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All our Heras Fence Mesh Banner covers are manufactured to a standard size of 3370mm x 1755mm. As standard the covers have the top corners angle-cut. Mesh banners are supplied complete with hem and eyelets around the edge. Our covers will fit snugly into a standard 3.5m x 2m heras fence panel.

Mesh material is always used due to it’s windloading reducing properties. Solid materials such as PVC Banner will not let any wind through, often resulting in fence panels being blown over in high winds.

PVC Mesh Heras Fence CoverMesh PVC

Mesh PVC is our lowest cost Heras fence banner option.  The material is a PVC 330gsm material which is a standard mesh product.  This product is ideal for normal air flow issues when wind conditions are low to medium.

  • Printed on a PVC Mesh 330gsm material
  • Solvent print method
  • Weave density Material suface 75%,  Air flow 25%
  • Air flow data: 3500 l/m² Sec

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AirMesh Flag Heras Fence CoverAir Mesh PVC

This is another PVC product with a higher (nearly twice as much) air flow rating than our standard mesh.  The Material is 235gsm in weight.  This product is recommended where there are issues with high wind as it lets more wind pass through the surface.  Please note: As there is less printable surface on these banners they will be less vibrant than our standard 330gsm mesh.

  • Printed on a PVC Mesh 235gsm material
  • Solvent print method
  • Weave density Material suface 66%,  Air flow 33%
  • Air flow data: 6200 l/m² Sec

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AirMesh Flag Heras Fence CoverPolyester Fabric Air Mesh

Our premium air mesh fabric is the lightest weight option.  This is a super lightweight product and is strong and durable.  Due to its light weight and air flow, once fitted tightly to your fence this product is less likely to flap and flutter in high winds.  The other benefit with this product – it is easily foldable and easy to store.  The polyester fabric means it folds up into a small package and once fitted tightly to your fence won’t show creases.

  • Printed on a polyester mesh fabric 115gsm
  • Dye sublimation print method
  • Air flow data: 1488 l/m² Sec

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