Roller Banner Printing

For indoor or outdoor use, our roller banner range provides easy-to-use and easy-to-transport display solutions. A roller banner is fully portable and sets up in seconds, providing a large and eye-catching display to promote your services and products. Use them in any location, from retail stores to trade fairs, schools and exhibitions. Roller Banners are also perfect for use at home as a professional-looking backdrop during video calls.

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Roller Banners

Roller Banner Printing, used for pull up banners, pop-up banners, or pull-up or retractable banners. Roller Banners are popular for businesses and marketers. They provide a visually appealing and portable display solution. Roller Banners are commonly found at trade shows, exhibitions, promotional events, and point-of-sale displays. Printed Roller Banners are portable signs made from lightweight and durable materials, designed to be easy to set up, take down, and transport. Roller Banners get their name from the mechanism which allows the printed sign to roll in and out of the cassette, making Roller Banners a quick and convenient sign which is perfect for short business meetings and conferences. With high-quality printing and vibrant colours, roll banners are a cost-effective way to grab attention and promote your brand.

Roller Banner Printing

We are Banner World, the UK’s leading Roller Banner Printers. We print Roller Banners using the latest print technology. We check all artwork on orders before production, ensuring that your Roller Banners print perfectly every time. We print Roller Banner graphics using state of the art print machines at high resolution, giving your crisp and sharp eye-catching graphics.

Roller Banners UK Wide

Banner World is the UK’s leading Roller Banner Printers. We’ve been printing high-quality Roller Banners for the UK since the beginning. If you need a Roller Banner in the UK for an exhibition, please don’t hesitate to look any further. We offer custom roller banners UK wide but also throughout Europe and beyond. If you need a Roller Banner UK or further afield, we can send it to your location. For European shipping costs, enter your address and the checkout, and the cost will be calculated.

What are Roller Banners?

Uk Smiles Roller Banner

UK Smiles Roller Banner

We offer high-quality Roller Banner printing at the best possible prices. Roller banners are a versatile and portable display system for promotional purposes, events, exhibitions, and point-of-sale displays. They are portable, lightweight signs and feature a roller cassette with a full-colour graphic banner, usually made from a metal alloy. Roller Banners have a rolling mechanism which enables the graphic to roll into the cassette. A foldable metal pole is attached to the cassette and the top of the graphic, providing tension to keep the banner stable and upright but, once retracted, enables the rolling of the graphic back into the cassette.  If you need help choosing the best Roller Banner for your needs, you can call us on 01253 897 840 0r email [email protected]

Roller Banners, The Portable Sign Solution for Trade Shows

Roller Banners, also known as Roll-Up Banners or Rollup Banners are a popular type of signage used for trade shows, events, exhibitions and other promotional purposes. Roller Banner printing is versatile. Roller Banners can be used at travel agents, furniture shops, hotels, fitness gyms, the education sector, schools, and colleges. Roll up Banners are also used in healthcare sector, at black tie events, red carpet events and can even be used at weddings to show table plans. They are designed to be portable and easy to set up, making them ideal for businesses that need to set up promotional displays quickly.

Meeting planners often use display stands, such as banner stands and pop up banners, to create a professional and eye-catching display for their events.

Zego Insurance Roller Banner Zego Insurance Roller Banner

Rolling Banners can be rolled up for easy transport and storage, making them a convenient option for businesses on the go.

Roller Banners are available in a variety of sizes and styles, from outdoor to indoor. Printed Roller Banners showcase products, services, or special offers. Roller Banners are often used with other promotional materials, such as posters flyers and signs, to create a cohesive and effective marketing campaign.

Promote a new product, advertise a sale, or get your message out there. Roller Banners and other types of display stands are an effective way to do it. If you need a compact and portable sign, then a roller banner is a solution not to be overlooked.

Roller Banner Sizes

There are several types of roller banners to cater for different purposes and preferences. We offer standard roller banners and also offer a large roller banner. The most common size for a rollerbanner is 800-850mm wide and 2m tall, but they can range up to 1200mm wide. We also offer wide roller banners and extra large roller banners: Some popular types and sizes include:

Standard Roller Banners: 800mm wide x 2000mm high
1m Wide Roller Banners: 1000mm wide x 2000mm high
1.2m Wide Roller Banners: 1200mm wide x 2000mm high

Premium Roller Banners

We offer a premium roller banner range. Our premium roller banners use the Sidewinder cassette. A sidewinder roller banner is the original and best-known roller banner system. The sidewinder roller banner is the preferred choice if you are looking for the best quality cassette and mechanism for long-term regular use.

Sidewinder Roller Banners: 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm wide x 2120mm height

Cheap roller banners

We offer a budget roller banner perfect for mobile advertising on a budget. Our cheap roller banners use a good quality cassette and come with a wipe-clean full colour printed banner. Not to be compared with others online, Banner World doesn’t sell products that are not fit for purpose.

We ship cheap roller banners Uk wide and beyond.

Indoor vs Outdoor Roller Banners

Roller banners are available in both indoor and outdoor versions. Indoor roller banners are light and portable, with materials suitable for indoor use. They typically use a 260-micron material substrate with a smooth white finish and a grey ‘lightstop’ backing.

Outdoor roller banners are designed to withstand external elements like rain and sunlight.

An outdoor roller banner is made from fully waterproof exterior-grade materials to ensure the print remains undamaged even in wet weather conditions. Outdoor roller banners are perfect for outdoor events or long-term outdoor promotions.

Roller banners offer a range of design options and can be customised according to the customer’s needs, making them an excellent choice for business promotions, exhibitions, and other events.

Why Choose a Custom Roller Banner?

Advantages and Functions
Roller banners are an excellent choice for promoting your brand or event due to their numerous benefits. They are lightweight, easy to set up, and highly portable, making them perfect for marketing at events, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. These banners are designed for convenience and can be set up in seconds.

Roller banners provide a high-quality visual display for your logo and advertising message, ensuring that your brand stands out in a crowd. With their stylish design, they can easily blend in with your existing exhibition stand or event setup. Moreover, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, bringing versatility to your marketing efforts.

Roller banner printing is affordable. They are a budget-friendly option for businesses, offering a high-impact branding without the cost. Pull-up roller banners are cost-effective, with fast turnaround times, ensuring you can have your custom banner in just a few days.

Comparison with Other Banners

Compared to other types of banners, roller banners have several distinct advantages. They are much more portable and easier to set up than other portable displays, which may require additional mounting hardware. Roller banners come with a retractable system that makes displaying and packing away simple and efficient.

Roller banners offer more customisation than traditional banners, allowing you to create a unique display that represents your brand. With a wide range of sizes, and materials available, you can tailor your roller banner to suit your needs and the requirements of your event or exhibition space.

Roller banners provide a portable, affordable, and effective marketing solution for your business. Their versatility, ease of use, and customisable design make them ideal for advertising at events, expos, exhibitions and corporate gatherings.

How quickly will I receive my Roller Banner?

Roller Banners have a 2-3 day lead time. Larger orders may take 5-6 working days.

Designing Your Roller Banner, Design Tips and Best Practices

Designing an effective roller banner involves considering factors like branding, text, images, colour, and placement. Attention to detail is crucial in creating high-quality marketing material that effectively communicates your message and represents your brand.

Branding: Ensure your roller banner design aligns with your branding package. Consistency with logos, fonts, and colours helps establish a strong brand identity and improves recognition.

Text: Keep the text concise and legible. The banner should have a clear message that can be quickly understood. Use a font size that is easy to read from a distance. Avoid cluttering the banner with too much text.

Images: High-resolution images (at least 300 dpi) are essential for maintaining a professional look. Utilise relevant visuals that complement your message while sticking to a consistent theme.

Colour: Adhere to your brand’s colour scheme, using CMYK colours for print-ready designs. The colours should contrast well with the text and images, creating an eye-catching display.

Placement: Prioritise the most essential information at eye level. Arrange elements to create a visual hierarchy that guides the reader’s gaze.

Features of Our Roller Banners

We provide roller banners that meet the diverse needs of our customers. In this section, we will discuss the standout features of our roller banners, including the materials we use for durability and the customisation options available to suit your style preferences.

Transportation and Storage

Transporting roller banners is hassle-free, as they come with a convenient carry bag. Ensure the roller banner is securely packed and stored in its bag when not in use. The carry case protects from dust, dirt, and potential damage during transportation or storage.

How to put up a Roller Banner

Assembling a roller banner takes only a few minutes and can be easily completed by one person.

  1. Take the Roller Banner from the carrier case and open out the feet if applicable. With the unit on the ground, open the feet so that they are perpendicular to the base and allow the unit to “stand” steadily. Some models have one foot, some have 2 or more, and some have a wider base, so they do not need any.
  2. Put together the large pole. Take the pole elements from the back of the unit and assemble them to make one large pole. Insert the pole into the roll-up banner cartridge. Feed the bottom of the pole through the receiving hole on the back of the roller banner. Ensure the pole reaches the black nubbin at the bottom of the unit and clicks into place.
  3. Pull up the banner and clip the pole to the top of the graphic. Firmly grabbing the clip rail on the graphic and with weight on the foot, lift the graphic and fit the plastic element to the top of the roller banner pole.The graphic will now be free-standing. If the graphic is leaning forward, the pole may not be inserted properly. The only other issue that sometimes presents itself with roller banners is that they fall over. If this happens, please check that the feet are opened, as this is the main reason for this issue.

To disassemble the roller banner:

When taking your roller banner down after use, please firmly hold the graphic at the top. The spring-loaded system exerts some force and will need holding to manoeuvre the graphic back into the roller banner base slowly. Hold the graphic firmly at the top as the spring-loaded system exerts force.
Slowly guide the graphic back into the roller banner base, carefully rolling back in while maintaining control.
Don’t forget to collapse the pole and return it to the back of the unit before placing it back in the carry bag.

With proper care, your roller banner will continue to be an effective and eye-catching display stand for your marketing efforts, attracting attention and bringing in potential clients at various events and exhibitions.


I requested a banner and provided a design, and i had a banner ready to be picked up by the end of the day. The Quality was superb, the service was exceptional and I cannot thank these guys enough, especially john, for all their help. The banner was for a charity event, and they have really really outdone themselves, i will definitely be using this team again. Exceptional
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Banner World are simply the best. Good Prices, fast delivery times and excellent quality. Nothing is too much trouble for John and his team. Order with confidence, you will not be disappointed.
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