Crowd Barrier Covers

Crowd Barrier Covers provide excellent branding and advertising opportunities on existing Crowd Control Barriers at events and venues. Use them to promote, dress up and signpost your events.

Our range of Crowd Barrier Covers are available in either single-sided or double-sided styles, printed in full vibrant colour to your design.

Premium Fabric AirMesh covers are our most popular option, being printed at an exceptionally high quality using the dye sublimation method. We also offer PVC Banners, PVC Mesh and Eco Mesh options. Our Printed Crowd Control Barrier Covers are designed for standard-issue Barriers measuring 2.2m wide and 0.9m high. However, if your Barriers are of a different specification, please get in touch with us before ordering – we manufacture Barrier Covers to any size or specification.

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Crowd Barrier Covers

Crowd barrier covers are essential for managing events and promotions, offering a practical and eye-catching method to ensure safety and promote brand awareness. Whether organising a street festival, sporting event, or concert, these covers provide a professional appearance while serving as a clear partition, delineator, screen, access route and shield for the public. Event organisers can create a safe and organised private space for attendees by utilising crowd barrier covers for fencing while enhancing brand recognition and supporting their promotional objectives.

Various types of crowd barrier covers are available to cater to the unique needs of different events. The durable materials and customisation options make them versatile, with many featuring high-quality prints and finishes that increase visibility and convey important information. Moreover, the easy ordering process and competitive pricing ensure this product is accessible to event organisers at all levels. With crowd barrier covers, managing events becomes a smoother and more efficient process while maximising brand exposure and providing essential safety features.

Types of Crowd Barrier Covers

Crowd barrier covers serve as an essential tool for managing and promoting events. These covers help maintain crowd safety and provide an excellent branding opportunity. There are various types of barrier covers available in the market, and the top three types include Solo Crowd Control Barrier Covers, Conventional Single-Sided Banners, and Double-Sided Jacket Style Covers.

The following sections offer more details on each type.

Solo Crowd Control Barrier Covers / Single sided barrier covers

Solo Crowd Control Barrier Covers, or single sided crowd barriers as they are also known, are a cost-effective option made from durable materials. These banners are made of non-rip poly airmesh, which offers strong and lightweight properties. If required, we can print these covers in PVC mesh. Additionally, these barriers provide excellent print durability, making them an ideal choice for events. These covers enable event organisers to manage crowds while promoting their events and brands effectively. Some key features of these barrier covers include:

  • Made from PVC Mesh or Polyester Airmesh
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Suitable for promoting events and brands
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Good print durability

Double Sided Jacket Style Covers

Lastly, Double-Sided Jacket Style Covers are suitable for temporary crowd barrier systems. Similar to the Conventional Single-Sided Banners, these covers are made from non-rip poly airmesh, which offers strength and lightweight properties. Moreover, they boast excellent print durability. Some of the notable features of these covers are:

  • Designed for temporary crowd barrier systems
  • Made of non-rip poly airmesh
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Great print durability

Understanding the differences between these crowd barrier covers will help customers select the most suitable option for their events and meet specific branding and safety needs.

The benefits of Crowd Barrier Covers for fencing

Crowd barrier covers are essential to the pedestrian control and crowd control industry. These covers come in a range of sizes, styles, and materials, making them an ideal way to partition and shield areas for festivals, concerts, sporting events, street parties and construction sites. The benefits of using crowd barrier covers include access control, wayfinding, and protection for pedestrians and workers.

One of the main advantages of crowd barrier covers is the range of barrier sizes and quantity available. Whether you need a small sidewalk barrier or a large pavement division screen, there is a cover available to suit your needs. These covers are made from flame retardant material, ensuring safety in case of accidents. They can also be printed with artwork, logos, or wayfinding information, making them a great way to promote your brand or event on temporary fencing.

Crowd barrier covers come in a range of materials, including polyester airmesh, barrier mesh, and safety barriers. They can be finished with eyelets, hem, or velcro, making them easy to install and remove. The covers can be printed with dye-sublimation technology, ensuring a high-quality finish that will last for years. They can also be customized to fit the length and banner sizes of your choice.

When it comes to pricing, discounts are often available for bulk orders or repeat customers. The covers’ background, corners, and edges can be designed to match your team or event colours, making them a top choice for case-specific needs. Crowd barrier covers also come in a range of styles, including barrier scrims, printed banners, and security banners, giving you a wide variety of items to choose from.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for advice on crowd barrier covers, the industry has a lot to offer. Whether you need a barrier jacket for your pedestrian barriers or crash barrier banners for construction sites, there is a cover available to suit your needs. With a range of materials, sizes, and styles, and the option to customise artwork and finish, crowd barrier covers are a must-have for anyone in the pedestrian control or crowd control industry. Don’t hesitate to get a quote today and see how these covers can benefit your business.

Crowd barrier covers are an essential element for crowd control and management at events like festivals, concerts, and sporting events. These covers are designed to provide a barrier between the crowds and the performers, ensuring safety and private security for all involved. The benefits of using crowd barrier covers are numerous, and they include the ability to create a division or partition between the crowds and the performers. This is important because it helps prevent overcrowding and ensures everyone has enough space to enjoy the event.

Crowd barrier covers also act as a shield or screen, protecting the performers from any unwanted distractions or interruptions from the crowds. They are made with eyelets on the sides, which makes it easy to attach them to the crowd barriers. The eyelets ensure that the covers are securely fastened to the barriers, preventing them from falling or slipping. The covers come in different barrier sizes and lengths, making them versatile and adaptable to different events and venues.

The covers come with different finishes, including hem and hook and velcro edges, which ensures that they are easy to install and remove. They are also available in different formats and colours, allowing businesses and companies to customize them to their specifications. The covers are made of polyester airmesh, which is flame retardant and safe for use in public spaces. They are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that they remain in good condition for multiple uses.

Uses of Crowd Barrier Jackets

Crowd Barrier Covers, also known as Printed Covers, Barricade Jackets, Barrier Wrap, Barrier Sleeve, or Barrier Signs, are a versatile and effective way to enhance the performance of traffic barriers and portable gates. These covers are made of high-quality fabric and are customisable with print services, making them a valuable tool for any organisation looking to enhance their sales and services.

One of the main uses of Barrier Covers is to improve the appearance of a site or sales location. By adding custom graphics or branding to a Barrier Cover, businesses can create a more professional and attractive presentation that will capture the attention of potential clients. Additionally, Barrier Covers can be used to provide important information, such as directions or safety warnings, to visitors in the area.

Another benefit of Barrier Covers is their ability to provide added value to clients. By using high-quality materials and printing services, Barrier Covers can be designed to last longer and perform better than traditional traffic barriers. This can help organisations to build a reputation for quality and reliability, leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

Barrier Covers can be used to enhance the performance of traffic barriers and portable gates. By providing an additional layer of protection, Barrier Covers can help to extend the life of these important tools, reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement over time.

Crowd Barrier Covers are extensively used to display important safety information as well as branding. Messages such as Keep Out, Do Not Enter, or Authorised Personnel Only can easily be integrated into a branded design to improve crowd safety.

Barrier jackets are often used in sporting events, festivals, car shows, and other similar environments. These jackets can be customized with specific designs, logos, or colours to enhance the event’s branding and create a more engaging atmosphere for attendees. Additionally, barrier jackets can be used to provide important information, such as directions or safety warnings, to event-goers. They also serve as an effective way to manage crowds and direct traffic flow, making them an essential tool for event organisers. With their lightweight and portable design, barrier jackets are easy to set up and take down, making them an ideal solution for temporary events. Overall, the uses of crowd barrier jackets in these environments are many and varied, making them an essential tool for any event organizer looking to create a safe and engaging experience for attendees.

Crowd Barriers with covers also serve to setup up private areas at an event such as a VIP area, preventing access to the general public.

Overall, the uses of Crowd Barrier Covers are many and varied, making them an essential tool for any organisation looking to enhance their performance in this area. With their high-quality fabric, custom print services, and versatile design, Barrier Covers are a cost-effective solution that can provide real value to clients and organisations alike.

Crowd barrier covers for festivals, concerts and events

Crowd barrier covers are an ideal solution for businesses and companies that need to manage crowds and ensure safety at their events. They are available at affordable prices, and customers can get discounts when they order in bulk. Companies that need custom designs can take advantage of the design service, which allows them to create covers that meet their specific needs and requirements. Customers can call or email for a quote and to discuss their specifications. The covers come with eyelets, cable ties, and corners, making them easy to install and remove. They are also available as ped barrier jackets, barricades, crowd control covers, and security banners, ensuring a solution for every business and event.

Customisation Options for Crowd Barrier Covers

Custom Colours and Printing

Crowd barrier covers can be customised to match your event’s theme or brand identity. You can choose from a wide range of colours and printing options to create a unique and visually appealing display. High-quality printing ensures your graphics and text are vivid, durable, and easily visible to passersby.

Design Your Own Covers With our Free Design Tool

Our free online design tool allows anyone to professionally design their ideal crowd barrier covers. Add your logo, background and message in the tool and include your design with your order for perfect results.

Branding, Safety Messaging, and Promotional Campaigns

Crowd barrier covers serve multiple purposes, from promoting brand awareness to conveying important safety messages to event attendees and catching the eye of people and passers-by. Customising your barrier covers lets you communicate your brand, promotional campaigns, or crucial safety information easily. Customised barrier covers enhance your event or promotion and help ensure visitors’ security and comfort.

Contacting a Crowd Control Specialist

If you need assistance choosing the right crowd barrier covers for your event or promotional campaign, speaking with a crowd control specialist can be extremely helpful. They can guide you through the various styles, materials, and customisation options, ensuring that you make the right choice to fit your needs. You can contact us on 01253 897 840 or email [email protected].
How to Order Crowd Barrier Covers
When selecting and purchasing crowd barrier covers for your events and promotions, ensuring you receive the best product for your needs is paramount. This ordering information section will guide you through the process, covering the measurement sheet for frame and hook options and delivery and lead times.

Custom printed barrier covers

We custom print our barrier to fit your steel barricades, ensuring the perfect fit for your crowd barrier covers. By choosing Banner World, a crowd control specialist printers, you can customise your covers with specific colours, print designs, and sizes to suit your needs and requirements.

Crowd barrier covers are an essential advertising and branding tool during events and promotions. They transform standard crowd control barriers into promotional platforms while maintaining public safety and space delineation. There is a suitable option for every event and brand’s needs with various types, such as solo crowd control barrier covers, conventional single-sided banners, and double-sided jacket-style covers. Made of durable materials like PVC mesh and polyester air-mesh, these barrier covers have excellent print durability and are available in various customisations.

Delivery and Lead Times

Purchasing crowd barrier covers from us is a smooth and efficient, with free UK mainland delivery on orders over £250.00. Knowing that events and promotions may require quick turnaround times, the typical lead times for these products are just seven working days. However, an express option is also available for faster solutions. This combination of efficient delivery and clear lead times ensures that you can confidently plan your events, knowing that your crowd barrier covers will arrive on time.

Event barrier branding

Utilise the power of crowd barrier covers in promoting your business, enhancing brand awareness, and ensuring safety at your next event. With customisation options to match your brand and message, you can create the ideal solution for concerts, festivals, sporting events, and more. To further discuss your requirements and explore the best options, reach out to a crowd control specialist who can guide you through the process of buying custom partition covers. Remember that with free UK mainland delivery on orders over £250.00 and typical lead times of just 7 working days, ordering your customised crowd barrier covers is a seamless process. Don’t miss the opportunity to use this valuable advertising and branding tool – order your crowd barrier covers today.

What is a Crowd Control Barrier Cover?

Crowd Control Barriers are designed to help manage pedestrian traffic and crowd placement. They are used to protect areas from the public and to safeguard the public from potentially hazardous areas. Adding a shield to the public aids safety. Many venues use them as a very cost-effective method of queue control.

Typically they are made from metal and measure 2.2m to 2.5m wide and 0.9m high. They are available in fixed-leg or loose-leg versions.

Crowd Control Barriers are available to buy from around £20-25 each, or to rent for fixed periods of time.

How To Install Crowd Barrier Covers

Barrier Covers are finished with eyelets allowing you to easily use cable ties to install them.

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