Banners, mesh banners, backdrops and flags used in public venues such as stadiums, theatres, schools, retail units and hospitality centres are required by local legislation to meet certain flame retardancy standards. Venues may ask to see a flame retardancy certificate before the product enters the building or space.

For our most popular materials, we also have commissioned our own certifications from a UK accredited testing laboratory to BS 5867 part 2B. Crucially, our own tests have been performed AFTER materials have been printed – this conforms with the recent instructions and advice given to UK venue safety officers. These certificates are available to download from individual product pages such as PVC Premium Banner, PVC Mesh Banner, Polyester 210, Polyester 115, Air Mesh Flag, Blackback Pro, Decor and more.

All other materials used by Banner World have flame retardancy certificates provided by the material manufacturers. These are available to download from individual product pages. Due to the changing nature of safety requirements and industry standards, the Flame Retardant Standard certification of all our fabrics is subject to change.

Certification requirements vary by region and country. Here are the most common international flame retardancy standards.


Code Standard Country
BS-2B BS 5867 part 2B United Kingdom
NFP-M2 NFP 92-503/M2 France
NFP-M3 NFP 92-503/M3 France
NFP-M4 NFP 92-503/M4 France
DIN-B1 DIN 4102/B1 Germany
NEN NEN 6941/6065/6066 The Netherlands
NFP-M1 NFP 92-503/M1 France
CL.1 EN 13773 (2003)-CL.1 Europe
GB-B1 GB8624-2012 class B1 China
NFPA NFPA 701 United states


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