Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease are a massively growing issue in today’s society. Over the last dozen years or so many specialist public and private sector care facilities have been established which are constantly pushing forward levels of service.

There is a movement towards making these care homes even more Dementia and Alzheimer’s Friendly by the use of interior decor and graphics.

Banner World have introduced a number of specific products for care facilities including door wraps and wall murals and recently fulfilled an order for some 70 dementia door wraps. The wraps were installed by our client at a local large care home as Phase 1 of their interior decor project.

Plain doors in a corridor of patient rooms can be confusing for dementia sufferers, as it is difficult for them to distinguish their own room door from the rest. Previously this care home had fixed poster frames to plain doors and inserted A4 posters with the occupant’s name.

We went one further, designing a wrap of a traditional wooden door with 12 colour variations. Specified on high performance easy-apply vinyl and laminated with a tough matt finish, these wraps are easy to fit and look incredible.

Bright colours allow patients to easily distinguish their own door from the rest and help to lessen confusion and stress. The problem of patients wandering into the wrong room is also significantly reduced.

The designs also serve to brighten up otherwise drab corridors, creating a happier environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Now installed, the door wraps have received amazing praise from the fitters, staff and patients at the home.

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