A1 Poster Printing

A1 Poster Printing onto a range of superb materials for indoor or outdoor use. An A1 poster measures 594mm x 841mm. A1 posters are our most popular size and are ideal for common A1 poster frames.

Choose from our best-selling Blueback paper for indoors/outdoors. Choose our Satin paper for art-quality prints. Ask for PVC material for almost indestructible posters or our self-adhesive posters which stick to anything.

Buy More Posters, Pay Less!

Our trade pricing on printed A1 posters means that you pay less per poster the more you buy. You can even include up to 20 different designs with your order at no extra charge.

Plan Your Poster Campaign

By planning your poster campaign over 12 months you can include different designs for days of the week, special offers and seasonal campaigns such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Halloween and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What artwork is best for an A1 Poster?

Ideally, your design should be a high-resolution PDF, with any images rendered to at least 150dpi actual size. For a jpg file at 150dpi this would be 3508 pixels x 4967 pixels, a file size of around 50mb.

For 300dpi jpg files, the pixel size would be 7016px x 9934px – a file size of around 200mb.

creating your artwork in design software such as Adobe Illustrator will result in much smaller artwork files.

How Big is an A1 Poster?

An A1 poster measures 594mm x 841mm. In inches, an A1 poster is approximately 23.38 inches x 33.11 inches.

How many A4’s are there in an A1?

There are 8 A4’s in an A1.