shell clad, and onward display.

Trade Booth Graphic Customisation Options


We understand that every exhibition stand is unique, and we cater to various sizes for your graphics. Regardless of the area you’re working with or the type of event you’re attending, we can customise your shell scheme graphics to suit your needs and specifications.


Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch products that match your business’s branding and design requirements for your display counter. From choosing the right material and print specifications to ensuring colour accuracy and image resolution, we work closely with you to create shell scheme graphics that reflect your brand and vision.


Incorporating striking images into your shell scheme graphics can significantly attract visitors and set your exhibition stand apart from the competition. Remember, your shell scheme graphics are essential in representing your brand at events. Please choose from our range of options and collaborate with us to make an impact on your potential clients and leave a lasting impression.


In this competitive industry, delivering quality graphics is essential. Our team conducts extensive research to stay ahead of industry trends, ensuring we offer only the best material, design, and production services. We are dedicated to serving clients across various industries and work tirelessly to meet each member’s needs.

Trade Show Exhibition Stand Graphics

In today’s competitive industry, having an impactful and visually captivating exhibition stand can make all the difference in attracting potential clients and partners. Shell scheme graphics play a vital role in creating and enhancing the overall appeal of your stand. By opting for quality materials and seamless designs, you strengthen your visual presence and clearly convey your brand’s message. We understand our customers’ unique requirements and expectations and work diligently to create bespoke graphics tailored to your business needs.

The Perfect Shell Scheme for Your Event

Events offer businesses an ideal platform to showcase their products, services, and expertise. Using shell scheme graphics at events allows you to maximise your brand’s visibility strategically. With options such as rollable PVC panels and reusable Phototex graphics, you’ll have access to visually stunning displays that are easy to use and transport. Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable, cost-effective solutions that will positively impact your brand’s event presence and help you achieve the desired results.

Boost Sales

For businesses looking to select the best Shell Scheme Graphics for their needs, the advice and guidance offered by sales professionals can be invaluable. They can assist with understanding the available options and recommend the best solution based on your company’s requirements, existing assets, and budget.

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