Exit Diversion Door Wraps

By disguising a door with one of our exit diversion wraps you can relieve some of the anxiety and frustration experienced by Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers.

‘Sundowning’ is a particular symptom of these conditions, also known as ‘late day confusion’ where a patient’s confusion and anxiety worsens in the late afternoon and evening.

Many carers have reported that patients will stay around exit doors, sometimes attempting to get out by knocking on the door or trying the handles and becoming frustrated.

One care home experienced this issue every day from mid-afternoon as several patients would continually bang on an exit door in the day room leading to the kitchen. By using two of our door wraps (a bookcase) to disguise the door – the activity stopped.

Our Exit Diversion Door Wraps can be printed to any custom size to suit your door. Simply enter your door dimensions in mm for an exact price.

We use a very high specification self-adhesive vinyl, designed for easy-apply without creases or air bubbles. Once printed at high resolution, we then overlaminate with a matt finish.