Dementia Friendly Signage Solutions

Dementia Friendly Signage

Dementia Friendly Signage, Wall Murals, Wallpaper and Door Wraps. Designed specifically to enhance a Care Home or Hospital Department for sufferers of Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Our products help to make living with dementia easier, presenting an easier environment for patients, helping them to find their way around more effectively and with less stress.

Dementia Wall Murals

Alzheimer's SocietyOur visually appealing wall murals and dementia friendly wallpaper have been shown to trigger reminiscence as well to help considerably brighten up plain or bland environments. This creates extra positivity from patients, staff and visitors.

Much research has gone into the benefits of dementia friendly murals and wallcoverings by the Alzheimer’s Society and others in the UK. All of our products are in line with the latest recommendations in this field of study.

Whilst we offer several stock designs of murals, we can supply any custom design. We encourage Care Homes to consider something relevant to the local area.

Dementia Door Wraps

Our Door Wraps magically transform dull corridors into a colourful street with differently coloured traditional-look painted wooden doors. This helps to make it easier and less potentially stressful for patients to recognise and find their own room.

Dementia Signage is Highly Rated by Care Home Inspectors

Some of the best feedback on our Dementia Friendly Signage work has come from Care Home Inspection teams. Care Homes we have supplied have been reporting the positive comments from inspectors on the difference that carefully planned signage, door wraps and murals can have.

Read about one of our recent Dementia Door Wrap Projects here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Dementia Signage Help Patients?

Dementia Signage is designed with high contrast colours and easy to understand symbols. These signs are easier and less confusing for Dementia Sufferers.

How Can Dementia Murals Help Patients in Care Homes?

Well designed wall murals in Dementia Care Homes have been shown to both positively stimulate and calm patients. Local scenes often work well. They also serve to enhance the environment for patients, staff and visitors.

How Do Dementia Door Wraps Work?

Differently coloured doors on a corridor help dementia sufferers to more easily recognise different rooms. This eases anxiety and reduces confusion. They also look really attractive, enhancing the environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Are Your Dementia Signs Flame Retardant?

Yes they are. All Door Wraps, Wall Murals and Dementia Signage Products are fully flame retardant with certificates available.

Reg. Charity Discounts

If you are a registered charity concerned with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Care – please contact us for your discount code prior to ordering!


Our Dementia Friendly Signage products will save you a fortune when compared to our competitors. Please consider a regular or one-off donation to The Alzheimer’s Society by clicking here.


Dementia Door Wraps


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